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RUSH: Marco Rubio. You know, he’s got one shot left here, South Carolina. Jeb Bush, one shot left here. Trump wants to wipe everybody out in South Carolina. Trump is running around saying, if he wins this, it’s over. There is no way. He’s gonna run the table. Forgetting Iowa. He’s gonna run the table. “If I take ’em all out here, there’s nowhere else.” Now, he is forgetting about the SEC Primary, Super Tuesday on March 1st. But again, he’s trying to create this impression of ineffective. We’ll start with Rubio in Hilton Head, South Carolina, this morning during a campaign event.

RUBIO: Donald Trump has zero foreign policy experience. Negotiating a hotel deal in another country is not foreign policy experience. Jeb Bush has no foreign policy experience, period. I can tell you today unequivocally that there are things we do not know about ISIS and there are things we do not know about terrorists because of what Edward Snowden did to this country. Ted Cruz said Edward Snowden was a great public servant. I say, Edward Snowden is a traitor and if we ever get a hold of him, he’s gonna stand trial.

RUSH: Okay, so one of the rubs on Rubio is and Governor Christie with that kamikaze mission at the debate on Saturday night. (interruption) It was. How else would you describe that? It was a murder-suicide. It was a murder/suicide. He decided to kamikaze. He was gonna take Rubio out no matter what. Now, the objective was not to commit suicide. The objective was take Rubio out and get Rubio’s voters. But it didn’t move Christie at all. It hurt Rubio, but it didn’t help Christie at all. So it was a kamikaze mission. And what Christie was saying was (summarized), “This guy got no experience!

“He hasn’t done anything. Marco Rubio is a cute little guy, yeah. He speaks well now and then, when he’s not repeating himself,” Christie says, “but doesn’t have any experience.” So Rubio’s countering that by saying, “None of these others guys do. You telling me Trump’s got foreign policy experience? You don’t get that negotiating hotel deals. And don’t tell me Jeb does ’cause Jeb doesn’t have any — and Cruz is out praising Snowden. To hell with that.” So Rubio is coming with both barrels firing now — which, don’t get mad at me. That’s the opening statement he’s got.


RUSH: Here is Ken in Foley, Alabama. It’s great to have you on the program, Ken. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. Marine Corps dittos today.

RUSH: Well, semper fi.

CALLER: Yeah. Some of what you’ve been talking about as far as the sixties, I was in college in the sixties so I had some of those types of instructors, so they’ve had 50 years of this, and, you know, so I know what you’re saying. My question is, or statement and ask for a question is, you know, the news media and the liberal side is constantly after Trump because he responds with, you know, double barreled response when somebody attacks him, and yet they don’t say anything about Obama, the Clintons, who are masters at cutting people off at the knees if they disagree with ’em (unintelligible)

An example of that would be Brit Hume when he was still the White House correspondent and he mentioned something about Ginsburg and, you know, Clinton just tore him up. And, you know, again, the double standard. My question would be one of the few unfiltered venues that the Republicans can do during these debates, why don’t they bring some of this type of stuff out, I mean, you know, during these debates when they start talking about countering the Democratic movement.

RUSH: You are largely suggesting that they counter media. Your observation is about how media treats Trump differently than how media treats Obama and Clinton differently, all of which is true. They don’t want to be seen and criticized in the media on that basis ’cause it would be portrayed as childishness and so forth. But the overall answer to the question is look what they’re doing to Rubio? Rubio tries to focus on Obama being the problem, and everybody is trying to wipe that out by denigrating Rubio from repeating it all those times and looking bad, but Rubio’s one of the only guys running against the Democrats in these debates.

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