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RUSH: John in San Diego. Welcome, sir. Great to have you on the Rush Limbaugh program. Hi.

CALLER: Hey. Thanks for taking my call, Mr. Limbaugh. I have two quick questions. Kenya, or Canada, what’s the difference if you’re born out of the country? It’s the same set of circumstances for Ted Cruz and Obama, as far as, you know, foreign national father and American, you know, citizen mother. And until I see a birth certificate from Ted Cruz, I don’t think he’s eligible to, you know, to run for president.

RUSH: (laughing) You’re funny. (laughing) Are you auditioning for your own show somewhere down the line?

CALLER: Not really. My second question, and I’ll take the answer off the air, are we gonna implement an Operation Chaos 2? I yearn for the Bern. I think we need to get Bernie in there.

RUSH: (laughing) Operation Chaos for the Bern. We may not have to. You know, I will take some time in the next half hour. There’s not a lot, but I’ve got some data here, or as the new term “data points.” Have you heard that term, data points, to describe information or facts? “Yeah, I really enjoy the data points that you’re providing here to me,” fine. Well, I got data points here on the Bernie Sanders situation.

There are a lot of Democrats fit to be tied in the media over what they think the Hillary campaign and the rest of the Drive-Bys are doing to Bernie. I’ve got a great place. Some delusional guy, but, I mean, it’s instructive. It’s eye opening. This guy — I can’t think of his name off the top of my head, but it’s right here in the Stack. I’ll get to it quickly when we get back here, but it’s got this little section in it where it makes the claim that Bernie Sanders would just wipe the floor with Trump in a general election. That the vast majority of the American people have already expressed in polling data, if it comes down to Bernie Sanders versus Trump, that Bernie wins in a landslide. And there’s more.


RUSH: This guy’s name is Matt Turner. He is a freelance political commentator in the United Kingdom, and he’s got a piece here published at The Hill, popularly known as TheHill.com. And the headline is: “Hillary Cannot Shake the Specter of Sanders.” You have out there — and, you know, it’s beginning to happen, folks, again. I have to tell you, the things that have happened to Hillary in 2008… I mean, here she was getting ready for her coronation: 2008 was to be the official Democrat Party payback to Hillary Clinton for all she had done in staying married to Bill Clinton.

Staying married and staying loyal had prolonged his presidency — made it possible, even — and had maybe saved the Democrat Party. Joining Bill Clinton and his Betsey Wright/James Carville led war room whenever women came forward to say that Bill Clinton had abused them — or, in the case of Juanita Broaddrick, raped them — or otherwise harassed them. It was Hillary Clinton who stood up and led the charge to disqualify those women, to insult them, calling them bimbos and joining James Carville and George Stephanopoulos in all-out warfare to destroy those women with threats of one kind or another.

So all of that. You know, giving up her life at Wellesley and Yale and packing up the U-Haul and moving to (of all places) Arkansas while Bill Clinton did what was necessary to cement his career. She’s the little lady at home that had to go get a job because his salary couldn’t support the family. So she goes to the Rose Law Firm, meets Web Hubbell (who knows what happens there). But, anyway, it was payback time. But not all the Democrat Party was aligned behind her. Some people resented the fact that it was payback.

Some people resented the fact that she was going to be just given the nomination, no matter what she had done for the party, no matter what she’d done for Bill. There were some who wanted to be president. There were some who thought other people should be, some who thought she wasn’t particularly qualified. They didn’t like the idea that the Democrat Party is gonna stand aside and coronate Hillary. Lo and behold, here came Barack Hussein O, and the rest is history. And I’m telling you, I’m starting to see similar things surface now.

There’s not an Obama-like figure out there that’s gonna come out of nowhere. There already is a candidate out there that a whole bunch of Democrats prefer. His name is Bernie Sanders. And it is a whole bunch of people, and he is raising as much money as she is. The Hillary forces are out there are doing everything they can to pretend that Bernie Sanders doesn’t exist, and when they acknowledge his existence, “He’s just an insignificant whack job approaching senility out there who has to be indulged while he fantasizes about being president. Gotta be nice to the old coot, but seriously, no chance.”

But what it all signifies is that the supposed to love and adulation for the Clintons once again is not there, and it certainly isn’t universal. And this piece at TheHill.com is just one small element of a series of things happening out there that make it look like 2008 all over again. It’s two days in a row now that we have serious allegations from serious people that she is in serious trouble with the FBI, which is very serious about this e-mail investigation of hers. Yesterday it was Joe diGenova; today, it’s DC Whispers: “Hillary Clinton’s Criminal Indictment Looms.”

I’m not trying to get anybody’s hopes up. Don’t misunderstand. I don’t know where this is going. I’m not investing in any of this actually happen. I’m just telling you that these are the kinds of things that, if the Democrat Party had total control over everything happening, this stuff would not be appearing in the media. If Hillary Clinton were the universally loved, adored, and chosen preferred candidate, none of this would be appearing. There wouldn’t be any stories about how the FBI’s getting close to indicting her.

There wouldn’t be any stories about how she might be indicted. There wouldn’t be any of this. There wouldn’t be stories about, “Gee, man, Bernie’s really better.” There wouldn’t be any of the stories that make it look like, “She may not be qualified. She’s getting old herself. The concussion.” I’m just telling you, signs are beginning to appear that make it look like similar things that happened in 2008 are happening now, and this piece… I’ll just read you one little graph from this piece by Matt Turner, UK political commentator writing in TheHill.com.

“If you read anything other than the Huffington Post, you will recognize the narrative in the mainstream media is that Hillary Clinton has the Democratic nomination locked up. Of course, that is exactly what they said last time. During the closing months of 2015, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) was higher in the polls than Barack Obama was in 2007. In October 2007, Clinton had a thirty-point lead over Obama, whereas in October 2015 she was only twenty points ahead of Sanders. In the first set of key states, Sanders has a ten-point lead in New Hampshire, is reportedly within the margin of error in recent Iowa polls and continues to gain nationally.

“It is worth noting that Hillary Clinton is still the frontrunner, but the tide turned after ObamaÂ’s first primary victory, and the tide can easily turn again. If Sanders can mimic Obama by winning Iowa and surpass him by taking New Hampshire, the potential is there for a bitter sense of deja vu.” That pretty much sums up what this piece is, with the reference also that everybody knows “[r]ecent polling shows Sanders would wipe Trump off the map in this yearÂ’s presidential election by a staggering landside and perform better in the presidential election than Hillary Clinton, despite calls from her allies that he is unelectable.

“This accusation levelled at Sanders has no discernible evidence, in fact the opposite. … The truth is that Sanders is mobilizing an extensive network across the country. He has raised more money than all of the GOP candidates combined with only 1/23rd of the media coverage dedicated to him compared to vacuous fascist Donald Trump.” So we’ve got somebody in the Bernie camp here, Matt Turner, who’s all-in for Bernie.

He’s saying that Bernie has raised more money than all the Republican candidates combined, despite having hardly any media coverage compared to the “vacuous, fascist Donald Trump,” and that polling data (he doesn’t cite which poll) shows that Bernie Sanders “would wipe Trump off the map.” Bottom line: There’s discord out there, folks. There is not universal love, support, adoration for Mrs. Clinton, just like there wasn’t in 2007, 2008.

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