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RUSH: We continue to learn even more and more about the San Bernardino Two and what is beginning to look more and more like a terrorist cell. Looks like it was a terrorist cell. And can I tell you something else, folks? I’m getting a little wary… In fact, I have been wary of this since it was first used to explain all of this, and I’m referring to the term “radicalized.”

Everybody is now saying, “Oh, yeah, the San Bernardino Two? They were ‘radicalized.'” Marco Rubio was talking about it last night on Megyn Kelly’s show on Fox. Everybody. I mean, the FBI did it. Obama did it. Everybody’s talking about, “They were radicalized,” and it’s almost… I’m starting to pickup on the fact that it’s almost like that makes them a victim or victims. “Oh, yes! This nice, loving young couple happened to meet on a dating website, and they fell immediately in love, and they made great plans to come to America and start trying to access the American dream — and then they got ‘radicalized.’

“Yeah, they were just the nicest couple. People looked at ’em and thought how wonderful and beautiful their children were gonna be. They were just the sweetest pair, the kind of people you;d love to have come over for a bridge party and maybe blow the place up later.” I’m sorry. “They might come over for a bridge party, maybe have dinner, go to a ball game — and then they got ‘radicalized.'” Like, what? Brainwashed? Like they were victimized? Like it’s not really their fault? I don’t care how it happens, is the point. They’re terrorists. They’re extremists.

They’re radicals. They’re militant. They are murderers. They are active, knowing participants. They are responsible, and this term, “They were radicalized,” is almost — depending the people using it — an attempt to distance them from what they actually did. It was almost like, “Yeah, they were just driving along, walking along, living their lives, and then? And then! They were radicalized. They were brainwashed, and then they were programmed to go to the United States –, particularly San Bernardino, California — and blow up a government building.”

And that’s not how it happened. So it’s more than a pet peeve. I’m just telling you, folks, be very wary of this, ’cause that’s, I think, what the purpose of using the term “radicalized” is. The longer this goes on, the effort’s gonna be made in the media and in the Democrat Party to try to tell you that these two were actually not responsible. They were programmed. They were ordered. They were brainwashed, Manchurian Candidate-type people. It’s an effort to soften your opinion of them, and I just don’t think that should happen.

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