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RUSH: To the audio sound bites. This is interesting. Patti Solis Doyle. Patti Solis Doyle is a Hillary Clinton campaign manager. She was on CNN this afternoon. Legal View is the name of the show. It’s hosted by Ashleigh Banfield, who said of Patti Solis Doyle, asked her a question, “I’ve heard rumored that there were back room meetings between Trump and Cruz staffers in Las Vegas. Now, given the fact that we didn’t really see them go after each other last night, it gave some credence to those rumors that there was a private powwow between Cruz and Trump people. Is that what happens at these debates, Patti? You work with Hillary. You would know this. Do they regularly get together, really get together to discuss in advance before the debate how they’re gonna treat each other?”

DOYLE: The two big winners of last night’s debate in my opinion were Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, basically because the dynamic of this race was not changed after this debate. Ted Cruz has the momentum, and he wasn’t gonna sacrifice that momentum by going after Trump and alienating those voters. Donald Trump is in the lead by a large margin, and he wasn’t gonna sacrifice that lead by alienating Ted Cruz voters. He tried doing that just prior to the debate, and Rush Limbaugh, you know, gave him a severe warning to stop, and Donald Trump did. So I think both of them wanted to keep their momentum going into the sprint in January.

RUSH: So she’s essentially saying that there might have been some truth to the fact that there was a powwow between these two camps and that there was a mutually agreed hands off. She doesn’t know it, she just said it could well be because you saw that gloves came off between these two.


RUSH: To Mansfield, Ohio, and Tim. Hello, sir. You’re up next.

CALLER: Hey, Rush.

RUSH: Hey.

CALLER: Quite an adrenaline rush, so to speak. This is great. Anyway…

RUSH: I appreciate that, sir.

CALLER: You had a call the other day, might have been yesterday, who said that you’re a Trump advisor. And after watching the debate last night, I’ve come to agree with him. I heard Donald Trump say something about Dr. Carson, which I’ve heard you say numerous of times, and that is, he said he believes Dr. Carson is one of the most decent men in America. And, Rush, you say that all the time.

RUSH: Well, I have said that. I can’t deny that. I have described Dr. Carson that way, ’cause he is. He’s one of the most decent, honorable, upstanding people/citizens this country has ever had. He’s just a great man in his own regard. I have said that. No question about it.

CALLER: Now, there’s further evidence of that Rush. Also, he rolled over for Cruz last night. You said, you know, you better back off Cruz, and he did. And here’s my thought. I believe you want Trump to be president because you and him are friends and so you’re gonna be basically in the White House. And, hey, why not? Great strategy, Rush.

RUSH: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. You think that that’s how I make up my mind on things?

CALLER: Well, I mean, I think you would take Cruz ’cause he’s a great conservative. But, you know, Trump’s your man. You guys are both number one. You’re both the best at what you do and you’re pals.

RUSH: Well, I don’t have a… I don’t… I honestly don’t have a man right now. It’s too soon. It’s still way too soon and way too much that can happen. But I’m flattered nevertheless that you… What did you say about me being in the White House?

CALLER: Well, I mean, you’d be connected. You and Trump are pals.

RUSH: ‘Cause I was gonna say, my house is nicer than the White House. I’m not sure I would want to go there. Yeah. I’ve been both places, and White House can be… I mean, it would be an honor. It is an honor every time you’re there. No question about it. I’ll take my library any day. It’s got a smoke-eater system in it. The White House is… You gotta go out on the Truman balcony to have a cigar. Anyway, I’m not trying to avoid your point. Tim, let me ask you: What exactly do you mean when you accuse me…? Not accuse. But when you say I’m a Trump advisor, what are you actually saying?

CALLER: Well, I believe that Trump holds you in high regard, and I believe that when you talk to us, your audience, on the air, I believe he listens. And I believe he takes what you say to heart.

RUSH: All right.

CALLER: And so you’re not directly advising him but indirectly.

RUSH: Okay. I want to make that clear. I want to make it clear. He says that I’m a Trump “advisor,” and if I don’t deal with that, people are gonna think, “Yeah, yeah! Rush, he didn’t say anything about it.” I’m not advising anybody. I mean, I do on the radio, but nobody’s seeking it. (interruption) Ted Cruz invites me to the White House, right? Well, here’s what he’s talking about, folks. We just happened to have…

It’s an amazing coincidence here. We just happened to have the sound bite of the moment he was talking about last night in the debate. Dana Bash of CNN asked, “Mr. Trump, just this weekend you said that Senator Cruz is not qualified to be president because he doesn’t have the right temperament. He acted like a maniac when he arrived in the Senate and the way he deals with people there. Last month you said that you were open to naming Senator Cruz as your running mate.

TRUMP: I did.

BASH: So why would you be willing to put somebody who’s a maniac one heartbeat away from the presidency?

TRUMP: Let me just tell you: I’ve gotten to know him the last three or four days; he has a wonderful temperament. He’s just fine. Don’t worry about it.

BASH: Okay.

RUSH: That is what Tim from Mansfield, Ohio, is referring to. And then the next up is Ted Cruz and Trump have this exchange spawned by (Do we have time here? We do.) Dana Bash…

BASH: Senator Cruz, you have not been willing to attack Mr. Trump in public, but you —

TRUMP: You better not attack.

BASH: — did question his judgment in having control of America’s nuclear arsenal during a private meeting with supporters. Why are you willing to say things about him in private and not in public?

CRUZ: Dana, what I said in private is exactly what I’ll say here, which is that the judgment that every voter is making of every one of us up here is who has the experience, who has the vision, who has the judgment to be commander-in-chief. This is a judgment for every voter to make. What I can tell you is all nine of the people here would make an infinitely better commander-in-chief than Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.

RUSH: We gotta go. We have to take a break. Be right back.


RUSH: You know, folks, I indirectly advise millions of people every day on this program. I can’t help it. I mean, even if Hillary wins, God forbid, I’m gonna be living rent free in her head and her husband’s the whole time they’re there. So I’m there no matter what happens here.

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