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RUSH: Cookie went and rolled off the answer Trump gave to the question from Hugh Hewitt about whether he will run third party or not. This is what I talked about at the opening of the program where Trump drops the performance persona and communicates. This is an example of many; these things happen frequently in his personal appearances. I’m only illustrating this, or mentioning it, because so many people still wonder how it is that Trump doesn’t get hurt by what some people think are the stupid things he says or the ignorant things he says or the mean things he says or the controversial.

The things that would normally destroy others he profits from. And professional communicators are scratching their heads, professional political people are scratching their heads, it doesn’t make any sense. They’re still hoping that Trump will implode. He’s not gonna implode, and I’m just trying to help people understand why. It’s all rooted in the bond, the connection that Trump has made with the people who support him. And, by the way, that bond is rooted in substance.

If you want to further understand it, last night Trump — I mean, a lot of people are saying, “Boy, Trump really embarrassed himself last night. He didn’t even know about the nuclear triad.” Yeah, I noticed that. But it’s not gonna hurt him. And some of you might be, “Well, it damn well ought to. I mean, if you don’t know what the nuclear triad is and your president of the United States.” He’ll find out what it is. How many people know about the nuclear triad?

I happen to know what it is. It was another one of these esoteric kind of questions, valid but nevertheless esoteric. But here’s the thing. Of everybody in this field right now, Donald Trump was the first to tap into, viscerally, what Americans are feeling and living. This is not to slight anybody else. This is not to be critical of anybody else. He started with the border, the southern border, and worked his way to refugees and the economy and any number of things that are making this country weak and said it’s got to stop. And during all of this he let everybody know that they were right.

He validated what millions of people were already thinking. This is what the establishment of both parties misses. They think that most of the people this country are brain-dead, sponges, mind-numbed robots waiting to be influenced by any number of false prophets or phony Svengalis, because they have a basic contempt for average, ordinary people and what they consider to be their lack of mental ability. So they’re dead wrong about that.

So Trump comes along, and he didn’t say anything anybody else wasn’t thinking. He said something everybody was thinking. He said lists of things everybody was thinking. He validated and he let everybody know that they were right, that America is not great with Obama and the Democrat Party in charge. America is not even trending to the great with Obama and the Democrat Party in charge, and Trump did not need a focus group or polling data to tell him this. His heart told him. His instincts told him. It’s what he saw, he went out and said it. Call him Captain Obvious. And collective politicians have their heads in the sand.

So all Trump has to say, like he said last night, nothing in our country works. He’s mining gold when he says that. It’s a true statement. Nothing in the country is working right now. It doesn’t mean he’s the best person to be president, but I know Trump has his finger on the pulse of the people. Now, whether that qualifies him to be president, that’s for voters, obviously, to decide. But this is why he leads nationally.

He was first in fearlessly and violating political correctness pointing out what was wrong. He was first to cut through all the crap. And he said that he would cut through all the crap. He would do what was necessary to destroy the people who are breaking and ruining this country. And he told how he would do it. And then to top things off, he said he was a Republican, would not go third party, last night. And this is how he said it. The question from Hugh Hewitt, “My listeners tell me again and again that they’re worried that Hillary Clinton will win the White House because you’re gonna run as an independent. Are you ready to reassure Republicans tonight that you will run as a Republican and abide by the decision of the Republicans?”

TRUMP: I really am, I’ll be honest. I really am. I have great respect for the people I’ve met through this process. I’ve never done this process before. I’ve never been a politician. I mean, for the last six months I’ve been a politician, but I will tell you, I am totally committed to the Republican Party. I feel very honored to be the front-runner, and (applause) I think I’ll do very well if I’m chosen. If I’m so fortunate to be chosen I think I’ll do very well. Polls have come out recently saying I would beat Hillary. I will do everything in my power to beat Hillary Clinton. I can promise you that.

RUSH: Okay, so the performance persona is gone there, folks. That’s straight from the heart. That happens frequently in his personal appearances. There was humility. All the characteristics that people think Trump doesn’t have were right there in 30 seconds. And I’ll tell you something else. The Republican Party has a lot of problems, and I am one of many who chronicle them on a daily basis, but I will tell you this: For all its problems, the Republican Party is not blaming you and your SUV and your diet for terrorism. The Democrat Party is.

When the Democrat Party — it’s so ridiculous, it’s embarrassing. When the Democrat Party, led by Barack Hussein O and echoed by the haughty John Kerry, who served in Vietnam, claim that climate change is responsible for all this, well, who’s responsible for climate change? You are! The way you eat, too much bad food is produced, creating CO2, your SUVs, the wasteful ways you use electricity, you people are causing climate change.

For all its problems, the Republican Party didn’t trade five high value terrorists for a deserter named Bowe Bergdahl. For all its problems, the Republican Party is not detached from reality like the Democrat Party is. Keeping America safe does not include a carbon tax. Keeping America safe does not include releasing thousands of felons like Obama is doing. Keeping America safe does not include or mean ignoring the borders and just welcoming in anybody who wants to come because we somehow are obligated to? That does not keep America safe.

The Republican Party does not have a candidate who had top secret e-mails on an illegal server used for the purposes of destroying evidence of selling hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of influence to foreign governments and crony capitalists. All of that corruption is owned and operated by the Democrat Party. So for all of its faults, the Republican Party is not complicit in not keeping America safe. The Democrat Party and its policies are right up there.

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