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RUSH: There’s a story here in the Washington Times by Kelly Riddell, and the headline is: “Democrats Unsure Hillary Clinton Can Beat Donald Trump in General Election.” Now, this is a first. Before the Christmas break, the conventional wisdom was that Hillary would trounce Trump. In fact, that was the primary reason Republicans should not nominate Trump, is that Hillary would just cream him. It would be the end of the Republican Party. Trump would be the absolute worst person of all running on the Republican side to win the nomination ’cause Hillary would just mop up.

Now, the Republicans have, for many months, been trying to figure out how to beat Trump, and they can’t. They’ve been pulling their hair out; the donors having going nuts. Everybody on the Republican side’s been waiting for this mythical Trump implosion to take place, which hasn’t happened. All this while, the Democrats were saying, “Bring it on,” because Hillary is just gonna wipe the floor with Trump. Now, all of a sudden, the Democrats are starting to get concerned. They may not be able to beat Trump, either.

“Democratic Party activists are conflicted over whether Hillary Clinton can take on Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump in the general election, with some fearing she provides too much ammunition for the [Trump]’s style of attack.” What would that “ammunition” be? How does Hillary provide “too much ammunition” for Trump? I’ll give you an answer: Bill Clinton. Hillary Clinton, on one hand, wants to use the fact that she’s a woman, and that means that she’s a victim. She’s been mistreated. She has been maligned.

She been discriminated against (as all women have) because the Republicans have a War on Women that they’ve been waging here for four or five years, and Mrs. Clinton is a poor, defenseless damsel in distress and doing everything she can. And over here, she’s gotta talk about how Bill Clinton is gonna be a surrogate on the campaign trail for her. He is one of the predators! I mean, he’s a predator. He’s not a womanizer. He’s a predator. He’s a sexual predator. And Trump has called all this out.

And Trump has warned Hillary, “You bring him out, and I can’t promise you that you’re not gonna be attacked and he’s not gonna be attacked,” because it’s the only natural thing to do. And F. Chuck Todd of NBC News is very, very worried about this. Now, F. Chuck Todd says that Trump “attacking” the Clintons is only to show Republican voters that Trump isn’t in cahoots with them, ’cause there are some out there who think that the Trumps and the Clintons are actually secret buddies and that Trump is actually running only to elect Clinton.

And so that Trump has to go out there and attack Bill and Hillary to make it look like that alliance doesn’t exist. That’s F. Chuck Todd’s theory, ’cause he can’t believe that Trump would actually go after Bill Clinton this way ’cause they don’t think that Clinton’s a sexual predator. Trump had to correct what’s her name, Savannah Guthrie, on the Today show. Savannah Guthrie on the Today Show actually tried to say that Clinton had had an “alleged” affair with Monica Lewinsky.

And it’s not that she’s ignorant and stupid and has forgotten. It’s because she knows that there’s a bunch of Millennials out there who weren’t alive or old enough to pay attention back when the Lewinsky thing happened. So they’re trying to make sure that that group of people doesn’t learn what really happened. They’re trying to shape the public opinion of young people. “Ah, it was alleged that something happened! It’s just a Republican trick. It was nothing more than an attempt at impeach Clinton,” and Trump called her on it.


RUSH: So inside the Clinton campaign they are now really worried. They’ve decided, in fact, they’re using Clinton. He made his first campaign appearance for her in New Hampshire today, and he made a one-hour speech. At least it seemed like he was up there that long, and he was rambling, and I don’t even… I watched a little bit of it. I checked in with the audio here and there. You know, a couple minutes here, turn it off, come back, listen to a couple more minutes. I had no idea what this guy was talking about. He just rambling on and on.

He’s talking about, “When Hillary and I were in college” and so forth, and, “A lot of people think, ‘Why did you marry her?’ and she said a lot of people were asking her, ‘Why’d you marry him?’ and we’re thinking all the good things.” It’s just rambling nothingness. I’m wondering, could this be…? They want to send Clinton out to help Hillary play the gender card, and Trump has called them on this and said, “You’re not gonna get away with it. I mean, Donald Trump may be a one-man wrecking ball on the entire concept of this War on Women business.

He might be the one guy willing, with any guts, to attack it head on. So inside the Clinton campaign they’re trying to figure out what to do about this. (playing of spoof) Right. They’re working on a Bill Cosby endorsement of Trump to take the heat off Bill Clinton. Don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility. Here is Trump speaking about this. This is Fox & Friends yesterday, Sunday morning. Tucker Carlson says, “Hillary Clinton’s response has been that you’re a sexist and that her supporters have been saying you’re a sexist, to which you’ve said, ‘Wait, she’s married to Bill Clinton.’ Now, you’re the only person who said that. You’re the only guy [Trump] that goes after Clinton as a predator. You’re the only guy that goes after Clinton for what he is. Do you think she’s gonna keep going after you?”

TRUMP: She’s got a problem. She’s married to a person that’s a serious abuser, and I mean at the highest level. And she… You know, she’s not an innocent victim. She was the one that would go along with him and did this whole game that they play. And you look at what happened with some of the people that he took advantage of, and then she gets involved. So she’s not like the innocent person sitting by the side and, you know, with tears in her eyes. She’s a person that was very much involved.

RUSH: Now, this may not be news to you. What’s news is, where is any other Republican talking about this since the nineties? They haven’t wanted to go there. There has been this abject fear. You know it as well as I do. Seems like the entire Republican Party has been scared to death of the Clintons just like they’re now scared to death of Obama. Because why? ‘Cause they’re scared to death of what the media’s gonna say about them. So Hillary Clinton wants to present herself as a victim and someone who’s going to stand with other victims.

She’s actually said out there that every woman who accuses a man of abusing her should be believed. Now, you might think, “How dare she,” after her involvement with Clinton and the “bimbo eruption team” and all that. Well, she does that because she knows damn well that no Republican has ever called her on it, and she probably thinks no Republican ever will call her on it. So she’s free to go out and say all that, when Hillary Clinton knew everything Bill Clinton was doing. I’m convinced. I’ve always been convinced.

Hillary Clinton was aware of who Bill Clinton was when she married him. She stuck with him through all of these women. I mean, countless women. He humiliated her, but she didn’t care. She knew the Democrats would shelter it. She knew the Republicans, after a while, were not gonna go after it. Her ticket to where she wanted to end up was Bill Clinton. If she’s running as Hillary, if her whole life is spent as Hillary Rodham, nobody’s gonna know who she is and nobody’s gonna care. But as Hillary Clinton who then later becomes Hillary Rodham Clinton?

Fine. Then she’ll attach herself to Bill and she’ll take over everywhere he goes at every stop, and she’ll exact her pound of revenge. And at the same time, she’ll pretend like she was totally shocked, totally unaware of all of these “indiscretions.” When, in fact, she was helping manage it politically. That’s what Trump is talking about here when he says that she’s not the innocent person sitting by the side with tears in her eyes, meaning she’s not this wronged woman. She was fully aware what was going on, and she managed the problem.

She was part of the group that threatened women if they dared come forward. She was out there and running the bimbo eruptions team with Betsey Wright back in the early nineties during the ’92 presidential campaign and all that. Trump’s the first guy to go after any of this. So Hillary has believed, she’s thought that she could go out and campaign for president as a victim of the Republican War on Women as an example of how women are disrespected and discriminated against and not treated as full-fledged citizens or whatever the hell else they dream up.

And she can go out and talk about how women are the victims of predatory men and so forth, ignoring her own husband — until Trump comes along. Now, that is that is one of the reasons why a bunch of Democrats are now saying, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. I’m not sure that Hillary can win,” because this turns Bill Clinton into an albatross. This turns him into a liability. This exposes them for the frauds they are on all of the so-called War on Women, because there’s… I mean, women in Hillary Clinton’s office do indeed make 30¢ an hour less than men. Then you run around and talk about the pay gap?

In Hillary’s office it was damn well true! The women didn’t make as much as men, in her own Senate office. Everything they accuse other people of doing, the vast majority of it they are guilty of themselves. But she stood by while all of these women were abused. It wasn’t “alleged” sexual predatory behavior. It was sexual predatory behavior, followed by lying under oath to a grand jury about it. She didn’t stand idly by and let it happen. She tried to manage the damage as it happened. But now she wants to portray herself as “none of that ever happened” to a whole new generation of voters.

And Trump’s simply not gonna let ’em get away with it. I’ll tell you something else. A couple places in the Drive-By Media, in fact, they’re showing great concern. Ruth Marcus. Ruth Marcus in the Washington Post. I was kind of floored. I read this one day. It was early last week, and her column… She’s a good feminist. I mean, she’s pro-Hillary and this and that. I mean, she’s part of this group that looked the other way when Clinton was doing all that he was doing back in the nineties. Lewinsky and that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Her piece is called, “Trump Is Right: Bill Clinton’s Sordid Sexual History Is Fair Game.” I will guarantee you that when the Hillary camp saw this, they had to do a double-take. And this was all written in response to Trump’s “schlonged” comment. You remember that? Before the Christmas break, Trump’s out there talking about “schlonged.” In the media, there was mock outrage. “That’s a horrible term! Schlonged? What does that mean?” Like it was this great insult. Here comes Ruth Marcus saying, “Was there a sexist undertone to Trump’s ‘schlonged’ comment? I guess, since we know which Democratic candidate does and doesn’t have one.

“Still, as sexism goes, this feels awfully mild.”

This is a defense: Hey, it’s not a big deal what Trump said. Schlonged? Big deal! We’re talking about the Clintons here, is her point. So Hillary Clinton, after Trump uses the “schlonged” word, says to the Des Moines Register, “I think he has to answer for what he says, and I assume that others will make the larger point about his language. It’s not the first time he’s demonstrated a penchant for sexism.” That’s all it took to awaken Trump. Oh, Hillary, you want to talk about sexism all of a sudden here? “Clinton’s attempt…”

This is Ruth Marcus writing. “Clinton’s attempt at outsourced outrage has the air of a basketball player flopping on the floor for the benefit of the ref. Nothing would make the Clinton campaign happier than some good old-fashioned male chauvinist piggery directed her way — all the better to rile up female voters who seem surprisingly nonchalant about the prospect of electing the first female president.” That’s another thing. Ruth Marcus has nailed something else here: The “surprisingly nonchalant about the prospect of electing the first female president.” What she’s saying is that there aren’t a whole lot of women who care about that.

It’s not like African-Americans getting all jazzed at Obama being the first black president. Yeah, that was a big deal. But first female president? Big whoop. There isn’t anything like that kind of unique reaction in the female community, and Ruth Marcus is surprised at that, this “nonchalant [attitude] about the prospect of electing the first female president.” Then she goes on to say, “We’ve seen this playbook before. During her first Senate race in 2000, when ClintonÂ’s Republican opponent, Rick Lazio, invaded her personal space in a debate.”

Here you have Nurse Ratched… This always amazed me. Here you have Nurse Ratched, Hillary Clinton — one of the witches from the Wizard of Oz — all upset over the mild-mannered Rick Lazio walking up to her? We were told it was some great intimidating act that he engaged in. He “invaded her personal space.” He threatened her. Hell, she’s the one with the testicle lockbox, for crying out loud! The idea Hillary Clinton’s afraid of some guy walking up to her? Anyway, that’s what they tried to portray.

Hillary’s a helpless damsel, and Rick Lazio walked up with a piece of paper and demanded she sign it! It was an invasion of her personal space, and Marcus said: Hey, we’ve seen this before. These people are shameless. Hillary will play this card as if Hillary’s some victim incapable of dealing with mean men. She’s saying… Look, Ruth Marcus is saying, Donald Trump is right. Much as she hates to say it, “Bill Clinton’s Sordid Sexual History Is Fair Game in the Campaign.” She even brings up John Edwards.

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