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RUSH: And we return back to this program back on December 22nd last year. You will remember that Hillary Clinton claimed that there was an ISIS video of Donald Trump being used as a recruitment tool. And of course there wasn’t. There was none whatsoever. I mean, Obama’s the biggest recruitment tool that ISIS has. But this is something the left has been saying ever since George W. Bush and Gitmo. This is in a… I’ll tell you something else. I was really steaming about it when I thought about it. I raised it a little bit before we left.

This idea that all it takes for your average, ordinary, minding-their-own-business, peaceful Muslim to join the jihad is for somebody to criticize Islam? It’s absurd. How, on the one hand, can people say it’s a religion of peace and they have no relationship to violence whatsoever, they have no relationship to terrorism; and, on the other hand, we’re told that all you gotta do is utter one critical line, one critical syllable of Islam and those peaceful, loving Muslims become terrorists? How do the two go together? They don’t. It’s absurd. It’s an absurd claim.

It’s an absurd prediction. It’s just as flimsy and nonexistent as the so-called War on Women that the Democrats mounted. And then of course Trump comes out and says what he says about wanting to put a moratorium on the immigration of Muslims and refugees and so forth ’til we get a handle on what’s going on here after San Bernardino, and Hillary starts squawking like this clucking hen about the fact that there’s a video now that ISIS has put together of Trump, that they’re running around showing to otherwise peaceful Muslims that makes them so mad they join the jihad. And there wasn’t such a video. But I predicted that there would be.

RUSH ARCHIVE: [W]hen Hillary lied about Trump, about ISIS making a recruitment video out of Trump’s comments on the moratorium of Muslims in America, I had a thought, and I was gonna mention it today, that if I know the Hillary camp they’re making that video now. They have gotten hold of some Muslims and they’re going to make a video and they’re going to produce it as though it’s legitimate. … This is why I wanted to mention it at the top of the program because that video is gonna be produced. It’s not gonna have Hillary fingerprints on it. … [T]here will be a video, you watch, a recruitment video of the Trump comments, and it will be claimed to be legit…

RUSH: December 22nd, I, your host, El Rushbo, predicting that an ISIS Trump recruitment video would materialize. Lo and behold, with the dawn of the New Year… ABC News: “Al-Shabaab Releases Recruitment Video Featuring Donald Trump.” CBS News: “Terror Group Uses Donald Trump Sound Bite in Purported Propaganda Video.” There wasn’t one. Hillary says there is, and there isn’t, and then all of a sudden the ISIS guy says, “Oh, man, there’s an opportunity to go create one,” because they know the media in this country sidles up to Democrats; so the media in this country will sidle up to ISIS and its claims in order to impugn Trump or any other Republican.

We have a montage from yesterday and last night of ABC News, NBC News, MSNBC all lying about this.

TOM LLAMAS: (music/b-roll noise) Donald Trump targeting on Hillary after he appeared in a terror propaganda video, something she said would happen.

KRISTEN WELKER: (b-roll noise) Clinton recently warned Trump’s statements about the Muslims would be used by the militants.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: She said they’re using his video to recruit. Well, subsequent to her saying that, they began to do it.

ERROL LOUIS: We were all asking for some proof. I was asking for some proof, you know, wondering whether this was Clinton just kind of letting her words get away from her. And you know, lo and behold, here’s the video.

HARRIS FAULKNER: Hillary Clinton said last month, Islamic terrorists were using video of Donald Trump as a recruiting tool. Now those savages are, in fact, doing that.

RUSH: Whoa!

RICK KLEIN: Hillary Clinton has to be tempted to say, “Told you so,” when this video emerges.

RUSH: That was Rick Klein — Rick Klein, I think, at ABC News. What is he there? Yeah, political director. “Hillary Clinton has to be tempted to say, ‘Told you so,’ when this video emerges.” There wasn’t one. Hillary did not say there was going to be one; she said there is one! When she made this claim, there wasn’t. This is one of the easiest predictions in the world to make. But again, go beyond this. Ask yourself: All it takes for peaceful, non-confrontational members of the religion of peace minding their own business, trying to hover there in the background… All it takes for them to lose their minds and join the jihad is for Donald Trump to say what he said? It’s absurd, and it exposes what they always say about the religion of peace being a religion of peace if this is the case, which it isn’t.

Back after this, folks.


RUSH: This group that’s making the Trump video because of Hillary’s suggestion, Al-Shabaab, is Somali based group. They’ve been using video of Obama for years recruiting members to the jihad. They even used Bill Clinton who stars as the fornicator-in-chief in videos.


RUSH: So exactly as predicted, Hillary says, “There is a training video, a recruitment video that ISIS is using of Donald Trump’s comments — and for this, Trump needs to be penalized. Trump needs to shut up! We need to stop talking about moratoriums because all we’re doing is adding to terrorism,” and that’s the same thing the left said about Club Gitmo and they said that about the photos from Abu Ghraib, that everything we were doing, helps recruit terrorists.

It’s our fault, you see, that there is terrorism. It’s not the ideology of Islam. No, no, no! Islam’s a religion of peace. It can’t possibly be the explanation for terrorism. We are. Particularly Republicans and Republican presidents, Republican presidential candidates. They are responsible for terrorism. They just make members of a religion of peace so mad that they sign up for ISIS and Al-Qaeda and you name it. It is just absurd. The two don’t go together.

You cannot have a religion of peace that is so easily inspired to become murdering jihadists. Let me ask you. Whatever religion you are, you’re Buddhist, you are a Christian, you’re Jewish, how many of you decide to become warriors for God and join some kind of terrorist activity every time something in your religion’s insulted? The answer is a big, fat zero. And yet, when it happens in Islam, we’re supposed to accept that. We’re supposed to understand that, and we’re supposed to believe it.

But it doesn’t make any sense, if all it takes is something like that to take somebody who’s peaceful and loving because of their religion and unleash them and make them uncontrollable with such rage so they want to join terrorist groups — and yet this is what Hillary Clinton tells us. It’s what Barack Hussein O tells us. It’s what the entire Democrat Party tries to tell us, and essentially it’s the same old blame thing with America. It’s our fault. We’re the reason there’s evil in the world, according to the left, according to the Democrat Party.

America is to blame in the world! America, and particularly Republicans, are the explanation for why people hate America. It can’t possibly be Sharia law. No, no. It can’t possibly be what’s actually in the Koran. It can’t actually be part of their religion that tells them that they must engage in this kind of behavior. No, no, no. They wouldn’t do it at all if it weren’t for us. And, of course, you have a certain segment, as always, of low-information voters who run around believing this crap. The dirty little secret is that ISIS does use recruitment videos.

And the dirty little secret is that apparently, in some cases, all it takes is a picture of Abu Ghraib or all it takes is a picture of Club Gitmo and otherwise peaceful people lose their minds and join terrorism. Now, this group that made the video on demand… I mean, there wasn’t a video of Trump’s comments, and Hillary comes out and says that there is one, not that there “will be” one. She says there is one, and there wasn’t. It was an easy matter to predict that there would soon be one. I even thought that if the terrorists wouldn’t produce one, that the Hillary Clinton foundation would donate enough money to a terror group to do it themselves.

That’s another thing I’ve been thinking even more about, about what we know about the donors to these Clinton foundations, these so-called charities, the number of foreign donors that have contributed to the Clinton Foundation, foreign governments, foreign business interests. I mean, it’s clear that they’re donating on the come. They are expecting Hillary to be the next president, and they are expecting quid pro quos. And when you have this kind of money — and it’s not insignificant. We’re talking millions, tens of millions, hundreds of millions of dollars the Clintons have collected from around the world.

When you have this kind of money, folks, you cannot escape that there’s gonna be extortion, and you cannot escape there’s gonna be bribes. And it’s the recipients of the money who end up being bribed or extorted or blackmailed, whatever. It’s a serious thing that nobody’s talking about because the Clintons are beloved, nice liberals. They’re great, compassionate people. They care about the downtrodden. Their foundation exists to help the poor. Blah, blah, blah. In the meantime, it’s quite the opposite. These kind of things need further explanation as this year unfolds.

Anyway, according to Breitbart: “Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton’s husband [former horn-dog-in-chief] Bill Clinton is [also] featured as a ‘fornicator’ in an Islamic State propaganda recruitment film … as the ‘fornicator.'” Now, that’s a huge violation, folks — a huge violation of the tenets of Sharia and Islam. You engage in that, and you’re gonna be punished severely. So they’re using Clinton in these video, and they’ve used Obama. The very idea that they even put this news out that they’ve got these recruitment videos, stop and think.

Is this all it takes?

This doesn’t jibe here with “religion of peace,” that within a moment’s notice of seeing a picture or watching a video, peace is out the window and murderous jihad terrorism becomes the order of the day. And the media right in line, they just can’t wait, as the montage we just played shows you, they just jumped on this Al-Shabaab video. You know who else is in this video that Al-Shabaab has made? Black Lives Matter is in this video. Hillary Clinton. Bill Clinton as “fornicator.”

Obama’s in it. Trump is a late addition! Trump’s only in it because Hillary said that he was in it, and the ISIS people are not stupid, not dumb. And Trump’s out there saying this, and he’s correct. Obama has been featured in terrorist recruiting videos. Sunday morning on Slay the Nation, John Dickerson, the political director at CBS News, interviewed Trump and said, “Does it concern you at all that you’re being used in essentially a recruitment video by a terror organization, Mr. Trump?”

TRUMP: They use other people, too. What am I gonna do? I have to say what I have to say. And you know what I have to say? There’s a problem. We have to find out what is the problem and we have to solve that problem.

RUSH: “I don’t care what they say. I don’t care what they’re doing. They are the problem. I’m not the problem,” Trump is saying. “America’s not the problem. I have to say what I have to say. I’m going to say what I have to say. I’m not gonna let this kind of thing shut me up.” This is what they’ve… People cheer. You know, Trump drew Saturday night… Where was it, South Carolina? Wherever he was, he drew fifteen thousand people at a rally on Saturday night, January the 2nd. Who does that? And he just had to show up, and people were willing to show up in droves.

By the way, Trump has debuted his first TV ad. The scuttlebutt is — and I say it’s the scuttlebutt. The inside-the-Beltway, shall we say, scuttlebutt, is that Trump is really, really worried here about New Hampshire and Iowa. He’s leading in the national polls, but it looks like Cruz may win Iowa, and maybe even New Hampshire, and that Trump needs to head that off. They’re trying to make it appear that Trump is panicking. And then, on the other hand, they’re saying he’s not panicking. He’s making a mistake by focusing on Hillary when he ought to be focusing on Cruz and Rubio.

And then they say the reason he’s not focusing on Cruz is ’cause of Limbaugh. Yeah, he won’t criticize Cruz ’cause then Limbaugh will rip Trump, and Trump doesn’t want that. So he’s forced to shut up and have to go after Hillary, and then that causes people in the Drive-Bys to have to say, “Why do we have Limbaugh in the campaign? Why does anybody care what he says?” They’re frustrated at that. They create their own scenarios which may not even be true; then they believe the scenarios they create; then they get mad at them. Anyway, we have the audio of Trump’s first TV ad released, I think, this morning on the campaign website.

NARRATOR: The politicians can pretend it’s something else, but Donald Trump calls it radical Islamic terrorism. That’s why he’s calling for a temporary shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until we can figure out what’s going on. He’ll quickly cut the head off ISIS and take their oil, and he’ll stop illegal immigration by building a wall on our southern border that Mexico will pay for.

TRUMP: We will make America great again.

RUSH: You ought to see the Drive-Bys ripping that ad. They ripped the voice as being too low, the narrator voice as too low. It’s too authoritative, it’s artificial, it doesn’t sound natural. And then Trump finishing with his claim that we’ll make America great again, which means they’re really bothered by the ad.

Now, a little aside here. Where I grew up in Missouri, right on the Mississippi River, a town called Cape Girardeau, it is flooding. The Mississippi River is near an all-time high. However, the town’s dry. Do you know why the town’s dry? They have a wall that is giant flood wall that protects the entire downtown area of Cape Girardeau, Missouri, and more than just the downtown area. I saw pictures of how high the wall is. I, in fact, am featured on that wall. Famous Missourians are caricatured on that wall.

It’s another example of how walls work.

They built a flood wall long time ago in Cape Girardeau to prevent flooding. You know what? It works. The water, it’s try to get in there. The water’s into downtown and ruining and destroying everything. But the wall is in the way, and there’s not a door in the wall, and there’s no way for the water to seep through, and right now the river (I’m guessing from the photos) is a number of feet below the top of the wall. It could crest the wall except the river right now is starting to decline. If that wall weren’t there, I shudder to think how much of the town would be ruined or severely damaged right now.

So walls work.

It’s another shining example of it.

Trump’s first TV ad is out.


RUSH: Joe in Seattle, you’re up first. It’s great to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, thank you very much, Rush. This video actually undermines Hillary and Obama because, if you’ll notice, the Islamist who precedes Donald Trump in his Anwar al-Awlaki.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: And this guy died back when Hillary was secretary of state. So what it shows is that the failed foreign policy of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton is still alive today; we haven’t gotten past it.

RUSH: Yeah. This Awlaki guy, he was responsible for influencing the Fort Hood shooter and so forth. But he was an American. He was killed by a drone. He was killed after being targeted by Obama. And he’s out recruiting. And, of course, his death… Yeah, you’re talking about his death being used as a recruitment tool as well. But, look, again, let’s not lose sight of the purpose of Hillary’s comments and trying to blame Trump for all this.

The purpose that Hillary and Obama are attempting to achieve, the objective they’re trying to achieve here is to blame Republicans for the fact that there is terrorism. “We have a religion of peace over here. Peaceful people! They just want to live in peace like everybody else, and then Trump starts mouthing off about them, and they get so mad they become terrorists!” Before that, it was George W. Bush. These are the same people who asked after 9/11, “What did we do to make them so mad?” They know full well the ideology of this group, and they are gutless and afraid to even go there.

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