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RUSH: Sanford, Maine. David, great to have you, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Nice to talk to Rush. I hope I don’t leave anything on the table, but I want to just start with I was with you in 2007. I knew who Barack Obama was. I don’t know why the American people didn’t figure it out. Now, as far as this budget bill goes, the Republican Party, every one of them who voted for this bill should be primaried. And the first one we should take out is Paul Ryan, ’cause I saw him on one of his shows yesterday saying he had to fall on his sword, he’s only been Speaker for seven weeks and he had to go along to get along. Well, I think the perfect person to primary him would be your buddy, Scott Walker. Now, as far as the Republican Party, they know that they can stiff Republicans and conservatives because we got no place to go. And the best way to hurt the Republican Party is turn off the spigot. No more money for the Republican Party. Thank you and I’ll get off the phone.

RUSH: A point of clarification. My harangue, if you will, was not aimed at the American people. I mean, I somewhat understand the American people not getting Obama. Obama proudly stated, he loudly stated that he intended to fundamentally transform America, and then he proceeded to do it. The American people, they weren’t listening. They hated George Bush. The media had succeeded. Bush had not defended any of the attacks or assaults, so a complete break and change, and Obama ran a campaign, basically the empty canvas campaign, where he’s gonna fix everything that was wrong and make everybody love us and renew respect for America around the world, and it sounded great, and so people didn’t want to get too deep in. Hey, plus the added benefit here of voting for a black guy to prove we’re not racist anymore. It was a slam dunk. No, I’m not talking about the American people. It’s understandable how they’d be duped. I’m talking about the Republican Party.

I’m talking about the so-called conservative intelligentsia, people like David Brooks who honest to God wrote, “Yeah, the crease in his slacks.” You’d think it’s a joke, actually wrote that. But even beyond that, this was not something that required a lot of complexity to unravel, to understand. It was right out there in front of your face, and our people looked at it as nothing more than an intellectual feast, a great chance to have a great argument. And they end up agreeing with Obama more than they do their own side.


RUSH: Hey, folks, rather than me go through the analysis and reaction to the budget deal again, Koko, go ahead and — it’s probably still there from last week. Grab the first — there were two or three different segments in which I opined about the Republican budget deal. I mean, the most recent one was that it could well be the theory behind this is that the Republican Party’s fed up with its own base and is reaching out to all the people not in the base, and this budget is a way of doing that.

But, Koko, the very first analysis that Drudge linked to, go back and make that prominent on the website right now ’til the end of the day or maybe throughout the night. If any of you missed what I happened to say — and I’m looking at the call roster here with a lot of people who are reacting to it with things that I said, so they may not have heard and rather than me take all that time to do, ’cause I spent two hours on it that day, we’ve added to the transcript, and if you want to find out everything I said about this and find out that it validates everything you think, just visit RushLimbaugh.com.

I had a couple of people, I guess it was the next day, maybe that night or the next day, “Hey, Rush, I just got back from out of town and some friends of mine are telling me that it was a sellout.” I just sent the link of what I said, rather than write ’em another e-mail. They probably think I’m avoiding them, but I wasn’t. It’s just the simplest thing, “Here, read this. This is everything I said about it.” Which, by the way, was all over, I’m told, the news this weekend, the portion of my comments in which I suggested we might want to think about disbanding the Republican Party. You know what’s amazing about that is that nobody thought it was outrageous to suggest. I mean, nobody thought I was an idiot for saying it. They thought it might be kind of hard to do, but nobody thought it was that far out there. Anyway, read the link at RushLimbaugh.com.


RUSH: Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Randall, great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi. Ever since this budget deal was passed, the GOP has sent their mouthpieces out to say that this is the best deal we could get with the cards that we were dealt. Now, the GOP is the majority party. Why isn’t the GOP dealing the cards instead of having the cards dealt to them?

RUSH: I know.

CALLER: Does the GOP think we’re stupid, or…? Well, we know the Democrat Party thinks we’re stupid.

RUSH: Look…

CALLER: But it seems like the GOP and the Democrats all think we’re stupid.

RUSH: Well, that may be. I don’t think that’s the explanation, though. I think the explanation for the excuses, “Well, we had to play the cards we were dealt,” or “the clock was ticking,” or “Well, I was handed a bad bill of goods and I didn’t have time to do anything with it,” I think all of that can be explained very simply. They just don’t want to oppose it, Randall. They just don’t want to roll up the sleeves and stop it, for a host of reasons. Their donors may want all this stuff to happen. Don’t rule that out. It’s also —

CALLER: Don’t they care about their kids? Don’t they care about the future of the country?

RUSH: This what I’m telling you: I don’t think they look at this the way you and I are. That’s been the whole point of the program up to now. I don’t think they see anything like a crisis. And furthermore, they think those of us who do, you know, are a little far out there. Maybe a little touched. Maybe a little gone. They don’t think the country’s in crisis here. They don’t think that anything like what you think.

CALLER: Will they wake up when it’s all over?

RUSH: I actually think that part and parcel of this, Randall, is even if that day comes that you asked me about, when they realize it, I think they still think they’re gonna be okay. I think they’re in the class where there’s always gonna be payback for the good work they’ve done. There’s always gonna be a job. There’s always gonna be money for them, there’s always gonna be the promise of that, anyway. I just think that the Treasury being in DC and everybody’s job now is trying to get their hands on as much money as they can, however they do it, because the economy is so unsteady and bad and so forth. I really… I just think it’s a whole bunch of people looking out for themselves in their own way.

CALLER: Well, eventually the pie is gonna run out.

RUSH: Yeah, but —

CALLER: And they’re gonna be —

RUSH: Let me tell you something. Part and parcel of that, Randall, a lot of them are telling themselves they’ll either be dead by then or out of office by then and they won’t have to pay the price.

CALLER: That’s delusional.

RUSH: Well, to you, yeah. But to them, that’s rationalization. That’s how they… There’s any number of explanations for it. But I’m telling you, the foundation/explanation is, they don’t think we’re in anywhere near the trouble you do.

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