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RUSH: Here’s Elaine in Utah. Hi, Elaine. I’m glad you called. It’s Open Line Friday. Welcome.

CALLER: Hello, Rush.

RUSH: Hi, Elaine.

CALLER: I need your expert Apple opinion.

RUSH: All right. I’m happy to provide it.

CALLER: I need to update one of my Apple devices. I have an old iPhone 4 and mini-iPad, and I need to get a bigger version because my vision is getting bad. Which would you suggest, the iPad Pro or should I get the iPhone 6S Plus?

RUSH: Well, how…? You really should get both, one of each. But that may not be possible.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: I would get the iPhone 6S Plus and upgrade from your iPhone 4. You just… You will not believe the difference. But here’s the thing that you can do. The iOS 9… That’s been this way since iOS 8. There’s a zoom feature, Elaine, that you can zoom the entire screen, everything on the screen. You can zoom it one, two, or three times. And then you can even, beyond that, enlarge the text. So the size of the display is really only important as to how much information you want on it at one time. But you can make the text and what you’re reading plenty large enough, even on an iPhone 6, or 6S. You wouldn’t even need the Plus. But the 6S Plus is the best iPhone in the world, so that’s what I would do. That’s the direction I would go.

CALLER: Okay. Perfect. That’s what I wanted to know.

RUSH: All right.

CALLER: Thank you very much.

RUSH: You bet. The iPad Pro is a just over-the-top fabulous machine, but you don’t need it. I mean, I use reading glasses, cheaters. What did she call ’em, “readers”? I use reading glasses. Again, the size of the display is only relevant in terms how much data you can have on it, but you just go into settings, display, and turn on the zoom. And it will even show you samples of what things look like at various zoom settings. And you’re off and running. You can make things as large as you want on whatever screen.

You can make things so large that it’s only three words per page if you want to. So just pick the device you want most. I think the iPhone 6S Plus. You gotta have a phone. If you want a phone, you’ve got day and a half of battery life, you’ve got a great big screen, you’ve got the best camera that Apple offers. It’s all wrapped up in the 6S Plus. (interruption) Are you trying zoom in there now, Mr. Snerdley? This is another thing. People don’t even know this stuff exists. But check it out if you have an iPhone. In fact, let me get the exact setting. What it is here? It is display and brightness. Settings, display, and brightness. Go in there and turn on the zoom, and test which zoom works best for you and set it, and you’re done.

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