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RUSH: I have to get something on the record here. The Hillary Clinton campaign, at least the way the Drive-Bys are reporting it, is imploding. None of what is in the news today was ever supposed to be in the news. Bernie Sanders was never supposed to be anything other than a placeholder and an occupier of a chair to make it look like Hillary had overcome and had won a fight, won a struggle, that, therefore, she was capable. But he was never supposed to get anywhere near the lead on anything, and now he has a massive lead New Hampshire.

Bernie Sanders has a 14-point lead in New Hampshire. And you’ve got Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders coming out now basically talking about Hillary as unqualified, unprepared, and how everything is falling apart for her. Biden’s saying, oh, I don’t want to run, but I really like what Bernie is doing, he says.

The long knives are coming out for Hillary Clinton. And the long knives are coming out for her in many ways just like the long knives are finally coming out for her husband, Bill, who’s now being mentioned in the same sentences with people like Bill Cosby. There are those of us who have been waiting for that to happen since the mid- to late 1990s.


RUSH: The New York Times has an article. The headline: “Hillary Clinton Races to Close Enthusiasm Gap with Bernie Sanders in Iowa.” That could explain Hillary Clinton… You know she just announced a plan to increase taxes on the rich?

I mean, look at all of the old stand-bys in the liberal Democrat playbook that they’re going back to, which is the surest sign that they’re out of ideas and that nothing they have done is working. They go back to gun control. It’s also a sign that their base is not unified. It doesn’t get reported; the Democrat Party is in as much trouble as the Republican Party is for different reasons. But if they have to go back to “taxing the rich,” if they have to go back to “gun control,” it is a sure sign things are in a state of great disarray. In addition, Mrs. Clinton wants to make abortions totally free for people on Medicaid.

What is abortion? Abortion is the killing of human life in the womb. Who is on Medicaid? The nation’s poor. Mrs. Clinton, therefore, is offering free abortions for the nation’s poor. Who comprise a majority of America’s poor? Are they not ethnics? Hispanics? African-Americans? Some might say “certain women.” Who is Hillary Clinton helping here? She’s not helping anybody. When you promise free abortions to people on Medicaid, you may as well be suggesting…

Let me put it a different way. If a Republican came along and suggested free abortions for people on Medicaid, the first person to stand up would be Jesse Jackson and start shouting, “Racism!” And then Al Sharpton wouldn’t be as far behind, and they would call it an attempt to eliminate people of color by the dastardly, rascally Republicans. But yet Hillary Clinton is proposing it and is being feted, praised to the heavens for such a compassionate plan. The Democrats are wiping out their own people. That’s why they need open borders for replacements to be brought in ASAP.


Bernie Sanders opens up a big lead in New Hampshire. This is from the Weekly Standard. “A new poll of likely Democratic primary voters in New Hampshire finds Vermont senator Bernie Sanders with a 14-point lead over Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state. Sanders, a self-proclaimed socialist, has 53 percent support according to the new poll from Monmouth University. Clinton, meanwhile, has just 39 percent support. That’s a big shift from Monmouth’s November poll, which found Clinton had 48 percent to Sanders’s 45 percent.”

So now it’s 53-39. I mean, that’s huge. And she’s also looking weak in New Hampshire. It’s looking bad out there. I don’t care how they’re trying to portray this as something they expected and it’s part of the process. They are bamboozled. I guarantee you that forces within the Hillary campaign are already starting to see visions of 2008 all over again. And what it means is, it’s not that Bernie Sanders is being disloyal or whatever. It is that they really don’t like her. This is Sally Field in reverse. Hillary is looking in the mirror, she’s putting on her pantsuit one leg at a time like all the other guys do, and she’s saying, “They really don’t like me. They really don’t like me.”

This is the second election where she has been guaranteed a coronation. And now the fur is flying everywhere. Forget Trump. You got Biden now making comments about Hillary’s lack of qualifications and preparedness. “Vice President Biden heaped praise on Hillary Clinton’s chief opponent in the Democratic presidential primary, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), for his ‘deep and real’ focus on income inequality. ‘I think that Bernie is speaking to a yearning that is deep and real. And he has credibility on that,’ Biden said Monday in an interview with CNN.

Asked about the fact Hillary has spoken about the issue too, Biden replied, ‘It’s relatively new for Hillary to talk about that. Hillary’s focus has been on other things up to now,’ he added. ‘No one questions Bernie’s authenticity on those issues.'”

You know what the subtext is here, “Don’t kid yourself,” Biden is saying, “Hillary Clinton, income inequality, it’s richest damn woman next to the Kennedy family, and you’re trying to tell me she cares about income inequality? Bollix.” He’s calling her a hypocrite. “Well, you know, Hillary’s focus has been on other things up to now.” Here’s Joe Biden, the vice president, calling the secretary of state insincere and relatively new in her so-called commitment to the income inequality issue.

And in the Washington Post, Bernie Sanders said yesterday that Hillary Clinton’s in serious trouble, suggesting the tightening polls in Iowa, New Hampshire, have prompted her recent attacks on his positions on guns and health care. CNN Ashleigh Banfield opened her newscast on CNN today chronicling the problems of Hillary. It’s sound bite 21. Grab it real quick. It’s only 27 seconds. We’ll listen to it, get in, get it, and get out real quick.

BANFIELD: Hello, everyone, I’m Ashleigh Banfield, and welcome. It may have once been considered a sure thing, but that’s one time ago, because the race for the Democratic presidential nomination is now anything about a sure thing. In New Hampshire there is brand-new evidence that Hillary Clinton is in trouble, in big trouble in the Granite State. A new poll released just last hour shows that Bernie Sanders has a commanding lead over Mrs. Clinton, 53% to 39%.

RUSH: I know. I know. I just told you that. But still, I wanted you to hear it on a Democrat house organ. Can you see Bernie Sanders being the Democrat nominee? (interruption) Can you see it? (interruption) Can you see Hillary not being a Democrat nominee? (interruption) You can? Can you…? (interruption) Okay, if Hillary’s not the Democrat nominee, who is? (interruption) Not Biden? (interruption) Well, it’s not gonna be Martin O’Malley. How about Michael Bloomberg? Michael Bloomberg’s toying around with running third party. He’s gonna learn that third party won’t work but what if he decides to switch parties and run as a Democrat in the place of Hillary?

Is it too late for that? Well, who knows about filing? It’s the Democrat Party. Filing deadlines can be moved when it comes to winning the White House. I’m just saying throwing names out there.


RUSH: Let’s cut forth to sound bite eight now, also this same event, Drake University on the Fusion network. During the Q&A, the co-moderator, Jorge Ramos, said, “Senator Sanders, Secretary Clinton’s been criticizing you. Have you noticed lately that she’s been getting more aggressive with you?”


RAMOS: Why is that? Why is that?

SANDERS: I don’t know. It could be…

RAMOS: You tell me.

SANDERS: It could be that the inevitable candidate for the Democratic nomination may not be so inevitable today.

RUSH: Ah. There’s Bernie jumping all over Hillary: the inevitable candidate may not be so inevitable. Her lead over Sanders is nearly vanished in Iowa. She’s 14 points behind in New Hampshire. Donald Trump says that Hillary is facing a tough time against Bernie. He said, “She came out with a little bit of a statement about me and I came out with a very big statement about her and Bill and she stopped talking about me all of a sudden. I haven’t even started on her yet, although last week I did a little bit, but we haven’t even started on her, she’s already backtracking. This Bernie guy, and he’s nothing to write home about,” Trump says, “and no great shakes about Bernie, but he’s making mincemeat out of her.” Here’s Trump last night on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show. Question: “Let’s talk about Hillary Clinton. How do you think she’s doing out there?”
TRUMP: She’s having a tough time. She’s got some guy, I mean, he should be easy to beat. I mean, how can you lose like this? He really isn’t even a Democrat. He said he’s a socialist, and I think he may be a step beyond a socialist, and she’s not doing well. She’s about tied in Iowa.
She’s losing New Hampshire, which is sort of amazing, and I think she’s got maybe a race that’s gonna be a little bit tougher. I think she’ll win, I guess, but she’s got the e-mail problem. She’s got a big problem with the e-mails. We’ll see what happens. Who knows. You know, it’s a world of politics. You really never know. But she certainly has a race that’s a lot different than people thought.

RUSH: Exactly right. Now we go to CBS This Morning. The host, Anthony Mason, was filling in for John Dickerson, who says, “Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders running neck and neck in Iowa and New Hampshire. Sanders said on this program a few weeks back that those two states were critical for him, New Hampshire and Iowa. If Hillary Clinton were to lose those states, how troublesome would it be for her?”

DICKERSON: Well, it would be quite bad for her to lose those states. But we gotta remember, she has a serious organization across the entire country. She ran a long campaign against Barack Obama in 2008. She knows how to go there for the long game, and she’s got a lot of states (sic) in South Carolina. She’s been organizing there as if she were the one 40 points behind. So she has a durable and strong organization out there that would help her if she did lose those two states.

RUSH: Yeah, she got… What is that, “a lot of states in South Carolina”? That’s John Dickerson, CBS. He misspoke. “A lot of delegates” is what he means. “A lot of support in South Carolina.” Long haul, yeah. Probably. Bernie’s always been a pretender, and like I told you from the get-go, they’re never gonna let Bernie Sanders be the nominee of the party. But I’m just telling you, this is not supposed to happen. None of this. If she loses Iowa… Look, it’s one thing if we speak of this still theoretically. The polling data shows this. But let it really happen.

You know, let the caucuses happen and let Sanders win there. It’s the same thing: Let Cruz win there. It changes everything. Now these are real votes. These are real results, not polling data, and there’s a winner and a loser, and the loss by Hillary is not supposed to happen. And New Hampshire, those two in a row? Now, it’s not automatic that you have to win one or the other in order to get to the White House, particularly in this year’s Democrat primary, but it’s not good. It is totally against what has been set up. This…

Again, like 2008, the skids have been greased for Hillary, and it doesn’t matter. There’s a significant portion of this party that doesn’t want her at all anywhere near the White House, victorious or whatever. They want her gone. They want her to go away and her husband to go away. They’ve tried to send that message twice, here, while Hillary and her crowd continue to think all of this is just pro forma and is the equivalent of a coronation. You have Biden chiming in here. So this is gonna end up… It’s gonna be a contest. Like I said yesterday, we might get to the point where we have to reactivate Operation Chaos at some stage of the Democrat primary.


RUSH: And, folks, don’t forget something else Mrs. Clinton did. She has called for free abortions for Medicaid recipients. Now, on the Democrat side, that’s gonna get applause. On the Democrat side, she’s going to be heralded for this as very compassionate and caring and concerned. Then, of course any, anybody that promotes and advocates abortion benefits the Democrat Party. But I just want to remind you of something, of what this is. Who are Medicaid recipients? By definition, Medicaid is for the poor.

Medicare is for the elderly, seasoned citizens and the infirm, the unfirm, disfirm, the whatever. Medicaid is for the poor. Here’s Mrs. Clinton promising free abortions, which is an incentive for Medicaid recipients. Now, if a Republican came out and did this, the first person erupting like a jack-in-the-box would be the Reverend Jackson followed closely by Al Sharpton, and they would both be screaming that this is tantamount to racial genocide, that this Republican is giving away abortions to the poor, and they would say, “We all know who the poor are!

“We all know what these Republicans want! So they’re actually paying…” This is what would be said, if it were a Republican doing this. The practical matter is the effect is the same. Mrs. Clinton, however, is the agent here; so she’s going to be heralded. She’s gonna be applauded. She’s gonna be hailed as a great, caring woman. The very same occurrence, if proposed by a Republican, would be condemned because of what it is. So if a Republican proposed it, you would actually have people coming out speaking against abortion.

I position it this way just to illustrate what this is and how the Democrats benefit and what they actually do. It’s sick, is what it is. And she, as I say, will be heralded.

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