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RUSH: By the way, a little observation here. If Hillary Clinton thinks that a little thing like Donald Trump saying there should be a moratorium on Muslims can drive Muslims to terrorism, stop and think about that. She’s out there saying that Trump is a recruitment for ISIS. He’s a recruitment for terrorists, that Donald Trump and what he says and the things he does end up being recruitment videos or messages for ISIS.

Now, stop and think of that for a second. What is she saying? She’s basically saying that Donald Trump saying there should be a moratorium on Muslims can drive them to terrorism. Well, then isn’t Trump right? I mean, if all it takes is suggesting there’s a moratorium for a while on Muslims entering the country ’til we get a handle here on who’s coming in, who’s already here, what their plans are, and if that’s gonna cause them to go join ISIS, isn’t Trump right? And isn’t Hillary an abject fool for trying to make that point?

This is another Democrat trick. Abu Ghraib, recruitment tool, all the pickets there. Club Gitmo, recruitment tool. Everything the Republicans do or say somehow is going to make ISIS members swell, is gonna cause Muslims to start joining. But then Islam’s a religion of peace. How can people of a religion of peace end up joining a terror group when Islam isn’t about terror? It seems to me that the logic is totally absent on pretty much everything the Democrat Party, from Obama on down, has to say about this. Just a little side observation there.

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