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RUSH: There’s a Democrat debate tonight. There’s a Republican debate on Saturday night. It just continues to intensify. A friend of mine sent me the following note with a great idea for a drinking game tonight during the Democrat debate, and here it is: “Every time Crazy Bernie or Hillary Clinton mention a new free government program,” which is the contest they are having, who can come up with the most free stuff.

Bernie… Wait ’til you hear this sound bite. I’ve gotta get to this today. Bernie gets a question from a guy upset that Bernie’s gonna raise his taxes. The guy says, “You know, I’m not a gazillionaire. I’m not a millionaire. What do you want to raise my taxes for?” And Bernie says, “No, no. You’ll be fine because of all the new free stuff you’re gonna get,” and the guy says, “Oh, okay. Cool.” It was fine with him.

He’d be happy to pay a tax increase as long as there’s gonna be new freebies. Now, Bernie didn’t use that exact language; that was the message. So the drinking game is every time Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton mention a new “free” government program, you grab somebody else’s drink and take a swig. Not from your own. Just to kind of illustrate the point.

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