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RUSH: Yakima, Washington. You know what Yakima, Washington’s famous for? It’s the first city in the country with 92-gallon rolling trash cans that you put out in the front yard near the street when the garbage guys come pick up. Yakima, Washington. Here’s Josh. Great to have you on the phones, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Thanks for having me. I just want to say, we need to effect change, and the only way to do it is to get Trump in office. He is the only person who has a pair that’s willing to talk about the issues. And, you know, I’ve always been a lifelong conservative. I’m a W fan. I know a lot of people are. The last Bush president, I loved him. His brother’s a nice guy, but he doesn’t have a pair. We need someone to speak out. I’m 34, and I agree with that 28-year-old caller, the Millennial. We need change.

RUSH: And that’s what Trump… Well, now, let me ask something else he said. He said — and I thought this was key. He said, “Everybody and their uncle…” I saw it discussed today that the establishment types, the political professionals, can’t believe that Trump survived his opening comments about Mexicans when he announced his candidacy. They can’t believe he survived what he said about Megyn Kelly, and they can’t believe that he survived what he said about John McCain. This 28-year-old guy told me yesterday, “Rush, to understand this you have to understand it isn’t about Trump. He happens to be the vessel. He happens to be the opening, whatever. But we’re not interested in destroying Trump because we don’t want to destroy what Trump represents.” Is that pretty much true for you, too?

CALLER: That’s exactly it. We need… It’s obviously not working. Things aren’t working. Something needs to change, and it’s not… I mean, there are things where I kind of look at Trump and I say, “Boy, really? Should he have said that?” But he’s the only person to drive us to making change, and I’m a results-driven guy. You know, I work logistics, and we need to effect change. We need to see results. So the fact that he says off-the-cuff things, though it’s not right, I think your average voter… You know, we’re all imperfect, right? We all have our things. He’s gonna do stupid stuff, but he’s gonna drive us to those results.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: That’s the only way to effect change.

RUSH: You talk about… Thanks for the call. You talk about things are not working. I disagree. I think the Obama machine is well-oiled. I think the Obama administration is clicking on all cylinders. I think there’s nothing stopping ’em. I don’t think they’re leaking oil. I don’t think they got any carburetor problems. I think their jet engines are on afterburner and there’s nobody stopping ’em. It’s working better than they ever dreamed it would, and now Obama’s so energized he’s gonna go the executive action route because he’s been told effectively that there’s no attempt to stop him here. Things are working for Obama, and that just adds to the frustration and the fear and the anger of people who don’t want it.

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