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RUSH: You know, we finally have some news that has nothing to do with the political race. Not that I want to get rid of the political race. Don’t think that at all. But, I mean, there’s some other stuff out here that’s got a literally nothing to do with the campaign. (interruption) Well, no, I’m not even talking about the climate change stuff, but, you know Marc Morano — since you bring that up — our former man in Washington. At Rush Limbaugh the TV show we had a roving man in Washington with a camera and a microphone that went around and harassed Democrats whenever he could find them, and usually he found them when they were a little tipsy, they’d been consuming adult beverages. It was funny.

Well, Morano now runs a global warming website, an anti-global warming website, and he asked a great question. There’s a big deal, they have this great Paris accord. Do you realize John Kerry said they didn’t put any enforcement mechanisms in it because they knew the US Congress would never vote for it. It’s not a treaty, so there’s no enforcement mechanism on this. They’re relying on peer pressure for this. This is just a political — actually what it is, when you boil it all down, it’s a fleece job. More detail on that as the program unfolds.

My only point here, Morano says, since they signed this deal, since they’ve now fixed it, can we stop hearing about it? And I think that is a brilliant question, because we will not stop hearing about it. I remember back sometime in the nineties, the Bakersfield Business Conference was a big deal that happened every October. It was amazing. I mean, they had 20,000 people show up inside a tent to listen to an all-day series of speakers in Bakersfield, California. It was a law firm out there that put this thing on, Borton Petrini, and I was invited one year and promptly was disinvited every year after that for the next five or 10. (interruption) Well, it’s because I blew the cover on how the thing operated, but I don’t want to go into that. Not trying to distract myself.

The point is this. They give you 30 minutes or 20 minutes, whatever they give you, and they give you a series of lights when you’re getting close. Yellow means you got five minutes, red means stop, it’s the hook, get off. They gave me the red light in 10 minutes. He-he-he-he-he.

Anyway, the Saturday that I appeared, they had just “solved” the budget deficit the day before. Tom Foley was the Speaker of the House. The budget deficit, a big deal had just been agreed to, Democrats and Republicans. It wasn’t gonna be signed by the president. I think it was Bush 41. So I opened my speech and said, “Oh, is it fixed now? Can we stop hearing about it? I don’t know about you all, but I’m so happy! They fixed the deficit. Did you know that? They wiped it out. They had a deal. They announced it yesterday. No more deficit.”

The guy following me was former secretary of defense Robert McNamara, and he opened by saying, “I would like to disagree very respectfully with Mr. Limbaugh, but I do not believe that a deficit problem has been fixed here. This is temporary.” No kidding, Sherlock! It was a rhetorical question, and it’s just like Morano’s question: “Can we stop hearing about it now?” You guys have fixed it. You guys have solved the problem. It’s over. But the reason it’s a great question is, we will not stop hearing about it.

We will continue to hear about it, but it isn’t about global warming, and it isn’t about climate change. The proof is in the pudding. I saw a chart the other day that showed the amount of CO2 they’re estimating since 1880 to present. CO2 in the atmosphere — which we need, everybody needs CO2 to live — they have it as a pollutant and a poison. But, anyway, the greenhouse effect is caused by CO2, they say, and the more CO2 the worse. “Oh, it’s horrible.”

The temperature graph, they never show you. The temperature graph from 1880 to the present, it hasn’t moved. Even though CO2 has doubled in the atmosphere, it has not made things warmer. It is so easy to refute all of this. But, anyway, it’s just a good question. Okay. So you guys in Paris, you got a deal, and it’s done. Can we please stop hearing about it? And the fact that we will not stop hearing about it means it isn’t about global warming. Just mark my words on this.

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