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RUSH: Here’s Tony in Howland, Ohio, as we start on the phones. Always start on the phones in the first hour on Open Line Friday. It’s great to have you, Tony. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thank you very much.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: Hey, the reason I’m calling is I know you love to discuss when a conservative gets one over on the liberal media.

RUSH: Oh, yes. Yes. One of our favorite times in history when that happens.

CALLER: Well, what I’m referencing is this ad that Ted Cruz had just run, put together. I think it’s called Conservative Anonymous, but beyond that it happened to include an actress who actually had been in some soft core porn in the past, and the Internet ran with that. Every article about Ted Cruz references the fact that he had to pull the ad because it had a soft corn, uh, soft corn, uh, soft core porn actress in it. But the great thing about it —

RUSH: Say it again. Soft core porn.

CALLER: There you go.

RUSH: Soft core porn. Say it yourself, soft core porn.

CALLER: (laughing) And the great thing about it is he pulled the ad, is no longer paying for the ad, but it’s running viral now getting free advertising.

RUSH: Hm-hm. Yeah.

CALLER: So they just acted antithetical to —

RUSH: So you think it’s a brilliant move. Cruz puts together an ad with a soft core — say it! — soft core porn — say it!

CALLER: Soft core porn star.

RUSH: Right. So he puts an ad with one of those in there and it’s discovered. He immediately yanks the ad when he finds out there’s a soft porn core — (laughing) — actress in there, and now everyone, “Have you seen the Cruz ad with the porn babe in it?” “No, where is it?” And it’s viral now, so you’re saying it’s a brilliant Cruz maneuver to put this character in the ad, have it discovered —

CALLER: Well, I’m not saying it was intentional.

RUSH: Well, then it couldn’t be a good trick. If it’s not intentional you can’t credit Cruz for a brilliant trick.

CALLER: Well, by mistake or by hook or by crook he got the mainstream media.

RUSH: Let me tell you something. Well, yeah, he did, in a manner of speaking. Look, there’s another Cruz ad out there that I — if this were television, I would show you. Do you remember there was a movie, it was a satire on life in an office. Not The Office, not the NBC TV show. It was a movie. Might have been Office Space. Yeah. Anyway, there’s an ad and it’s credited to Cruz.

Now, in the movie, the people in the office, their frustration and their dislike and their anger and their futility is represented by a printer that never works. It either runs out of paper or it gets paper jams or something, and it’s constantly stopping them from getting anything done.

So they take this fax machine outside into a field with a baseball bat, three of them, and they just beat the thing to pieces. (interruption) That’s what I thought. It’s Office Space. Well, the Cruz ad does not have Cruz in it. The Cruz ad has Hillary and two cronies taking a server, an e-mail server out into the field and beating it to smithereens with a baseball bat in a direct parody of what happened in the movie Office Space where they destroy a printer. The Cruz ad has Hillary destroying an e-mail server.

Now, I have looked at reviews of this ad and some people think it’s a brilliant ad: “Oh, my God, this is one of the best ads that has run.” And other people: “How can it be good, if you don’t know about Hillary’s e-mail scandal, this ad’s not gonna make any sense to you.” And there’s nothing in the ad that explains Hillary has an e-mail scandal. That’s left to the knowledge of the viewer.

In addition, as far as I’ve been able to tell, the ad is only running on MSNBC. Of course, it’s gone viral now. And MSNBC is crediting it to the Cruz campaign, but there are none of the usual disclaimers on the ad. But Cruz is being credited for it. Look, our crack staff, Koko and the gang up at RushLimbaugh.com, they’ll find this and we’ll link to it there el quicko so that you can see it yourself. ‘Cause if you understand everything going on, if you’ve seen Office Space, if you’ve seen that scene where they beat up the printer, and if you understand Hillary’s got a problem with her e-mail server, this ad will be uproariously funny and brilliantly creative to you.

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