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RUSH: The Weekly Standard has a piece in it that, very, very rarely has this ever happened to me. In fact, I can’t ever remember it happening. I’m sure it has, ’cause it’s been 27 years I’ve been doing this. The headline of this — and it’s not a hit piece. It’s not a criticism. The headline’s gonna mislead you. The headline is: “No, Ted Cruz Did Not Invent the Term ‘Undocumented Democrat.'”

Apparently Senator Cruz has been running around, after this spat with Marco Rubio on immigration and amnesty and legalization, Cruz has been using the term “undocumented Democrat” instead of “illegal alien” as a means of demonstrating what the Democrats’ interest in this whole thing is. So, now that you know that, here’s the Weekly Standard story.

“Consider: In his current quest to out-Trump Trump, Ted Cruz has begun referring to illegal immigrants as ‘undocumented Democrats.’ This is hardly an original epithet; the phrase has been a staple of the Rush Limbaugh program for at least five years. (The joke migrated to a Jay Leno monologue in 2013 as well.) If there’s any story here, it’s that Cruz is making a strategic decision to appeal to dittoheads by lifting Rush’s language. That is significant insofar as while Limbaugh has not endorsed Trump, he has tended to be very, very friendly towards the real estate mogul on his radio show.”

“OK, so perhaps it’s too much to ask for Times and NPR reporters to listen to Rush regularly, though given that he remains a singular figure on the right, it would certainly bolster their reporting if they tuned in every now and again. But this is a revealing episode, in that it shows how little many in the mainstream media understand about the American right. This isn’t an example of journalists consciously skewing a story; rather, these two reporters at two of the most prestigious news organizations in the United States were simply unaware of the term, because they know nothing of Limbaugh.”

Well, here’s what’s happening is that Cruz is being crucified. The media can’t believe that Cruz would actually call ’em undocumented Democrats. That’s not what they are. They’re illegal aliens, they’re brilliant people, they’re acts of love or whatever they are. And the Weekly Standard guy’s point is, wait a minute, you idiot reporters, do you not know that this term has been floating around for five years and that Cruz is lifting it? And that’s not a criticism. This guy’s criticism is of the reporters upset at Cruz because they are blind. They willingly ignore the news and the happenings, the thoughts, the fears, all of that of over half the people in this country, i.e., the American right.

So, again, Weekly Standard story: “This isn’t an example of journalists consciously skewing a story; rather, these two reporters at two of the most prestigious news organizations in the United States were simply unaware of the term, because they know nothing of Limbaugh, a massive success whose ratings are roughly on-par with Morning Edition. (Nor, apparently, do they know much about googling; had either reporter simply searched the term ‘undocumented Democrat,’ they would have seen that Cruz hardly invented it. Indeed, Iowa congressman Steve King, who has endorsed Cruz, used the term in an interview this spring.) And by the way, when Cruz perhaps takes it a step further and starts referring to ‘Anchor Democrats,’ know that he didn’t invent that term either.”

I mention this to you because I’m not aware of having been credited. You know, Gorbasm, invented that word, feminazi, invented that word, now part of the American lexicon. (interruption) Well, yes, yes, yes, in some corners and in some bedrooms I do get credit for the term “feminazi,” you’re right. But I wouldn’t say credit, Mr. Snerdley. It’s more like blame. I mean, they don’t say that happily. They don’t like the term. But Gorbasm, that was one of the early inventions or creations here. And of course it corrects the Drive-Bys before I even have the chance to or even the inclination to.

But I’ll tell you what it is. It’s a subtle move by Cruz because it’s the only reason that the Democrats support this. It’s not compassion. It’s not humanitarianism. It’s none of that. I’ll say it again. The Democrat Party requires a dependent and permanent underclass. Now, people in that underclass can improve and move out of it, but they need to be replaced. The Democrat Party cannot survive if the population as a whole improves itself economically to the point of not being dependent on government. If that were to ever happen, it’d be the end of the Democrat Party as we know it today. So they need a permanent underclass. They need permanent poor people, uneducated people. And the greater challenge speaking English, the better. The more dependent, the less educated, the less worldly, the better. It doesn’t matter what the impact on the country is. All that matters is keeping Democrats in power. ‘Cause the Democrats know they’re never gonna live where these people live. So they’re never gonna be affected by this, in their own thinking, in their own minds.

They’re never gonna live in barrios. They’re never gonna live in ghettos. They’re never gonna live in inner cities. They’re not gonna live where these people that they bring in the country are gonna end up being. And they’re not gonna hire them, not gonna be around ’em at all. That’s for the rest of us to deal with. They’re gonna be insulated, but they need that permanent underclass. That’s why I proposed, “Hey, look, I would support amnesty, I will join the Democrats, I will join, I will change. In fact I promised to do this, I promised to guarantee a shift in support among my listeners, sizable number, if amnesty had a lasting provision in it that no recipient of amnesty could vote for 25 years.” Call it a poison pill, I wasn’t doing anything other than illustrating the truth.

You put in a provision that the newly amnetized, for lack all of better term, can’t vote for 25 years, and, bingo, Democrats stop caring about them. There’s no compassion. There’s no humanitarianism. Not one person, Republican or Democrat, ever called me on that. And let me tell you something. If I were at any day in the future to announce that I’ve changed my mind and now support comprehensive immigration reform and a path to citizenship with no provisos, they’ll be all over me. They’ll call, they’ll ask me to join them doing things here, they will celebrate, all of a sudden I become one of the greatest guys in the country. But when I threw in the requirement they can’t vote for 25 years, I was universally, totally ignored by everybody, Democrat, Republican, independent, communist, fascist, socialist, you name it, I didn’t hear from one.


RUSH: Jan in a New Jersey suburb, you’re next, we head back to the phones. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: Good. Thank you.

CALLER: I’m a little nervous about being on here. I do work for the government, so —

RUSH: That’s okay. No problem.

CALLER: Okay. So I just want to talk about the immigration problem that we have that has gotten a lot worse over — I would say since the summer before.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Since last summer, and we’re vaccinating so many people that don’t speak English. We’re seeing tons and tons and tons of kids. We’re seeing diseases that we haven’t seen in decades, and I feel like nobody’s talking about it. And in my opinion watching this happen, watching the numbers go up of people coming into the country, I don’t see how any Republican will win, because they leave us, they have driver’s license, and I believe that they’ll vote.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: I mean, hopefully I’m jaded, but I don’t think so. It’s a real, real, real problem.

RUSH: No, you’re not jaded. You’re exactly right about it. A great possibility is out there. There’s no question. This is something that I plan on getting into in greater detail when we get back in the next year because it’s outside the political norms, it’s outside polling data, it’s outside every bit of analysis people use to determine — we’re talking about fraud, essentially. We’re talking about steps Democrats will take to get people to vote that are not legally able to and still will be allowed to and so forth. Anyway, Jan, I appreciate.

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