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RUSH: On this American values business that these destructive Democrats keep preaching to us as though they are the holier and thou guarantors of American values (which makes me want to get sick). They’re speaking to us as though everybody in the world has a right to emigrate to this country, and they are trying to shame all of us into accepting the idea that if somebody wants to come here, by God, they should come here. And if we don’t want ’em here we’re bigoted or there’s something wrong with us.

Well, we cannot take every human being in the world that wants to come here. We have never been organized to do so. That is not the way this country was founded. That’s what they want to turn it into. When it comes to immigration, when it comes to national security, when it comes to preserving the American way of life, what Americans want is what counts first! What we want, what we express democratically via the way we vote, that’s what happens in this country. That’s how it is run.

There is nothing wrong whatsoever with people employing common sense and suggesting, “Wait a minute. We might have a problem with certain people emigrating.” We do got a problem! They’re coming here and blowing us up and killing us. The people that are coming to this country and committing terrorism are coming from a specific way of life and a specific belief system with specific ideology. We have a responsibility to keep them out of here! It’s about our preservation. If you listen to Josh Earnest, if you listen Obama or the Democrats, it seems like we have an obligation to let them in.

And we have an obligation to open ourselves up to whatever it is they want to do because that somehow proves that we are Americans. And the whole notion of self-preservation, national security, whatever you want to call it, seems to get thrown out the window here. And anybody who wants to focus on preservation, self-preservation, national security, is now becoming a closed-minded bigot. I’m telling you, everything the Democrat Party wants that people oppose, they say, “Well, it’s bigotry or racism that is the cause of people opposing them,” and it’s not, obviously. The Democrat Party has demonstrated with its current leadership and its other candidates that it is apparently not concerned with anything but how these immigrants are gonna vote down the line. They don’t care about anything else. That’s why we have to.


RUSH: Yeah, the Democrat Party says, “Anybody in the world who wants to come here should have the constitutional right to come here,” and yet American citizens don’t have the constitutional right to defend themselves. Screw that! As I’m sure you already agree.

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