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RUSH: Oh, yeah, here we are December 10. You know, tomorrow is my brother’s birthday. My brother David’s birthday is tomorrow, December 11th. You know what you could do for him, folks? He loves this latest book of his, The Emmaus Code, and it’s such a great book for Christmastime, because it’s all about — my brother has become a scholar on the Bible, and he has evolved a — well, it’s not his theory, but very few have ever explored it to the extent that he has, and that is that the Old Testament actually contains evidence of the coming of Christ, and it is something he fervently, devoutly believes and is trying to share with people.

His book’s been out a couple or three months now, his birthday is tomorrow, and he is running around buying Christmas cards. I happen to know that now ’cause I just tracked his iPhone. (laughing) When I was home I turned on his — (laughing) I know where he is now. (laughing) He’s at a Walgreens. I think he just left. He’s buying Christmas cards, and tomorrow’s his birthday.


RUSH: Yeah, it’s a good question, I checked the e-mail during the break and people said: “You mentioned your brother’s book, and I don’t know how to find it. What did you say it is?” It’s The Emmaus Code. I should spell that. E-m-m-a-u-s, The Emmaus Code is the name of my brother’s book about his scholarly belief the Old Testament is filled with indications and clues of the birth of Christ, which is a radical few for some. It’s not unique to him, but he’s decided to explore it, see if he can prove it to himself, and he’s written an entire book about it, and it’s been out a couple months.

His birthday is tomorrow, so I’m just joking if you want to celebrate my brother’s birthday with him, go out and get a copy of his book. It’s fascinating for what it is. It’s exhaustively documented and researched, and I know that this audience contains a tremendous number of Christians. And if that’s at all intriguing to you, well, it’s an excellent treatise on the whole — (interruption) my dad was, my dad was a — I don’t want to say devout. But, yeah, he was reading the Bible constantly. Not a holy roller in the sense that that term is applied, but, yeah, he was, you know, intellectually just challenged by it, fascinated by it, much as the way Pascal was, great French philosopher, the Pensées.

At any rate, it’s at Amazon and Barnes & Noble and all the other places. What’s he gonna be — let’s see, 63, I think he’s gonna be tomorrow. I’m not sure. When you get to 62, 63, what difference does it make? You know, it’s within an acceptable range. Still not getting Social Security check, so it’s okay.

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