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RUSH: Here’s Jim in Lake County, California. Great to have you, sir. I appreciate your patience. It’s great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: (amateur Clinton impression) Hey, Limbaugh.

RUSH: Hey. It’s great to have you here.

CALLER: I’m so ticked off. My little gal Hillary, you know, she’s lying through Benghazi now. She’s lying through her teeth about the State Department e-mails. She’s bringing pressure on my Crime Family Foundation. Limbaugh, I’m telling you. I’m gonna fall harder than John Gotti, you know? They’re gonna start looking into this. They’re gonna bring in, you know, sweet, little innocent girls. We could all do a little jail time, Limbaugh! I tell you, I’m worried. Right now, I gotta go, Rush. I’m on the tarmac now with Jeffrey Epstein in his jet. We’re going down to Barbados for a little R&R, Limbaugh.

RUSH: Speaking of — (laughing)

CALLER: I’ll speak to you next week, Limbaugh.

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: I’ll call you next week, Rush.

RUSH: (laughing) He’s on the tarmac with Jeffrey Epstein on the way to Barbados. (laughing) Way to go. Let me… I’ve got the Epstein story here. I was gonna get into this today. Jeffrey Epstein is a New York billionaire, donor to Democrats left and right. He has endowed universities with various departments. His name’s on them. He was discovered to have been running a child sex ring, for all intents and purposes. It was called a “massage operation,” but it was underage girls that he would hire and bring into his homes and for his buddies would treat them to whatever these girls offered.

Well, Bill Clinton has turned out to be one of these guys. He’s one of Epstein’s big, big friends, and Epstein flew Clinton all over the world on his airplane while Clinton ostensibly was making fundraising appearances at various disaster sites or other places. Epstein was tried and convicted, and put in jail for a year, and then it was house arrest after that. A number of people — Prince Andrew, a number of famous A-listers — had been identified as being in the Epstein, including Bill Clinton. Now, none of the women who have come forth.

They’re now adults. None of them have ever said Clinton participated, but some of them have placed him on the premises. So I was thinking, Mrs. Clinton is losing women, right? Millennial women. The only women that Hillary Clinton’s able to attract are 65-plus. This is the demographic. In all the polling data in New Hampshire, that’s the only demographic she won: Women 65-plus. So I was thinking that idea for Hillary Clinton to ingratiate herself to young women would be to take a personal interest in the Epstein case, the underage abuse victims.

They are suing the government, saying they were kept in the dark about a sweetheart deal that Epstein got, immunity and all that after he pleaded guilty to hiring teenagers for sex. Some of them are now trying to sue him civilly. Well, this would be a perfect example for Hillary to show that she can relate and feels bad for young women like this, by joining this action against the Epstein. The problem is, her husband’s involved here. But then they could fall back on, “It’s just sex. It’s nobody’s business.”

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