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RUSH: May as well move into the Stack on the San Bernardino Two here. It turns out, ladies and gentlemen, that these people are the exact opposite of what the Drive-By Media tried to tell us they are.

First off, Stephen Hayes in the Weekly Standard. “Law enforcement officials in San Bernardino and Los Angeles may have investigated Syed Farook one week before the shooting on the community development center on December 2, 2015, that left 14 dead and 17 injured, according to a review of police communications immediately following the attacks. Federal and local authorities have insisted that neither of the attackers had aroused suspicion before the assault earlier this month and that both Syed Farook [“Climate Change”] and his wife, Tashfeen Malik, were unknown to law enforcement and US intelligence.

“But conversations between law enforcement officials in the hours after the shootings leave a different impression.” Hayes cites two examples of “scanner traffic” suggesting the LAPD “may have investigated San Bernardino shooter Syed Farook a week before the attack.” In any case, Hayes writes, what does it say that we can’t even trust the local police to not cover-up having prior knowledge about this couple? He thinks he’s found evidence that law enforcement had knowledge of these people a week before the event.

And since it looks bad that nobody did anything about it, they’re now running around saying they had no idea and these people were totally off the radar, when they’re not, and when they weren’t. So Hayes says, what does it say that we can’t even trust the local police to not cover up having prior knowledge about the couple. They’re not the only ones. Catherine Herridge at Fox News. “A $28,500 deposit was made to Syed Farook’s bank account from WebBank.com on or about November 18, some two weeks before he and his wife … carried out the San Bernardino massacre…

“Investigators are exploring whether the transaction was a loan taken out by Farook… He earned $53,000 a year with the county as an environmental health inspector.” (snorts) What does it say that some clown like this gets hired as an environmental health inspector or a restaurant inspector? Now, what’s the currency in Pakistan? Do you know? Like it’s the US dollar here. It’s the yuan under the ChiComs. What’s the currency in Pakistan? (interruption) No, that’s Russia. You’re close. It’s the rupee. The rupee!

Do you know how many rupees $28,500 is? (interruption) Well, it’s three million, but the point is it’s almost an exact conversion. Depending on exchange rates, depending on what kind of fees you would pay, three million rupees. Like if you’re gonna be paid to do something. (impression) “I will give you three million rupees,” it comes out to 28,929 US dollars. Now, who’s gonna loan somebody that amount of money, or who’s gonna pay them $28,929? You pay ’em 28 grand or 29 grand or 27 grand. But 28,929?

When you find out that equals three million rupees, then you can conclude that maybe somebody in Pakistan was investing in the guy or paying the family or loaning them or whatever. But three million rupees, it’s an even number. But the point is, the media and some in law enforcement and Obama have tried to tell us they worked very hard trying to tell us, “There was no premeditation here. This guy, he cracked! It was workplace violence. We know it because he got into an argument over Islam with that messianic Jew in the office, and it just ticked him off.

“And then he had the humiliation of having to attend a Christmas party. For crying out loud, you can understand why he went crazy. So he’s arguing with a messianic Jew…” This what we’re told. “He’s arguing with the messianic Jew at the Christmas party. It was more than anybody could be expected to handle. So he went home, he grabbed some pipe bombs and long weapons, and came back and shot the place up.” But the three million rupees and the scanner activity a week prior go a long way to confirming the attack was premeditated.

And if it was premeditated, it could not have been “spontaneous, almost understandable workplace violence,” my friends.


RUSH: Yeah, just a couple of more things here. This is Investors.com: San Bernardino ‘Lone Wolves’ Ran In Pack — As the president assured the public Sunday night that the San Bernardino terrorists acted alone without help from sympathizers in the Muslim community, agents were looking hard at family, friends and neighbors. ‘We have no evidence they were part of a broader conspiracy here at home,’ Obama said in his prime-time address, echoing his attorney general who earlier maintained there’s ‘no indication’ that the San Bernardino terrorists were part of ‘a broader network.’

“That is, no co-conspirators, supporters, facilitators or financiers. Just a couple of rogue, Islam-perverting homicidal heretics. Nothing more to see here, move along, haters. This is the same ‘lone wolf’ whitewash we’ve heard before.” However, a lot of things have emerged.

“• FBI agents raided the home of a former neighbor and close friend of Syed Farook, who bought the terrorist two assault rifles.
• The agency is investigating Farook’s mother, who claims she knew nothing of his terror plans, even though she actually lived with him and his terrorist wife in their bomb-making factory in Redlands, and was involved with a radical Muslim group.
• His father, moreover, knew Farook was a follower of ISIS and admired its caliph, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi; yet the Israel-hating father — who lives nearby with Farook’s older brother — never reported anything to the authorities, either.
• Farook’s sister, who also pleads ignorance, took ‘target practice’ with her older terrorist brother.
• An eyewitness says he recently saw ‘six Middle Eastern men’ working in Farook’s garage, where he made more than a dozen explosives.
• Farook was in contact with Muslim extremists on the terror watch list, and smashed his cell phones to protect them.
• A radical local mosque threw a massive wedding reception for Farook and Tashfeen Malik, and members regularly visited their home, which doubled as an IED lab.
• Agents have raided the homes of at least two of the imams of mosques, attended by the couple.”

The bottom line, the list goes on and on here. They were not lone wolves. They were not one offs. They were not rogues. They were paid three million rupees — well, the equivalent of three million rupees. Anyway, the president tells us, don’t sweat it. Everything’s fine. No reason to be anxious. Maggie Haberman says (imitating Haberman), “Well, the American people are very anxious, you know, and this is why Trump’s, he’s capitalizing all this anxiety out there. And I know talk radio, they’re very worried about the Constitution, so they may really come down on Trump for this.”

Totally missing everything going on. If you landed here from Mars, and your only access to news was the Drive-By Media, you would think that this was a Muslim country that Christians were attempting to commandeer and conquer.


RUSH: This is a story here is from Politico. Now, I said just a moment ago, ladies and gentlemen: If you were a Martian, and you just landed here, and you turned on any of the news networks, you would think this is a Muslim country with Christian invaders. If you just turn on the news and you listen to the way the media is reporting things, and you might conclude that this is a peaceful Muslim country and the problems all emanate from a bunch of Christians. “Why Do These Young Muslims Hate Us?”

Here we go again.

After 9/11, the State Department convened a major, major forum with several discussion topics all evolving around the central orienting topic: Why do they hate us? What have we done to make them so mad? This literally happened within two weeks to a month after 9/11. So now we have San Bernardino, the San Bernardino Two terror attack. Politico Magazine: “Why Do These Young Muslims Hate Us?” You know, this borders on the frustrating. It’s not us! It’s all infidels. All you have to do is read the Koran to find out why.

These people want to make it out that it’s something we’re doing. It’s something about us, something about our lifestyle, about our government, about the way we organize ourselves that makes them hate us to the point that we need to ask, “What are we doing to make ’em do these kind of things? ‘Cause it obviously is more our fault than theirs.” And just like the media cannot grasp what people outside Washington actually think about things, like they cannot grasp what heartland America thinks and feels because it’s strange to them, it’s foreign.

They won’t read Trump’s book. They won’t read any of my books. They won’t read anybody of anybody else’s books. They have these preconditioned assessments of us. Call it prejudice. They certainly do of Christians. So here we go again: “Why Do These Young Muslims Hate Us? — In America and Europe, the children of immigrants are turning into radicalized killers. We have to find a way to reach them.” You see, it’s not that we have to find a way to stop them. It’s not that we have to find a way to defeat them. It’s not that we have to find out what’s wrong with them.

Mass murders, suicide bombers, people that strap bombs for their five- and 10-year-olds and send them out to kill people? No, nothing wrong with them. We gotta find out what’s wrong with us, and we gotta “find a way to reach ’em.” They never say that about Republicans. I can’t remember the last time ever heard a Democrat talk about finding a way to reach us here on talk radio or conservatives. All they want to do is defame us and wipe us out and defeat us. But when it comes to these people? Oh, we gotta find common ground somewhere.

“The twin horrors of the mass murder in San Bernardino and the attacks in Paris a few weeks before … share one disturbing fact in common. They were perpetrated not by immigrants, but by their angry, alienated, lost children. The killers were native-born citizens of their lands. This is also true of other attacks by people identifying themselves as Muslims in recent years, such as the London transit bombings in 2005 and the assassination of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh in Amsterdam in 2004. Who are these enraged young Muslims, and why do they feel so much hatred for their native countries?

“How did it happen that their parents — often first-generation immigrants just trying to get along and make a buck — kept their heads down and made no trouble, while the children who were generally better off economically were lured by a suicidal ideology networked into their minds from thousands of miles away?” Who says the parents are innocent here? As Investor’s Business Daily just chronicled about Syed Farook’s family, who says they’re innocent? And, by the way, I guess Politico’s gonna join everybody now in agreeing that it has nothing to do with poverty?

They just acknowledged the kids, these young Muslim terrorists, “are better off economically than their parents.” So I guess it must not be poverty now. But still, it boils down to we’re doing something to make them hate us. We’re doing something to make them radical, and it’s right there in the book that they read. If you people in the media would just take a moment read it, you would understand. (sigh) None of this is a mystery. It’s not what we’re doing; it’s what we don’t accept. “Who are these enraged young Muslims, and why do they feel so much hatred for their native countries?”

Meaning (translated): “They were born in America. How can they possibly hate their own country? Yeah, that’s reserved for the Michigan Militia. We understand why right-wing, Christian kooks would hate their country! Yeah, they’re a bunch of racist pigs! But why would these religion-of-peace Muslims hate America? I mean, we Democrats and liberals, we’ve been running the country! We’ve given them everything. Why do they hate us?”

They’re going nuts here. They’re literally wringing their hands trying to figure out why these innocent young Muslim children hate this country, when the left thinks they have been so great and so nice and so accommodating. Anyway, The Politico magazine article continues: “We need to think about these problems now, because the political climate in both places, Europe and America, could not be more perilous. In the United States, the relentlessly Islamophobic Donald Trump outdid himself on Monday, calling for ‘total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.’

“Trump and other Republican presidential candidates like Ben Carson brazenly hurl insults and invective against Muslims abroad and impugn the patriotism of Muslim Americans. The mass killing in San Bernardino, coming after the July attacks by Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez — the so-called Chattanooga shooter who killed five [people] — only provided more ammunition, and the right-wing media is engaged in unbridled and vulgar demonization of American Muslims.” Oh, see? It’s our fault! And it’s Trump’s fault!

You see, they’re building a case.

They ask the question, “Why Do These Young Muslims Hate Us?”

Donald Trump!

And what does it say here, “right-wing presidential candidates, right-wing media.” I found out that’s my name. I was actually called “right-wing media” on CNN over the weekend. I played the sound bite for you. Oh, yeah. Remember? Right-wing media wants Hillary to win because right-wing media got rich writing anti-Clinton books. Well, I was the only media then, broadcast-wise. So I’m now right-wing media, and in The Politico story: “[T]he right wing media is engaged in unbridled and vulgar demonization of American Muslims.

“Never mind that according to the FBI most domestic terror attacks are carried out by right-wing white Christian men.” See how this is going now? “[T]he right wing media is engaged in unbridled and vulgar demonization of American Muslims. Never mind that according to the FBI most domestic terror attacks are carried out by right-wing white Christian men.” See how this is going now. Right-wing white Christian men carry out more tourist attacks than Muslims in America.

Really? Muslims in America wiped out 3,000 Americans in one day. Really, Politico? You really want to try to make this case? They tried after the Planned Parenthood shoot ’em up. “Oh, yeah! These right-wingers are out there shooting at Planned Parenthood all the time!” Except the real stats are militant Islam, extremist Islam has killed more Americans than anybody has committed attacks on Planned Parenthoods in this country. “Americans pride themselves, justifiably, on doing a better job of assimilating their Muslim immigrants than European nations typically do.

“Although there are concentrations of Muslim immigrants in major cities, such as Dearborn[istan], Michigan, the Muslim communities in America are mobile and an integral part of America’s major cities and their suburbs.” See? You see, folks? I guarantee you, this nation is at risk and imperiled by a bunch of crazed white Christians. And if you were a Martian and just happened to land here and turned to the news today, this is what you would think.

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