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RUSH: Boy, I tell you, on the Democrat side, this cratering of Hillary Clinton appears to be real. I may have to rethink my original theory about this, that the DNC would never allow Bernie Sanders to become the nominee. They may not have any hope or any involvement. Of course Bernie’s gonna go nowhere after New Hampshire, but this collapse of Hillary Clinton’s is real. And Bill Clinton. This is just so great. Bill Clinton’s out there, he’s younger than Bernie Sanders, looks older than Bernie Sanders.

Everybody on the Democrat side on this is an aging, aged white person. Grandma, grandpa, great-grandpa. And they’re all out sliming each other. Bill Clinton has gone out there, and he has unleashed his most direct attacks on Crazy Bernie yet. If I were Crazy Bernie, you know what I would do? If I were Bernie Sanders — and Bernie, you can steal this. And, Bernie, I’ll give you an at benefit, added bonus. If you steal this, I’m not even gonna tell anybody that I said this. I will not even come anywhere close to claiming credit. Bernie, you’ve got to do this. Not only do you have to do it, it will work, Bernie. You’ve got to.

The next time Clinton hits you, quote Clinton hitting you, you just say, “No attack ever fed a hungry child,” or whatever matters, “No attack ever helped a bedraggled union worker” or “no attack ever paid for a tax increase.” Whatever you want to say, Bernie, but you’ve gotta turn that attack on old Der Schlick Meister.


RUSH: It was just not a good weekend for the NAGs. First, they had the Doritos commercial. Actually, second they had the Doritos commercial. Before that, Gloria Steinem loses it over young women not voting for Hillary, complaining and whining that they’re more interested in boys. And she had to go out and issue an apology. And then Madeleine Albright, who… (sigh) Uhhhh… I’m thinking “wig.” Madeleine Albright is out there saying, “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t support other women,” and this is supposed to help Hillary.

Meanwhile, Bill’s out there looking older than Bernie Sanders, ripping Bernie Sanders for ripping into Hillary. It’s great! It’s great to see.

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