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RUSH: Now, while all this is going on, two of the leading socialists in America met at the White House today, Bernie Sanders and Barack Hussein O. Now, I don’t know what the occasion was. Do you know why Bernie went there? There’s something not right about this. (interruption) Is that what it was? Okay, so Obama praised Hillary, almost sounded like an endorsement. Of course, ’cause did you hear what Hillary’s saying? Folks, I’m here to tell you right now, there’s not gonna be an indictment on Hillary. The FBI’s gonna have to revolt, because it isn’t gonna happen.

Hillary’s out there saying, “You know what? You know who would be the next greatest judge on the Supreme Court? It would be Barack Obama.” So Obama comes back and practically endorses Hillary, and Bernie says, “Wait a minute, wait a minute.” So Bernie requested a meeting, meeting of fellow socialists in the White House, they had the meeting today. Bernie is not committing to the next Democrat debate, by the way. But it’s not because the moderators are gonna be unfair so it’s not news. But here is what Bernie said after finishing his meeting with his fellow socialist.

SANDERS: Seven years ago, when President Bush left office, this country was hemorrhaging 800,000 jobs a month. We were running a $1.4 trillion deficit, largest in our country’s history. And, by the way, sometimes we forget, the world’s financial system was on the verge of collapse. It’s also important to remember how far we have come in the last seven years.

RUSH: Oh, gag me with a spoon, folks. (crosstalk)

SANDERS: — discussed this morning, a number of issues, foreign policy issues, domestic issues, occasionally a little bit of politics. But I enjoyed the meeting and I thought it was a very positive and constructive meeting.

RUSH: Okay, so the two leading socialists in America concluded, “It’s still Bush’s fault.” I mean, that’s the essence of it. The nation’s top two socialists meet at the White House, conclude everything remains the fault of George W. Bush.

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