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RUSH: We’re gonna go to Ron in Houston. You’re next, sir, and I’m really glad that you waited. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush mega dittos from the Big Oil capital of the world. Quick question. I really need your insight and your wisdom on this. I’m a Trump supporter. I donated several times to his campaign. I’m really excited about what he’s done, but as I meet with friends and the more and more we discuss the mess that Washington’s in, the political incorrectness, everything that’s going wrong, not only in this country but in the world, I continue to wonder if maybe he’s too nice to get done what needs to be done in Washington. And what we’re looking at on the global stage, I wonder if maybe as radical as it sounds, Trump might be the best alternative. And the reason I say that, Rush, is because honestly —

RUSH: Wait, wait hold, hold, wait just a second. I didn’t hear — who did you say is too nice?

CALLER: I think that Ted Cruz is too nice.

RUSH: Ted Cruz is too nice. Okay.

CALLER: Even though he talks tough and we know that he’s got the political will, he’s got the conservative background, he’s a great debater, I just don’t think he’s gonna be able to do what needs to be done in Washington fast enough. And the reason I say that is the world is so radically different today. I wonder if even Ronald Reagan, with the same political expertise that he has, if he could make the radical changes after seven years of what Obama does to set our country and possibly the world back decades in time. So my concern —

RUSH: I need to ask you a question, since you’re eventually getting to where you are gonna ask for my advice on this or whatever, I need to ask you a question first.


RUSH: If Cruz is too nice to deal with the powerful forces that are currently shaping the world, and if Reagan might not even be able to, what is Trump gonna do? What are you convinced Trump is going to do to beat back these powerful forces?

CALLER: Well, I think what Trump does, you’ve said it yourself, Rush, ever since he got into the campaign. He doesn’t need the media. He doesn’t need the establishment. I mean, business in the world today and business in New York City is probably as tough an environment that you need to exist in. And he has constantly succeeded. Sure, he’s used the rules in his favor, but he’s not easily intimidated, he’s got the character, he’s got the political will, he’s got —

RUSH: Hold it. That’s fine. Let me ask it again, but telling you one thing first. You don’t think Ted Cruz is tough enough. You will not find another senator in your memory who’s ever gone to the floor of the Senate and accused his majority leader of being a liar to his face on national TV, Senate being covered by C-SPAN2. Ted Cruz has taken on personally, face-to-face, the people in the Senate where he is that he believes are not doing enough to stop Obama and are lying to him about the issues that they are asking him to support. I don’t know how you define guts or courage, but —

CALLER: Actually, Rush, I understand your point, and maybe I misspoke. It’s not that he’s not tough enough. I just believe that under the normal process that a standard, traditional politician would work and would try to get things done in Washington is not what we need. I think the level that this country has depressed to after seven years of Obama —

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: — I don’t believe that there is just a traditional political exit from where we are.

RUSH: So how does that manifest? If the traditional way that politics has happened in this country is not gonna work anymore, what does that mean? That Trump’s gonna go in there and do what he wants regardless what the House and Senate say about it. And he’s just gonna use the power of his personality to get it done, and if they disagree with him, he’s gonna tell ’em to pound sand and do it anyway because that’s what we need right now? What does all this mean to you, as it manifests itself in real life — that’s what you’re asking me to consider. So I’m asking, how’s he gonna do all this?

CALLER: Okay, well, exactly. The very thing that so many people have criticized him for is that he said he’s gonna make deals. He does make deals. The Democrats, under the last seven years, they’ve gotten absolutely everything they want with no push-back from the Republicans. I believe that he would be able to negotiate, giving the Democrats the same thing all great negotiations in the world take place, so that both parties walk away from the table saving face so they can go back to their supporters and say that they’ve won.

So I think that he could give them, give the Democrats, give the liberals substantial action, he could give them gains in the game. But he would get what we need: Close the border, stop illegal immigration, start creating jobs, start working towards making the US great in the world in terms of having people respect us instead of treat us as if we’re just another person sitting around the table at NATO.

RUSH: I hear Trump saying all that. I see people cheering it. And it sounds great. I just want to find out from you and others who support Trump on a day-to-day, what do you see happening? Do you see him building the wall? Will the wall be built, do you believe?

CALLER: Without a doubt the wall will be built.

RUSH: Will Mexico pay for the wall?

CALLER: I believe — what the average person probably understands is that Mexico won’t pay for it. The question is are we gonna send them an invoice and they’re gonna reimburse us? No. But he will get it back in trade. At the end of the day, just as he would on any of his business deals, he would be able to show you on the balance sheet that we have not paid for it, that someone else has.

RUSH: Okay. That’s fine. I don’t want you to misunderstand the tone here. All of this is me learning. You’re an avowed Trump supporter. You’re convinced that he’s the only guy. I’m just curious what you see day to day happening. Thanks.

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