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RUSH: Now, Mike, I want you to grab sound bite 22 and sound bite number three. I want to do ’em side by side here, Chuck Schumer and Bill Kristol. This tweet that I have here that I have discovered, that details what Obama said to Paul Ryan after the budget deal was done confirms what I actually think is going on here. Obama called Ryan and said, “Thanks for making government work.”

Now, let me briefly go through all of the excuses that we are given for why this happened. A, well, we were up against a deadline. The clock was ticking, and, man, it was worse than Ryan knew, the mess that Boehner left him and the clock was running out and we had to deal with the cards that we were dealt and we just had to rely on the same old way we’ve been doing this, and it’s gonna be different next time. Except this is what we’ve been told every omnibus budget December for the last eight years.

It’s folderol because everybody knows that the end of the year is December, and everybody knows that deadlines are pushed and pushed and pushed for exactly this reason. You get closer to the deadline, there’s a greater urgency to get things done. The difference here is why is it the Democrats never have to play the cards they’re dealt? Why is the clock never ticking on the Democrats? Why is it never the Democrats who have to compromise what they want in order for a deal to get done, and especially now the Democrats have fewer seats in the House than at any time since the Civil War, and yet they just got total victory.

Okay, in addition to everything else that I’ve said in the past two days about this, I think what’s really going on here, the Republican Party, if you listen to them, even now there are candidates for the Republican primary who are making the case that they are the ones who can cross the aisle and work with Democrats. There are fewer of them, but you and I know well that the Republican Party seems to believe that it needs to expand. It can’t win with its current base. There simply aren’t enough Republicans to win, so they have to broaden the base.

They don’t like their base. They don’t like us. They don’t like conservatism for a host of reasons that you know and understand, I don’t need to repeat those. The interesting thing is they think they need to broaden. That’s why they support amnesty. They think they need to get more Hispanics. But they think that they need to show they can make government work. And that’s why they have made a political calculation that as far as their own political fortunes are concerned, they’re damaged much less by letting Democrats win big time on things like this as opposed to shutting down the government.

The Republican Party has made it clear they’re scared to death of the whole idea of even being accused of shutting down the government, and at all costs they have decided it’s gonna stay open. “At all costs” means whatever the Democrats want, they get. The Republicans have thrown away the power of the purse. The Republicans have thrown away their majority. They have thrown away every obstacle that would normally be in the Democrats’ way. The power of the purse is big. It all makes sense politically if you realize that the Republicans are doing here exactly what they’ve told us they think they have to do. They think they have to cross the aisle and work with the Democrats.

They think that demonstrates to Hispanics and independents and women and moderates that they can work with Democrats and that they can cooperate and that they can make government work and that they can be bipartisan. And doing all of that dispels all of the bad branding they’ve got of racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe. So the Republicans have decided, to heck with their own base. They don’t care about it. They don’t respect it, so they’re gonna run the risk of losing it while they show non-Republican voters how great they are, by giving the Democrats what they want, because that’s how you keep government open.

By giving the Democrats what you want, that is how you cross the aisle and cooperate. By giving the Democrats what they want, that is how you demonstrate you can make government work. Chuck Schumer admitted it in The Politico yesterday, quote, “Senator McConnell wants to see the Senate work, but the good news for Democrats is that to make it work he has to basically do our agenda.” Bingo. This is what the Republican leadership has calculated, folks.

In order to be seen as bipartisan, in order to be seen as cooperative, in order to be seen as not argumentative, in order to be seen as non-combative, in order to be seen as bipartisan and able to make government work and keep it open, they have to basically do the Democrat agenda. Because anything else is gonna result in an accusation of shutting down the government or not caring about the poor or not caring about Planned Parenthood or whatever.

The Republicans have made the calculation they’re sick and tired of these accusations, and so in order to eliminate that and to broaden their base and to show how great they are at making government work, they are giving the Democrats their agenda. For pointing this out, I have become the bad guy. I’m the extremist. I’m the one out of touch. I’m the one that doesn’t see what’s going on, as the country is being sold down the river. When the Democrat agenda is implemented you can say good-bye to whatever you think the United States of America was, and instead you wave hello to the new America that we are transforming to under Barack Hussein O.

Our last caller, David in Seattle, this guy was the Bush-Cheney chairman for King County between 2000 and 2004. You can’t get more straight-and-narrow Republican. He was the Bush-Cheney campaign chairman for King County, Washington. And he thinks it’s over. He thinks we’ve lost. And he’s tracing this transformation of the Republicans basically into Democrats or Democrat light. He thinks it goes back to weapons of mass destruction and Iraq. I think it traces back maybe to that, but that’s when the first immigration battles began, if you recall.

It was between 2000, 2004 that I had emissaries from the White House sent down here to talk to me to try to make me understand amnesty and how it wasn’t amnesty. But now, knowing all of this, and knowing what the excuse is… “Well, our backs were against the wall! Well, time was running out. Well, we didn’t know how bad it was. Well, we had to play the cards we were dealt! Well, you know…” Side by side, here is Bill Kristol on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal yesterday reacting to one of the hosts there who read from my transcript on my website yesterday.

And he focused on this part when I said yesterday, “We don’t even need a Republican Party if they’re going to do this. Just elect Democrats. Disband the Republican Party and let the Democrats run it, because that’s what’s happening anyway.” Speaking euphemistically. I mean, realistically, nobody’s gonna get rid of the Republican Party. I’m trying to illustrate how lost and gone and bye-bye the Republican Party is. We may as well just elect Democrats, because that’s effectively what’s happening. The Republicans are implementing a Democrat agenda. Bill Kristol reacted this way…

KRISTOL: I don’t like the omnibus spending bill. I probably would vote against it if I were a member of Congress. Having said that, it would be a lot worse if Nancy Pelosi controlled the House and Harry Reid controlled the Senate. Let’s not kid ourselves. This does not make the case for Democratic control of Congress. It doesn’t make the case that Republican control doesn’t matter. But I do think this is the case — and Paul Ryan sort of said this — that he it was stuck with where things were. The clock was running out; he felt he had to go with the way business has gone the last few years.

RUSH: Chuck Schumer yesterday reacting…

SCHUMER: If you would have told me this year that we’d be standing here celebrating the passage of an omnibus bill with no poison pill riders at higher levels above sequester than even the president requested, I wouldn’t have believed it. But here we are. This bill is a great victory for the principles Democrats stand for.

RUSH: Barack Obama calls Paul Ryan and thanks him for making government work! Schumer tells The Politico (summarized), “Yeah, Mitch McConnell wants to see the Senate work. But the good news for us is that McConnell knows to make the Senate work he has to basically do our agenda.” And over here we’ve got establishment Republicans, “Hey, you know, it could have been worse.

“I mean, it’d have been much worse if Pelosi and Reid were running the show.” Not according to Chuck Schumer. Do you realize the Democrats just got more of what they wanted in one budget than they ever got with Pelosi and Reid? That’s what Schumer’s saying, and Patty Murray, and Israel. That’s what they can’t believe. They got more with a Republican speaker than they ever got with Pelosi running the joint!


RUSH: Here’s John in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Back to the phones on Open Line Friday. Great to have you, John. Hi.

CALLER: Rush, I love your show, I always agree with you, and I voted for Oba… It says here “Bush.” Sorry about that. “Bush.”

RUSH: You “voted for, it says here ‘Bush'”?


RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: I got a script here [for a seminar caller].

RUSH: I got you. It can be very, very nerve-wracking to appear on this program, and you write down the basics to make sure you don’t forget. Yeah, I got it.

CALLER: Yeah. Hey, I got a question for McConnell and my Republican leadership. So we can’t defund Planned Parenthood because we don’t have the presidency. Okay, I got that. Cool. But why can we defund the 2006 Security Fence Act?

RUSH: You mean to build a wall?

CALLER: Yeah. So 2006 security was for the 700 miles of secure double-layer fence.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: Bush was president at that time —

RUSH: That wall wasn’t built because somebody forgot so design the door.

CALLER: Well, the argument of my leadership —

RUSH: (suppressing laughter)

CALLER: — the smart people up in Washington that I send money to and I vote for, they say, “Hey, look, you can’t defund legislation,” when it’s Planned Parenthood, when it’s Obamacare, when it’s all this other stuff. Okay, that’s the argument. I hear what you’re saying.

RUSH: No, no! No, wait. That’s not it. No, no, no, no. It’s, you can’t defund entitlements. You certainly can defund legislation; it’s done all the time. Defunding entitlements is what’s said to be impossible to do because that’s basically taking Santa Claus away from people. But defunding legislation… You got a great question here. They said, “Oh, we can’t defund Planned Parenthood! No, no, no. We can’t.” But they can easily take away the money to build a wall. And you’re asking, “Why? If you got the guts to take money away from the wall, why don’t you have the guts to take it away from Planned Parenthood?”

And it comes down to a guts question. And the answer is rooted in the new outreach that the Republican Party is engaged in. They do not want to anger the feminazis. They don’t want to anger the NOW gang. They do not want to be accused of conducting a War on Women. So whatever the Democrat Party wants where women’s issues are concerned, the Republicans support. Because, in their minds, that’s how you eliminate all the talk of the War on Women. The Democrats also don’t want there to be a wall, and most Hispanics vote for Democrats, the Republicans believe.

Therefore, to show the Hispanics that you don’t hate them and that you don’t intend them any ill will and you want their families to be able to come here, you take away spending for the wall. You send the message, “Hey, we’re not what they say about us. We like you as much as the Democrats do.” That’s what’s happening here. The Republican Party is engaged… Via legislation and budgeting, they are engaged here in an ongoing outreach effort to expand their voter base, and in the process they are willing to throw away their current base for the new one they hope to get.


RUSH: What is that? What has Trump said about the budget? Probably what I’ve said. I’m the advisor, right? Nah, Trump ripped it. I mean, he said that the Republicans threw in the towel on the budget deal. He dropped his statement on the budget shortly after the program yesterday, and it’s exactly what you would expect any reasonable person to think of it. And I just checked. Folks, this budget contains more of what the Democrats want than Harry Reid and Pelosi ever provided.

This budget is more generous to the Democrats than anything that they’ve ever had from when the Democrats ran the show, in the modern era, during the Obama years. Now, to make the point here — because people are taking issue with me that it’s as though Reid and Pelosi are still running the show. “Oh, no, no! It’d be a much different, much different budget if Reid and Pelosi…” No, this is bigger.

Obama got more of what he wanted from the Republican leadership than he’s ever gotten from Reid and Pelosi. Just in terms of dollars and policies paid for, doubled down, implemented, you name it. It’s abundantly clear. This is not… This is Republican… Well, there is some cowardice, but it’s not what you think. This is not the Republicans caving, by any stretch. This is the Republicans “reaching out” to new voters. Do not doubt me on this.

Here Jason in San Angelo, Texas. You know what the great thing about San Angelo is? You’ve got to be going there to get there.


RUSH: You will not just run into this place. So the point is, the only people in San Angelo are those who want to be there.

CALLER: That’s right.

RUSH: Great to have you with us, Jason. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, how are you doing? I have watched you on television as a kid because my dad made me, and I’ve been listening. I got hooked at a young age and been there, been with you ever since. I’ll get right to my point. There’s two things that are coming out of Washington that make me livid, absolutely shaking mad, and that is, “That’s not who we are” and “We can’t.” If they actually knew who we were, they would never say, “We can’t.”

Americans from the interception of the country have always taken on adversity head on and overcome.

RUSH: You are so right. That’s why I cringe at these excuses that we heard. “Well, the clock was ticking, and there’s nothing much else we could do.” How does a clock tick down when every year you’ve got 12 months to prepare for what’s gonna happen in December?

CALLER: Right. Well, if I tell my boss, “Well, the clock was ticking, so I didn’t get my wells treated today.” Would I have a job? No. These people need to be fired.

RUSH: I have a different theory. It’s maybe the same purpose. And there’s a popular word they would understand. They need to be “defunded.”

CALLER: Whatever gets them to quit doing what they’re doing.

RUSH: Well, I don’t… See, that’s another thing. I don’t know if the current leadership’s gonna change. The current leadership is the change. The current Republican leadership is a change away from what we’ve always thought the Republican Party was, which was an opposition to the Democrats’ party or conservative-leaning in any way: Limited government, low taxes, individual liberty and freedom. It’s not the majority of thinking that’s there anymore. They may say it is during campaign time, but you don’t find any evidence — I mean, any evidence — of those beliefs in the budget.

What you find is excuses.

So, no, I agree with you, too, on the, “This is not who we are. This is not our values.” I just start boiling when I hear that. Because Obama’s values are not mine, and I resent to all get out this assumption that liberal Democrat leftist values built and defined this country. No such thing is even close to the truth. Liberal Democrat values undermine the America that was founded. Liberal Democrat values are attempting to transform this country away from the values and the traditions and the institutions that were established at our founding. Why do you think so many people are upset? That’s what’s at stake here.

Steve in Appleton, Wisconsin. This is a little trivia for you: This is where visiting teams stay when they go in to play the Green Bay Packers. Steve, how are you, sir? Great to have you on the program.

CALLER: Very good, Rush. Dittos. I have some very liberal Democratic friends, and they all seem to say the same thing, that Republicans are just so stupid. It’s just so very easy for the Democrats to walk all over the Republicans. They have absolutely no respect for the Republicans because it just too easy to go and beat ’em.

RUSH: Now, I want to ask you a question, and I don’t want you to get mad. I want you to understand anybody can call here and say anything. Does that really happen to you, or is that what you think the Democrats say? You actually have liberal Democrat friends who chortle at you at how easy it is to bamboozle Republicans?

CALLER: Yes. They all say it. It’s so funny, because it’s as if they’re reading from the same script. They always say Republicans are stupid.

RUSH: Well, you know, it doesn’t surprise me. I have suspected, long suspected that behind closed doors the Democrats are kicking each other. They can’t believe how good luck has descended. They just can’t believe it. And all of this public, like on their blogs and in the Drive-By Media about, “These Republicans, you gotta watch out for them. They’re such tricksters!” You know, all the fundraising letters that the Democrats send out, “Beware! These Republicans are sandbagging you!” They know they’re lying through their teeth.

They don’t dare send out a fundraising letter saying, “We’ve beaten the Republicans. We got ’em right where we want ’em. They’re so stupid, they’re giving us everything,” ’cause nobody would send them a dime. So they have to constantly, in public, portray the Republicans as these great deception artists and very, very clever opponents, and say, “These Republicans are sandbagging everybody, and they’re setting you up to be totally wiped out.” In private, I don’t doubt for a minute that these Democrats are sitting around actually dumbfounded at how they have no opposition anymore.

I would be. I don’t know what it’s like to be a Democrat. It must be like what it was like to be a fan of the New York Yankees for 50 years up until the 2000s began, where you never lost. The media loved you. Everybody loved you. Your opponents were dirt, your opponents never stood a chance, and you never had to worry about anything. I think they have to be sitting around gloating privately. In fact, I know they are, because they’re now starting to gloat publicly, like Chuck Schumer and some of the others did at the press conference yesterday.

And Obama? He’s calling Paul Ryan, “Hey, Paul! I want to thank you for making the government work.” I mean, that, to me, is… That’s a gigantic put-down to me. Now, Ryan may have accepted it as a great compliment. Who knows? But, Steve, it doesn’t surprise me at all that you’ve got liberal friends doing that, because it’s only the natural, common-sense reaction for any Democrat to have over how easy it is becoming for them to get anything they want.

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