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RUSH: Moving on to Hillary Clinton for just a second. I have been really watching this supposed FBI investigation. And with the news that we had yesterday, I mean, this has been serious now for a long time. We only know what’s been leaked. But what we know we’re pretty confident is accurate because of the number of places from which it’s come and the credibility of many of the people who’ve seen the data among them, Joe diGenova, who everybody knows Joe diGenova: He doesn’t make things up; he doesn’t exaggerate. He can be a political partisan, but he’s right down the middle when it comes to law and order, and he was one of the first credible people to start talking about the voluminous evidence the FBI’s collecting, 150 FBI agents tracking down Mrs. Clinton and her e-mail server and whether or not she was trafficking in classified information.

And we had the news yesterday that the inspector general looking at this had informed the intelligence committees in the House and Senate just how bad this is, that she was openly trafficking in super top secret information that’s even beyond top secret in its classification. And then we learned that Mrs. Clinton’s other server, not the one in Chappaqua, but another private server had a satellite client at the Clinton Crime Family Foundation. Essentially whatever was on Hillary’s server there was accessible by Bill Clinton and other people presumably at the Clinton Foundation. And both contained data, documents, top secret and higher in classification.

Now, this has been a drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip as you know, and we’ve been speculating on what role does Obama play here. It goes one of two ways. One way is Obama doesn’t want Hillary Clinton anywhere near the White House after he’s gone. He doesn’t want her anywhere near his agenda. He doesn’t want her doing anything that might result in getting more praise, greater legacy, or doing damage to his agenda, whatever it is. And so he’s responsible for the drip, drip, drip, drip, drip that just daily erodes her image, credibility, and all that.

The other side of the coin is that no matter how bad it is and no matter what’s involved, there will not be an indictment, the FBI, the DOJ will not go after Mrs. Clinton because to go after Mrs. Clinton would be to risk having whatever she has on Barack Obama being made public, as in a likely scenario Bill Clinton, Barack Obama playing golf one day and Clinton takes Barack aside and issues a standard Clinton heads-up warning.

(doing Clinton impression) “Hey, buddy, you know, I know you got that investigation going on with my wife. I know how this all works, I do. But I just want to let you know something, Bud. It works both ways, and if something comes out of this, I guarantee you we got some stuff on you. I just want to warn you, Barack, one of two ways, just keep going status quo nobody knows nothing or we can blow it up. It’s totally up to you.” So those are the two scenarios.

But over here, outside all of that, is the FBI. The FBI… I don’t care who’s in charge of it. I don’t care at what point in history you’re discussing. The FBI, the people there, do not and will not put up with any allegations, accusations, thoughts that they have become corrupted. And this is the thing that has made me wonder what really is going to happen here. There’s even a story at TheHill.com about this today, and they really get to the nuts and bolts of it. A couple of pull quotes:

“It is now undeniably clear that the results of the FBI investigation will be the end of one of two things: Hillary’s bid for the White House or the legitimacy of the FBI — at least when it comes to prosecuting cases on the mishandling of classified material. … In other words, if you have worked with classified material for more than a day, it seems highly implausible that someone could receive any of the aforementioned over an un-secure medium without alarm bells sounding. However, reading about a Special Access Program on an unclassified device would make anyone even remotely familiar with intelligence mess their pantsuit.

Meaning, the FBI has got to make a decision: If they don’t indict they are forever going to be thought to be corrupt. And do they want that? Do the people at the FBI…? James Comey. I don’t know James Comey. I only know people who know him. He was top lieutenant for John Ashcroft when he was the attorney general, and Ashcroft had just tremendous respect across the board for people. I can’t believe from what I’ve heard about James Comey, that he wants any part of any possibility that people would begin to think the FBI has been corrupted.

With all these leaks and all of this data, all of this news that apparently has been gathered about Mrs. Clinton, the investigation — which many people think should have resulted in an indictment months ago. If there isn’t one… You know, diGenova talks about people inside the DOJ and the FBI who would revolt if there isn’t an indictment or something happening toward Mrs. Clinton because of the nature of the evidence, the overwhelming volume of it. So if the Obama DOJ does nothing — waives it, sits on it — then the obvious question that’s gonna be asked is: Has the FBI become corrupted?

And don’t forget this. There’s all kinds of people in the FBI who are never talked about. I mean, they’re not high enough up that they appear publicly, that they are quoted. But they are career. They have devoted their lives to it. They cherish the place. They consider it to be the foremost criminal investigative body in the world. And the last thing any of those people want is for anybody to think that it’s corrupt in there or has been corrupted, and this is what they all have to be thinking, what they all have to be considering, given what’s out there.

And if what’s out there is legitimately close to the reality of what they have and if no indictment comes, people are gonna start asking that question. That’s why TheHill.com here says one of two things is gonna happen. Either Hillary’s bid for the White House gets interrupted here, or the legitimacy of the FBI is gonna be called into question. And do you think the FBI and all the people working there want to have their legitimacy questioned? I mean, the FBI’s gonna continue to exist and fight crime after all of this.


RUSH: So I got some e-mails during the break about the FBI, one of them from a friend reminding me (I had forgotten this) that there were two FBI agents found guilty of manufacturing evidence to frame former Alaska senator Ted Stevens during his reelection bid. And I do remember that. I remember they took Ted Stevens out. They this manufactured evidence, and it ended up being a Martha Stewart kind of case. Well, they manufactured evidence. They thought he was lying.

Anyway, after it was all over they found it he’d done nothing.

I didn’t forget that. I had forgotten that a couple of FBI agents were found guilty of planting evidence or doing something to frame him in that or manufacturing evidence in order to get a conviction. But, see, this is my point. And you know what else? And don’t discount this. Another friend reminds me, Making a Murderer… Now, don’t pooh-pooh this. Tens of thousands of people have watched that show on Netflix. It’s one of their highest rated series. And in that show, if you haven’t seen it, the prosecutor’s trying to nail the perp here.

The show makes it look like somebody went to the age-old case file in the evidence locker and found a vial of blood from the perp and then punctured it with a hypodermic and got some and planted it in the perp’s car so as to put his DNA in the… Not his car. The car of the murder victim. And to resolve the dispute, the prosecutors had to find a test that would determine not DNA, but determine whether or not there was evidence of tampering with the blood by virtue of breaking the seal.

I don’t know the science here, but there wasn’t a test at that time that was being run. There had been in the past, and it had been thrown out because it was not judged to be accurate enough. Well, the prosecutor’s going after Steven Avery convinced the FBI to reinstitute this test to find out if the blood had actually been tampered with. There was no dispute that it was the accused’s, but there was apparently a test to find out if the blood had been tampered with. I forget the specifics here. And FBI was brought in.

The FBI was brought in to test the blood and in a record amount of time came back and said, “Nope, this blood wasn’t tampered with. There’s no way. Our tests confirm there was no tampering. The bottom line was, our tests confirm the prosecution’s not playing any games here; what they’re asserting is legit.” Well, the majority of people watching this show don’t believe that. They believe that the evidence was planted. They believe the cops had a vendetta against this Avery guy. I mean, that’s what this documentary wanted its audience to think.

So it’s just another bit of evidence here that there are tens of thousands of people watch this show who think the FBI was complicit in a frame-up. Then you have the Ted Stevens scenario where two FBI agents were actually convicted for manufacturing the evidence — and Stevens, when it was all said and done, was for the most part exonerated. Now, the people in the FBI, I guarantee you, don’t like this. There are some really quality, decent people there.

The idea that this organization’s come under this cloud now and the suspicion that it’s totally governed by politics? It has been immune from that, for the most part. The IRS is somewhat of an example. The IRS… I mean, everybody had their suspicions that presidents and powerful political people could call somebody at the IRS and order an audit of a political opponent. In fact, we heard that Nixon wanted to do this during Watergate. We also learned that he didn’t get away with it. But we do know now that the Obama administration did.

The Obama administration sicked the IRS on Tea Party groups and denied them over and over again tax-exempt status, denying them the opportunity for fundraising. And that’s pretty much been confirmed that Lois Lerner and all this. So the IRS has never enjoyed the clean and pure as the wind-driven snow image the FBI has — and it really wasn’t close. But now there’s no problem. Everybody’s of the opinion the IRS can be pointed politically, because who populates it when you have Obama acolytes?

The reason they couldn’t find a smoking gun, for example, on Lois Lerner — a smoking gun memo, say, from the West Wing instructing her to deny tax-exempt status — is there wasn’t a need for a memo. She didn’t need to be told. She’s just like Obama. Everybody in these positions is Obama Lite or Obama Jr. They all have a deep-seated opposition (and in some cases hatred) for Republicans and conservatives. So Lois Lerner wouldn’t need a memo. She wouldn’t need to be told to mess with the Tea Party. She would do it on her own because she hates ’em anyway.

Well, that’s the kind of thing the FBI has always, for the most part, been immune from. Law enforcement has, in general, a profound amount of respect. I mean, let me demonstrate it. No matter what the crime, no matter what the instance… You’re reading the news, you’re watching the news, and you hear a report of a crime, and if the reporter or the anchor says “law enforcement sources say,” you believe everything that you hear next, because you don’t think/you can’t believe law enforcement would pursue somebody that isn’t guilty. You wouldn’t…

Now, this is not universal, either. There are all kinds of people. I know African-Americans have a constant, never-ending suspicion of the police. But my experience is that law enforcement, as an institution, gets the benefit of the doubt practically all the time. When they say somebody did something, most average, ordinary people believe it. Because most average, ordinary people want to believe that law enforcement isn’t corrupt. They want to believe that it’s fair and square, and they want to believe that law enforcement wouldn’t waste its time going after people who aren’t guilty ’cause there are too many who are.

And I speak of this with personal experience, folks.

Now, back to the FBI and Mrs. Clinton. As I said, I don’t know James Comey, but I know of him, and I know how guarded he is about his own reputation and the FBI’s and whatever other agency he might happen to work for or at someday. I’m just telling you there are people in that FBI who don’t want any part of anybody asking the question, “Has the place been corrupted?” And this Hillary Clinton scenario poses a great, grave danger to the ongoing reputation of the FBI.

It’s largely because of what is already thought to be factual that’s in the public domain now, news-wise, about Mrs. Clinton and her server and classified documents and her e-mails. You add to that that General Petraeus is on the verge of having his entire career wiped out, destroyed, turned upside down. Everything he’s ever done is about to be called into question. He could be stripped of everything, including his pension and any other benefits that he has accrued after a lifetime in the military.

Eight, ten years ago David Petraeus was the top of the tree. You couldn’t get a more respected military person in this country than General David Petraeus. And after seven years of working for Obama, it’s possible, because he shared classified information with a woman he was sleeping with who was not his wife. She was a journalist, married and so forth. If you want to get down to degrees, this woman was in love with Petraeus and did not want to do anything to harm him, beyond what they were already doing by having affairs.

I mean, these people were smart. You know, they never sent e-mails back and forth. You know how they did it? The drafts folder at Gmail. They used the same account but they never sent a single e-mail to each other. They wrote their notes to each other and kept them in the draft folder so all they had to do was log in, go to the draft folder, and find the most recent e-mail not sent but stored in the drafts folder, and that’s how they stayed in touch. It’s become a favored technique now among people engaged in this kind of behavior.

The point I’m making here is that Petraeus, yeah, he was bragging, who knows, divulging some of this classified data to this woman who was writing his biography. Mrs. Clinton’s sharing this data with who the hell knows all over the world. Mrs. Clinton is accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations from who knows who around the world for whatever purpose.

But we know they’re not giving money to the Clintons ’cause they want to hang out at the Clinton Global Initiative. They’re not giving money to the Clintons ’cause they want to go chasing women with Bill after the ball game one night. They’re giving money to the Clintons because what they want the Clintons to do for them if and when the Clintons get back in the White House. This is my point, far, far greater damaging implications than what Petraeus did, and Petraeus is on the verge of having his life and military career entirely destroyed.

If nothing happens to Hillary Clinton, I guarantee you people will ask, is the FBI totally political now? Have they just been bought and paid for? Are they totally corrupt? Is Obama blackmailing people? These are the kind of questions that are gonna be raised. My only point is there’s some really, really great people at the FBI. A lot of former Marines. A lot of war heroes find their way to the FBI. They don’t want any part of this. And if there’s a whiff that Hillary Clinton’s gonna get a pass when they have voluminous evidence, it’s not gonna be a pleasant place to be.

But this ongoing possibility “Has the FBI been corrupt?” they don’t want people asking that question. So this story at TheHill.com is an interesting perspective. One of two things is gonna happen here. Either she’s gonna get indicted or the FBI is going to lose its great reputation for legitimacy.


RUSH: Hillary Clinton in the New York Post today is blaming the vast right-wing conspiracy for her e-mail woes.

The vast right-wing conspiracy has its anti-Clinton tentacles all the way into the Obama administration. That’s the new excuse from Hillary’s team on why this e-mail mess keeps getting worse. Fox News this week got its hands on a damning letter from President Obama’s inspector general for the US intelligence community, Charles McCullough. In it he notes that some of the stuff that Mrs. Clinton kept on her home e-mail server wasn’t just classified, it was more secret than top secret stuff.

At least two of the e-mails were at the beyond-top-secret level of special access programs. So secret is special access programs that not even McCullough can see it without special clearance. McCullough and his aides need to get special clearance before even they — the inspectors, the investigators — can view the messages. And so the Clinton campaign obviously thinks, “Hey, you know, we did it once. Let’s go back to the playbook and blame it on the vast right-wing conspiracy!”

So Hillary’s press secretary, Brian Fallon, said, “It is alarming that the intelligence community, working with Republicans in Congress, continues to selectively leak materials in order to resurface the same allegations and try to hurt Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.” Come on. The Republicans don’t have any access to what’s there. This is a total Barack Obama-run government. The Republicans can’t get into those. But that doesn’t matter. Hillary got away with this vast right-wing conspiracy business back in the nineties with Monica Lewinsky.

Before it was all over, she actually had people believing that Republicans hired Lewinsky, ordered the pizza, accepted delivery of the pizza, delivered the pizza to Lewinsky, told Lewinsky to take the pizza to the Oval Office when Clinton was in there and then somehow get him to get a cigar out and take him into the private bathroom. Republicans did all that! And then after they did, then the Clintons wouldn’t after Ken Starr to try to make him out some a big sex pervert. Of all people to try to tag as a sex pervert!

And they succeeded.

A guy who may still be a virgin at age 70, they tagged as the biggest sex pervert the nation’s ever seen. And they were accusing of selling cigarettes to kids, working with Big Tobacco. So that’s what they’re going back to here. The Daily Caller has the same story.

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