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RUSH: ABC News found a picture of the loving couple at Customs entering the country.

“The image, apparently taken as the [loving] couple,” now known as the San Bernardino Two, “moved through customs in Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport on July 27, 2014 … shows Tashfeen Malik clad in all black looking directly into the camera as the taller Syed Rizwan Farook [“Climate Change”] stands behind her, black bearded and with a blank expression.” They both have blank expressions. They’re staring at the camera. Well, they say “blank.” Knowing who they are, you can see disgust on their faces. (sigh)

They don’t look happy to be arriving or showing up here. So as the authorities and others keep digging, more and more is being discovered about this. (interruption) Well, you know, I wonder about this, too. Ever since I have heard that it’s the woman here who was calling the shots, it was the
woman who was strong-willed leader, and it was the husband who was this little blind puppy dog following along getting orders, taking orders, and executing orders. That does not make sense with what we’ve been told about the way women are treated in Islam.

The normal, we’ve been told, is that women do not get anywhere near this kind of power. However, however, keep in mind that this is a stark difference. These are agents. These are operatives who have been assigned a mission, and I would venture to say that in this couple, the handlers have assessed who it is that’s stronger of the two and have bestowed upon her — as an agent — the responsibility for leading the entire thing. Because this is in stark contrast to what we are told is the role of women in Islamic society.

They don’t get anywhere near this kind of power. Nowhere near it. But remember the Soviets had these kind of agents, Americanized, that were moved to the United States and lived among the natives in the suburbs of Washington. Their kids went to American schools. They had jobs at American businesses, and nobody knew they were Soviet agents. The great writer Nelson DeMille wrote a great book about this Soviet operation. I think this is much the same. This couple is much the same as the former Soviet operation. And it may still exist, by the way.

Remember, we uncovered that Anna whatever her name was who lived in New Jersey, the Russian spy, the redhead?


RUSH: Stephen in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, hi. Great to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Good to be here, Rush. Been listening a long time. I’m a big fan of the show.

RUSH: I appreciate that. Thank you.

CALLER: Okay, I think you missed the mark a little bit on why Barack won’t call this Islamic extremism, if you’d like to hear that.

RUSH: Sure.

CALLER: Now, think about this. Now, this person that carried out this terrorist attack in San Bernardino is this supposedly heavy American living out the American dream, college educated, and working for the government, even, and he can be persuaded to do this at what, just a short period of time, this opens up the doors basically for every Muslim that’s a practicing Muslim in this country to actually be converted equally as well. If you think about the ramifications of that, for instance, profiling every Muslim of this country. It’s gonna undermine basically every bit of rhetoric that this person has put out since he’s come into office. What do you think about that?

RUSH: Okay, this is my fault. I’m out of time, for one thing. So I’m gonna have to read the transcript of what you said to get to your point, and I’ll do that and I’ll comment on it when we get back because I wasn’t able to hear everything you said and follow it. It’s my bad. Not your problem.


RUSH: I want to expand on this last caller. The way we do things here, can you people watching on the Dittocam see this? You see the boom here? See this cute, lovely Christmas decoration? It totally obscures the monitor where the transcription of callers is, so when I want to read what a caller is saying, if I can’t hear them, I have to do this, and when I do that, it means I can’t talk on the microphone. Or I have to lean over like this to see it.

So I was trying to follow the last caller. We only had one minute, and I neglected to tell him that, but he was doing okay on that front. He got in there, he got it, and got out. But he said something at the beginning that rendered everything else confusing to me. He said, “You missed the point” on something. So I kept waiting for him to say what I got wrong, and he never did. So I said, “I gotta read what you said when you finish, ’cause I haven’t had a chance to read it.” And his point was actually somewhat good.

He says that the reason Obama won’t call it Islamic extremism is because of the way this guy, Syed Farook “Climate Change,” was portrayed. And it’s true. How was this guy portrayed? He was as red-blooded American as you or me. Why, he came here, and he got a job, and he was working at a job that he loved, and he just bought his first house, and he just got married, and he just had a baby, and he was living the American dream. And look what happened. He shot up the place he worked. He went jihad on everybody. And the caller’s point was, Obama doesn’t want anybody thinking this can happen, because if any normal red-blooded American Muslim can be so easily converted to jihad, we’ve got big problems. And by itself, it’s a great point.

It’s a great illustration, by the way, of the fact that the guy never was living the American dream. That’s what was wrong about this. That was just PR. That was just buzz in the aftermath of the event. It didn’t take long before this guy’s dad stupidly spoke up and started telling us the truth. Oh, yeah, he hated Jews. He didn’t like Israel. He was religious — did you hear what the dad told him? The dad said — get this — Syed Farook “Climate Change” Sr. said to his son, “Be patient. In two years there will not be an Israel.” Nobody’s talking about that. But Syed Farook “Climate Change” Sr., these are his words. This is not third hand what somebody said he said. He’s talking to the media. He told his son, you’re getting too radicalized here. You need to just dial this back, ’cause there isn’t gonna be an Israel in two years. His son spoke often of his hatred for Jews and his hatred for Israel and all this.

The point was I don’t think the guy ever was living the American dream. And if he was, then the stories about how his wife radicalized him have to be somewhat true. I think he arrives radicalized, I think they both did, but doesn’t matter, it doesn’t change what they did. It’s just that in the immediate aftermath, look at the lengths to which the media and everybody went to try to portray these as just two normal American dream pursuers who just happened to take a step or two in the wrong direction, such a sad thing. And it was meant to downplay who they really are. I’m convinced that the reason CAIR went out there before a reason had even been given was because they knew, they were in damage control before the FBI even gave ’em a reason to be in damage control.

So I don’t think there’s any mistake, I don’t think there’s any doubt that this pair arrived here radicalized. It wasn’t that the American dream wasn’t enough for ’em. It was just that that’s a convenient story. However, the observation that if you’re gonna build a story like this, i.e., husband and wife moving here from war torn region of the Middle East or Pakistan or wherever coming here and getting a job and making a lot of money and having a nice house, who cares they got pipe bombs, deal with that later, and having a baby and all this other wonderful American dream stuff, and then they snap, could convey that it could happen to any of them. It would be something that Obama would not want thought of, mentioned, considered. But I don’t think that’s why Obama doesn’t want to call it radical Islam. I’ve already been through that. They just don’t believe Islam is radical or there’s no part of it that is. It’s absurd.

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