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RUSH: Here we go to Patty in Belleview, Florida. Great to have you. Really appreciate your patience. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: I’m fairly angry listening to you today. I think what you should do is come out of the closet and just say out here that you support Ted Cruz, because that’s what I believe you do, and I think you should be honest with your listening audience, because you believe he’s a true conservative. I don’t believe he’s conservative. He reminds me of a radio preacher that my grandmother used to listen to and scrounge up $2 to send for a prayer cloth.

I think he learned his skills on the used car lot, and as far as I’m concerned, why is he running for president? Why is Trump running for president? Trump doesn’t need the money, he doesn’t need the power, he doesn’t need the notoriety. He’s running for president because he actually is a patriot who loves this country. And personally, I’m not looking for a preacher-in-chief. I’m not looking for a debater-in-chief. I’m looking for a commander-in-chief.

RUSH: So what are you mad at?

CALLER: I’m angry because I think you should just go ahead and say that you’re supporting Cruz.

RUSH: Why do you…? Why do you think that?

CALLER: Because I think that’s what you do.

RUSH: Why? Why?

CALLER: And I think you should do that and then that would just clear up all the confusion.

RUSH: There isn’t any confusion.

CALLER: That might be out there.

RUSH: There isn’t any confusion out there.

CALLER: Well, there’s certainly confusion with me, because, if it were not for Trump, none of issues that —

RUSH: You know, usually it’s people calling here and giving me the business for being too supportive of Trump and screwing legitimate conservatives by not supporting them. Here you are a Trump supporter. Wow. I’m confused here.


RUSH: Here’s Lynn in Oklahoma City. You’re next. It’s great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. If one of your parents is a natural born American and you were born anywhere on the planet, you are considered a natural born American as well. So that should include all the love children that contractors and soldiers have had in Philippines and other places? Are they just as much American as Ted Cruz is?

RUSH: Yes, but there’s a big, big difference. There’s a major difference in all those people and Ted Cruz.


RUSH: None of those people are smarter than the Democrat Party and are trying to run for president and kick them out of power. And Ted Cruz is. That’s why his natural born birth has gotta be questioned. By the way, some clown’s already filed a lawsuit. I mean, this was predictable, no matter what Trump said. It’s some Democrat named Newton Schwartz has already filed a lawsuit against him. CNN already dragged the guy out of whatever rock he hides under. They’ve already had him up there.

So people are gonna say, “Trump was right! See, Trump was right!”

This is easy. I mean, just as easy as it was that Obama was gonna get sued, and it didn’t stop Obama, did it? Just like if Hillay’s indicted, if you think that’s gonna stop her? (snorts) If they indict her over this e-mail stuff, you wait ’til the Clintons and Carville and Stephanopoulos get through with whoever did it at the FBI. They’re gonna be a combination alien, sex pervert, Big Tobacco salesman running around trying to kill your kids. They’ll just reenact what they did to Ken Starr. But Hillary’s not gonna get out of the race if they indict her.

If they convict her, she might not get out of the race! Democrats will say, “You show me here where it says you can’t be convicted and run for president!” (laughing) People will be scrambling for the Constitution trying to find what the Founders said about that. (laughing) Yeah. And then Al Sharpton will say, “Well, George Washington should have been convicted and… and… and so should so should John Adams! I mean, they all should have been convicted. So to be convicting Hillary Clinton is unfair!”

These people (sigh) will go wherever they have to to justify whatever aberrant behavior they engage in, in such a way as to prevent it from punishing or harming their intentions, their desires.

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