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RUSH: I’m gonna try to explain something today, a question that has a lot of people flummoxed. So they just announced, CNN led the pack, but now everybody is reporting that Syed Farook, which means global warming in Arabic, climate change, and his wife have been influenced by ISIS. You’ve heard that. And yet have you noticed the government still is not calling this terrorism. Have you noticed that? ISIS inspired the couple, but this is not yet terrorism. And they’re now angling further down the road of workplace violence or postpartum depression. Have you heard that one? The wife was postpartum depressed and she radicalized the guy and they blew up everything.

It’s Friday, folks, let’s hit it.

JOHNNY DONOVAN: And now, from sunny south Florida, it’s Open Line Friday!

RUSH: You hadn’t heard the postpartum depression theory? CNN, Erin Burnett Up Front last night, or Out Front, or Out Back.

Anyway, Open Line Friday. That’s where you get to talk about whatever you want when we go to the phones. A great career risk I take here, turning over couldn’t portion of program to people don’t know what they’re doing. But I mean that’s the fun of it. Highly trained broadcast specialist lets rank amateurs run show. Anyway, 800-282-2882 if you want to be on the program, and the e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

Since this all began, it has been apparent to you and to me and to anybody with even a pea brain that we were the victims of a terror attack, that this was Islamic terror that took place in San Bernardino, California, and yet the authorities refuse even now to call it that. And when asked why, they say, “Well, you know, we’re still examining all the evidence. We haven’t yet figured out a motive. We’re doing everything we can.” And finally, after a while, you get the idea here they don’t want to call this terrorism. And a lot of people are scratching their heads, “What? Why be so obtuse?” And I am here today to give you the reason.

I have been assisted in this by my good friend Andrew McCarthy at National Review Online, who is as close to an expert we have on Islamic terrorism and Islam on our side of the aisle.


RUSH: I want to go back to the situation in San Bernardino, because this is going to answer a lot of people’s questions. Even now government officials from the FBI to the Regime to whenever, will not say that this was terrorism, even after linking it to ISIS.

And in fact, folks, to just give you a little hint, linking it to ISIS actually helps the government not call it terrorism because ISIS is not Islam. No, I’m not saying that. The government says that. The left, the media says it. ISIS is not Islam. You’ve heard Obama say that. ISIS is making a mockery of Islam. In fact, what you really need to understand about the way our government looks at Islam, they look at Islam as anti-terror as well. Islam is anti-terrorism. Therefore, no terrorism can actually be Islamic. Islam is the religion of peace. We say that jokingly. That’s actually the position of the US government. It’s rooted in political correctness and fear and a number of other convoluted things.

The religion of peace can’t possibly engage in terrorism. Therefore, ISIS is not Islam, and what happened in San Bernardino is not terrorism because these were Muslims. And Muslims are the religion of peace and were influenced by ISIS, but ISIS is not Islam, and therefore there was no official terrorism. Another word you can bank on hearing, “radicalized.” What does that mean, the way our government is using it and the media? “Radicalized” means we had this nice guy and his lovely wife — by the, has anybody seen a picture of her?

She had been vetted. She had a K-1 fiance-type visa. Has anybody ever seen a picture of this babe? I haven’t. Have you? I don’t think they’ve put one out. I wonder why. Anyway, ol’ Syed was running around having a grand old time collecting pipe bombs and stuff for his garage and his car. He’s just a decent guy going to holiday party, and he gets into an argument here with a messianic Jew. That could be confusing for those of you in Rio Linda.

A messianic Jew is a Jewish person that believes Jesus Christ is the savior. You may think that’s contradictory but for the purposes of understanding here, just accept that. You have a messianic Jew that this nice guy, Fareed Syed Farook GPS, whatever, got into an argument with. And apparently the messianic Jew provoked poor old Syed. He was running around minding his own business and this messianic Jew started talking about Islam and the religion of peace and just set the poor guy off.

He ended up being radicalized by that and by his wife. By the way, a sound bite coming up about how Islamic Muslim women are far more radical than the men. And it’s our media saying this. I thought there was a Republican War on Women going on here. Instead, the Drive-Bys and the Democrat Party are just attacking Islamic women. So this woman takes this innocent young Syed Farook. As I say, he’s minding his own business, going about his day enjoying the American dream. He’s come back from a couple trips to Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

He went to the Hajj in Mecca. He’s done it all, and now he’s living his life and he’s loving it. And then, all of a sudden, his coworker starts talking about religion to him, and they get into this big argument! His wife starts radicalizing him, and he snaps. Radicalized! “Radicalized” is a new keyword for you to understand that allows our government to not say “terrorism.”

“Oh, he was a nice guy, wasn’t bothering anybody, going about his business, living the American dream; then he got radicalized. Doesn’t matter by who! Radicalized by coworker, radicalized by his wife, radicalized by ISIS, whatever. And he lost it. Workplace violence. He couldn’t help himself! It was workplace violence. He was provoked. Damn it, damn it, the workplace made him do it.” That’s what is evolving as we sit her at this moment that… (interruption)

Oh, stuff in the garage? Well, that’s part of the radicalization. That’s part of the being radicalized. The point you have to understand is our government’s official position. This is why they have been waiting and waiting, hoping that some circumstance or series of circumstances could be discovered to allow them to construct a scenario whereby this man is not a terrorist and this was not terrorism. (interruption) I’ll… (interruption) I don’t… (interruption) Well, whether they think we believe it or not, that’s why they’re doing what they’re do.

The real question is: “Why are they so afraid of identifying Islamic terrorism for what it is?” You remember… You might think I’m saying some crazy things. Don’t forget, immediately after 9/11, the whole posture of our government was: “What did we do to make them so mad? What did we do to cause this?” And the “religion of peace” line. You know, Obama says we can’t use the word “terrorism.” We can’t use the word “foreign.” We can’t use any of these provocative words that insult them. “Islamic terrorism” is a phrase not permitted to be used by the US government.

I mean, don’t doubt me on this, folks. It is what it is. And it’s a… (interruption) I can’t explain why. The logic here escapes me a bit. I could just speculate. Fear of billions of Muslims? Sympathy? Some other form of identification with Muslims? I don’t know. The fact that the United States is who’s really guilty? The fact that the United States is responsible for all this that’s happening to us, that we sort of brought it on ourselves, maybe even deserve it?

The Washington Examiner has a story. “Report: Scale of Islamic State Recruitment in US Unprecedented.” Have you heard, by the way, that one of the places Obama wants to relocate these arriving Syrian refugees is Redlands, California, where Syed Farook “Climate Change” lived? That’s where Obama wants to put these new Syrian refugees.

And now we have: “Scale of Islamic State Recruitment in US Unprecedented.” But that doesn’t mean we’re importing terrorists. Islam is different than ISIS! Yeah, they’ve got Islamic in their name, but they’re not Islamic. See, Islam’s a religion of peace. Therefore, ISIS cannot be Islamic. I don’t care what they call themselves, our official position is: “They are not Islamic.”


RUSH: I mentioned in the first half hour that much of this comes from Andrew McCarthy who has written extensively about Islam. He’s tried cases against noted figures such as the blind sheik, Omar Abdel Rahman. Put him away, in fact, United States attorney. So Rudy Giuliani comes on television the day after San Bernardino and says, “If you can’t see this is an act of terror, you’re a moron.”

And yet even as we sit here at this very moment, our government still will not call it an act of terror. They will not even call it terrorism. They’re looking, as I’ve just previously discussed, for any other number of alternative explanations. Why? What’s going on here? Well, it goes like this.

Our government denies that terrorism is caused by Islamic doctrine. Now, that is true, and it is a declarative statement. It’s not arguable. This administration and even in prior administrations, the Bush administration went to great lengths to exempt Islam from terrorism. They say Islam is a religion of peace and terrorism is not really Islam. It’s a weird, way-out bastardization of it, but it is not Islam.

McCarthy decided to read the Koran as part of his preparation for trial because he couldn’t believe this guy, the blind sheik, some of this stuff he was saying. It had to be vitriol, had to be wacko extremism, and it wasn’t. He found out it was right from the scripture. That the blind sheik and all that he was discussing and promoting, was right from the book. But our government refuses to see that and instead claims that terrorism is not part of Islamic doctrine. Islam, the religion of peace and any terrorism that happens, is not really Islamic or Islamic inspired.

This is called a willful blindness. It’s also political correctness. Our government is in denial of radical Islam as written. “Unwilling to deal with Islam as it is, the government must make up an Islam of its very own. Regardless of the abundance of evidence to the contrary, the government holds that Islam is a religion of peace, case closed.”

They have made up their own version of Islam to avoid having to deal with the reality of Islam because it’s just too daunting, frightening, scary, whatever, and they don’t want to deal with it. Therefore to the government, terrorism committed by people who happen to be Muslim is not in any way a reflection of legitimate interpretation of Islam. You might find this hard to believe, but if you’re doubting any of this, just search your own memory. All the times that we have heard that Islam’s a religion of peace and that we can’t use the word “terrorism” to describe it and Obama will not use it. And then remember all the times that this administration actually claims that violence by white right-wing white Christians poses a greater threat to the people of this country than Islam. Islam’s a religion of peace, and anybody conducting terrorism in the name of Islam is a liar and a fraud. They are bastardizing the religion of peace.

So again, to the government, terrorism committed by people who are Muslim is not a reflection on the legitimate interpretation of Islam, even if Islamic supremacist ideology, which endorses jihad violence — Islam, standard, mainstream Islam endorses jihad violence, but our government doesn’t want to admit that or deal with it. Here in America, as in Western Europe, this is the key to understand. The violence is deemed anti-Islamic. Meaning, Al-Qaeda, ISIS, they can’t be Islamic. Islam is the religion of peace. They are bastardizing it. They are frauds. They are calling themselves Islamic and they are calling themselves Muslim, but they’re not. Because Islam is as anti-terror as you and I are. Islam is the religion of peace.

I’m telling you what our government’s position is. The US military position. The FBI, you the name, this is why they will not call these acts of terror “terror,” because, if they have any connection to Islam, it can’t be, because Islam is the religion of peace. And Islam, genuine, real Muslims are as opposed to Al-Qaeda and ISIS as we are. That is what has been dictated to our law enforcement agents by their superiors. If those were your instructions, and you have a terror attack and you’re out there reporting to the media, trying to answer questions, you’d sound like a babbling buffoon, too, because you’d have to come up with ways to violate the very common sense you know is true.

So what are the policy implications of the government and this fantasy Islam, what are the policy implications of a United States government that believes Islam is as anti-terror as you and I are? Well, it means that Islamic doctrine can never be cited as the cause of terrorism, as a matter of policy. And it never is. It never is. This leads, for example, to what is happening right now this very day, this preposterous hand-wringing over radicalization.

We are supposed to believe that young people like Syed Farook “Climate Change,” who just happens to be Muslim, spontaneously, out of the blue, for no reason whatsoever, he was provoked by a coworker or radicalized by his wife, all of a sudden became mean and angry, a radicalized terrorist. But that’s not who he really was. Just a young guy running around living his life and then something or a series of things happened to radicalize him, as if there were no doctrine, as if there were no body of thought that was inducing the radicalization.

It’s so absurd. I can understand some of you think that this makes no sense. It doesn’t make any sense. That’s the point, folks. It doesn’t make any sense. So here you have peaceful, blending into the background, cheap, poor little beard people, making fun of a little guy named Syed Farook, and all of a sudden he becomes radical. Radicalized by what? Not just by who, but by what? What radicalized him? Well, it isn’t Islam. No, because Islam’s the religion of peace. So it must be ISIS. Yes.

So the news today that this guy was influenced by ISIS is not the administration getting close to calling this terrorism. This is a classic example of the government taking the occasion to say it isn’t, because Islam is as opposed to ISIS as you and I are. Because Islam is the religion of peace, ISIS is bastardizing Islam, and if this little guy has been radicalized by his wife or by ISIS or whatever, it’s further proof that Muslims, slash, Islamic terrorism is not at play here. And it ultimately leads to the decree or the belief that terrorist organizations like ISIS and Al-Qaeda, therefore, are not Islamic.

You have to conclude that they’re either just bad people. They’re just wanton murderers or they’re mentally deranged or they’re sick or they’ve been hijacked or perverted or whatever, but they have perverted and they have hijacked Islam. ‘Cause Islam’s the religion of peace. I’m telling you what our government’s position is, and it has been since prior to Obama, by the way. Islam as a religion of peace can have nothing to do with these acts of terror. So if the cops come upon a mass murder attack that is clearly instigated by Islamic doctrine, they are not permitted to conclude that it is terrorism because they have been directed by their superiors in law enforcement to maintain that Islam is against terrorism.

It’s part of the propaganda that your kids are taught, part of the propaganda the media spreads that Islam is a religion of peace and is against terrorism, not sponsoring it, not doing it. Thus the law enforcement agents believe they cannot call terrorism “terrorism” unless and until they uncover evidence proving that the Muslim mass murderers have some tie to a designated non-Islamic terror group like ISIS or Al-Qaeda, and bingo, bingo. What do we get today? “There’s an ISIS connection,” and once again none of this has anything to do with Islam. That’s how it works at the highest levels of our government.


RUSH: Okay, so now the next thing to happen since this ISIS connection has been magically discovered, now it will slowly be called “terrorism.” Slowly but surely, you will see law enforcement now acknowledge that it is terrorism, but not “Islamic terrorism” because there’s no such thing. The Islamic religion is a religion of peace! The agents investigating now have what they claim is a provable link between the jihadists in San Bernardino and ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

And our government has decreed that ISIS and Al-Qaeda are non-Islamic. Therefore, we can call it terrorism. I don’t think that’s happened yet. They’re very, very cautious about this. They need enough time to go by for people to absorb the fact that ISIS inspired this. ISIS is not Islam. ISIS is pure evil bastardizing this, and therefore they are indeed terrorists. But Syed Farook was not. He was radicalized by Islam or his wife.

Here’s Jake in San Bernardino. Jake, glad you called. Great to have you up first today. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hey, how you doing today, Rush?

RUSH: I’m great. Thank you.

CALLER: I’m good. I’m a student on the campus of Cal State San Bernardino. I’ve been going here for three years now. And with the shootings that have taken place a couple days ago, it’s just sickening for me that teachers on the liberal left are saying this is still not terrorism.

RUSH: Did you say your professors are saying that?

CALLER: Yes, sir. They’re still saying it. And if you add up to all the facts with, you know, the type of ammunition they used, the type of gun, the planning, the pipe bomb, how is this still work-related violence? I mean, it’s just a bunch of crap to me, here, that they’re still saying this.

RUSH: Well, I’m sorry you missed the first hour. That’s what I just spent 50 minutes explaining, but let me give it to you briefly again. The reason… Your professors are leftists. Leftists support Obama. Obama is the United States government at the moment. The official position of the US government is that Islam is a religion of peace and is as anti-terror as you and I are, and therefore whatever this guy did is a bastardization of Islam because he was radicalized by, say, ISIS.

ISIS is the bad actor here now. ISIS radicalized him. But ISIS is anti-Islam. ISIS is not Islam. ISIS is a bunch of horrible, rotten, mean people terrorizing people, but that’s not what Islam is. But you’re soon gonna see this now called terrorism since they can link this guy to ISIS. The effort here and the reason why so much time has gone by… Nothing has changed from the first moment we heard of this event until now. The events, details, all the same. Nothing’s changed.

But now they’ve got this ISIS link, and so now they will be able to say it’s terrorism. Because, in their structure, Islam is not in any way associated with terrorism. There is no militant Islam. Islam is the religion of peace. Al-Qaeda, ISIS, their offshoots, are bastardizing Islam. And that’s why we worry about a backlash against innocent Muslims who have no relationship to this, no tie to this, and they are just as opposed to it as you and I. That’s why we worry about the backlash.

Now, I know that makes no sense to you. It doesn’t make any sense. It is a fantasy version of Islam that our government created some time ago to avoid having to deal with the reality of Islam. Now, the reasons for that, they’re up for grabs. Is it their Islamic sensibilities, sympathies, is their fear there are so many that we don’t want to go to war. We don’t want to provoke, we don’t want to irritate, we don’t want to…

I don’t have the answer to why the reluctance, other than to say it’s the left and the left considers conservatives and Republicans to be their number one enemy, not Islam. Certainly not Islam! We conservatives and Republicans are a greater enemy that even Al-Qaeda or ISIS. And, by the way, this is not just our government. Folks, this is the way the Brits look at it. This is the way the United Nations looks at it. This is why Israel is isolated in the Middle East.

This… Call it a Fantasy Island version of Islam or any other term you want to describe it. But it is a manufactured version of Islam that permits the government to exempt Muslims from any association with these acts from 9/11 on. You name it. But, Jake, you keep a sharp eye, because your professors, now that the ISIS link has been made, are going to start calling it terrorism. But they’re gonna make sure you understand it’s not Islamic terrorism, because there’s no such thing.

Back after this, folks.


RUSH: Okay, you still think that I’m wrong about this? Well, then, get this. Criticism of Islam equals Islamophobia, and the attorney general of the United States, Loretta Lynch, has just warned that people will be prosecuted for criticism of Islam — i.e., telling the truth that Islamic terrorism exists. You can be prosecuted if you tell the truth about Islam.

Don’t doubt me, folks.


RUSH: What a banner day for your host. Right on cue, folks — right on schedule — the FBI agent in San Bernardino just went to the microphones in the latest press conference and said that they can now admit/announce that they are investigating the shooting in San Bernardino as an act of terrorism. Thank you. Thank you. Yes. Yes, they called it right on the money. But do not be confused. This is not Obama and the FBI admitting “Islamic terrorism.” What has happened here is, they found this link to ISIS.

They found the possibility that this innocent young man who believed in the religion of peace somehow got radicalized either by this mysterious wife of his, or some contact with ISIS, and that turned him into a wild madman, a madman gunning down coworkers. This is not Islamic terrorism, because there isn’t any such thing. Islam is a religious of peace. And for your purposes, what you need to understand is that Islam and practicing Muslims are as opposed to terrorism as you and I are. So after all of this, they can now say it’s terrorism, ’cause they’ve got their link to this ISIS group, which is not Islamic.

Make no mistake.

Don’t doubt me.


RUSH: It is terrorism, but if it’s inspired by ISIS, then it isn’t Islam. If it’s inspired by an out-of-control, radicalized wife who poisoned the guy’s mind, that’s not Islam. If it’s workplace violence, that’s not Islam. And they weren’t gonna call this terrorism until they had a scenario such as that set up to explain this Islam. As far as our government’s concerned — political correctness and all — it’s a religion of peace. It does not sponsor terrorism.

It opposes it, much as we do. It does not create terrorism, it doesn’t preach terrorism, and this government… It’s why the Democrats are going to pray at mosques today to show solidarity with Muslims to show that we don’t blame them. This is ISIS, which is not Muslim, or it’s not Islam. Or it’s the wife, not Islam. Or it’s workplace violence, not Islam. That’s the takeaway that you have. It’s still gonna be terrorism.

It can be terrorism and they can still find a way to blame it on mean Americans such as workplace violence if they want to. That’s my only point here, and it’s why you’ve got to be… The point is here is that your government is lying about this, making all this stuff up and exempting Islam as a religion of peace for whatever politically correct reasons or sympathetic reasons they have or what have you. This is a long way around of telling you they’re lying, is the point.

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