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RUSH: So Hillary Clinton leaves the debate stage to go take a whiz. They timed it for her. She had a minute 45 seconds to get there, a minute 45 to get back and whatever length of time it took to do the business. They had Huma, Huma Weiner was standing guard, they even timed this. They had Huma standing guard outside the restroom. When Hillary shows up to use the restroom, she finds out that there’s somebody in there, so she refuses to go in there. There are multiple stalls in this restroom, but Mrs. Clinton, in full queen mode, refused to go in the bathroom when there was another woman in there.

So she waited until that other woman came out. That other woman just happens to be the girlfriend of Eliot Spitzer, Client No. 9. Not that that matters to anything. It’s just an interesting little side note. So Mrs. Clinton waits until Spitzer’s girlfriend comes out of the bathroom before she goes in, and that means that she was late getting back to the debate. (interruption) What, bladder shy? No, I think it’s probably security paranoia, or else it is queen-like things. Who knows. But the larger question is, how long did that debate go? I didn’t watch it. Did anybody watch the Democrat debate? How long was the debate? (interruption) Okay, it was two hours? You mean, you can’t hold it for two hours?

You can’t go to the bathroom before the debate and make it through two hours without it? Where are her medical records? This is the thing that made me curious about this. Two hours? You have to leave the debate during a commercial break? Who does that? I mean, if anybody else has done it, we’ve never heard about it ’cause they made it back on time. It shows you Mrs. Clinton’s priorities. She didn’t care about getting back on time. That was not her priority. Then she’s out there lying again about Trump being a recruiting tool for ISIS. She says there are videos out there, ISIS using Trump. It turns out there is a video out there, and it uses her husband! ISIS is using her husband as a recruiting tool, and also Barack Hussein O is in that video. But imagine Hillary Clinton talking about a video even now. I mean, I thought it was laugh riot funny. She makes it up.

I read some things over the weekend, places sympathetic to Hillary, and they’re not upset she lied, and they don’t think it means anything. Some of the tech blogs, Hillary is an absolute doofus when it comes to tech, folks. She is worse than your grandparents who don’t want to know anything about it. She’s got this illegal server. She’s doing all of these things with her e-mail that are in violation of the law. She doesn’t understand the first thing about it technology-wise. She doesn’t understand encryption. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about when she brings it up.

And I’m reading… This is the irony of this. This is one of the puzzling things that I don’t know that I’m ever gonna be able to answer. But I read all these technical blogs — which, of course, are populated by left-wing young people, journalists and so forth. And from the people that they are in favor of — the Democrats — here comes Mrs. Clinton, who is an absolute blithering idiot. She is an incompetent. She’s unaware. She doesn’t know the first thing about it, and it doesn’t matter to them. The fact that she’s ignorant about the thing they care about most, the fact that she’s ignorant about encryption, which they…

I mean, these Millennials, they care about this stuff, keeping the government out of their bedrooms and wherever. And yet they end up supporting people who violate their rights and don’t know anywhere near as much as they claim, and yet they get their support. There’s nothing Mrs. Clinton could do. She’s gonna be given the benefit of the doubt because there’s a D by her name. She can be as stupid about things, as informed about things, as wrong about things — she can lie left and right — and she’s still gonna get the benefit of the doubt in terms of good intentions.

Whereas a Republican presidential candidate, if he or she talked about encryption or anything high-tech-wise like Hillary does, they’d be laughing at ’em and making fun of ’em and calling ’em old fogies and the old guy that’s yelling at people to get off the lawn. “We don’t want this guy to be president. We don’t want anybody like this running our country, ’cause they’re such doofuses,” and yet Mrs. Clinton — who is at the head of the class of doofuses when it comes to anything modern — they look the other way at.


RUSH: Jackie in Hartford, Connecticut, back to the phones we go. Thank you for waiting, and hello.

CALLER: Hello. I think you’ve kind of stolen a little of my thunder.

RUSH: How so?

CALLER: Talking about Hillary and the ladies’ room. It’s possible that she had to go in there and make, shall we say, a change, ’cause those garments only hold so much liquid.

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait. Change what?

CALLER: You called ’em Depends.

RUSH: Oh, you mean diapers?

CALLER: Well, there’s diapers and pads and other things they have.

RUSH: Yeah, yeah.

CALLER: But I mean they only hold so much liquid, and she still had —

RUSH: I wouldn’t know. I’m sorry for stealing your thunder. I really did —

CALLER: And she only had two plus more whatever time to go. But we’ll have to notice if she has a glass of water there, if she drinks any.

RUSH: Well, even so, I mean look, I understand when people of a certain age get to a certain age, that they’re not able to go eight hours or so like their dogs or when they were younger they could go without having to hit the head and so forth. But two hours?

CALLER: In some cases, depending on — like I said, maybe that’s the reason she wanted to be alone in the ladies’ room.

RUSH: Well, no, that’s not why she wanted to be alone.

CALLER: (laughing) One of the reasons.

RUSH: Look, I appreciate it. You’re trying to make — not excuses.

CALLER: No, no, no.

RUSH: You’re trying to explain in a legitimate way. She didn’t want anybody in there because she’s got this queen type — she probably resents having to using that bathroom in the first place, and by God if there’s gonna be somebody else in there witness her being in there, just isn’t gonna happen.

CALLER: Yes, and especially if she may have a slight problem.

RUSH: I’ve never known a candidate not to make it back from a break in a debate. Maybe it’s happened. I just, I’ve never known it to happen. Anyway, it’s not a big deal.

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