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RUSH: Half of the sound bites today are about me. Despite all that’s happened over the weekend, half of these things are about me. And you know me, folks: I never want to make this show about me. Snerdley keeps saying, “Where are the sound bites on you?” I’ll give you an example of what’s here. We will start audio sound bite number one. We’re gonna skip — by the way, Mike we’re gonna skip — four and five. Here is Fareed Zakaria GPS, Fareed Zakaria Global Positioning Satellite. It’s Fareed’s take commentary on Fareed Zakaria GPS Sunday morning on CNN.

ZAKARIA: The charge that President Obama is attempting to change America fundamentally is a staple of right-wing talk shows. Rush Limbaugh and others routinely assert that Obama’s policies are intentionally designed to transform America and dull its distinctive edge. This rhetoric does raise an important question: What makes America exceptional?

RUSH: Now, wait. Wait. Here’s the second part of it.

ZAKARIA: America is a nation created on the basis of diversity, of race —

RUSH: No, it’s not.

ZAKARIA: — religion —

RUSH: No, it’s not!

ZAKARIA: — national origin, and there are efforts to change America.

RUSH: No, it’s not.

ZAKARIA: There are plans for religious and ethnic tests to bar immigrants and even visitors, and also to track immigrants and visitors when they are in the US. There have been calls to deport people, even American citizens. There are proposals to monitor houses of worship. These ideas would fundamentally change America, tearing at its founding DNA. Who is proposing these changes? Last time I checked, it was not Barack Obama.

RUSH: Fareed Zakaria GPS is in the tank for Obama. Now, this is absurd. This is totally absurd. Who in the world — Obama has said he wants to transform America, and here comes Fareed Zakaria GPS to deny that it’s happening. “It’s fundamentally a staple of right wing talk shows. Rush Limbaugh routinely asserts Obama’s policies are intentionally designed to –” he said so, Fareed. He has said so. Can there be any doubt? All you gotta do is look at what he’s doing and then, the piece de resistance, “America is a nation created on the basis of diversity of race, religion, national origin”

The hell it is. It’s a nation created uniquely on the basis of individual liberty and freedom. It’s not based on diversity. It’s not based on quotas. It wasn’t put together based on the color of people’s skin. It wasn’t put together on the basis of their sexual orientation. It wasn’t assembled and put together on the basis of their gender. None of that. This is a classic example of these clowns and their pollution and corruption of the Constitution as a living, breathing document. “America’s a nation created the basis of diversity of race, religion, national original, and there are efforts to change America, plans.” Religious freedom is being blown to smithereens in the name of socialism and liberalism. That’s not how this country was created.

Now, I can blame Fareed Zakaria for not knowing it; he’s not from here. He’s on the global positioning satellite, but this is just dead wrong. And to come along here and try to save Obama by discrediting me and I guess alternatively Rubio, this is classic, folks. This is exactly how this country is being corrupted and bastardized, is to say it’s put together — It’s crazy, wacko, leftist liberals that look at the world this way.

America was colorblind. Well, the intention was colorblind. The whole slavery thing is a black mark, there’s no question. Can’t erase it. But it was our own Constitution which established the basis for eliminating it. And we became the first country in the history of the world to abolish it. But no credit’s given. As far as these clowns are concerned, we’re still in slavery, and it’s not just blacks that are in slavery. Women are in slavery. Gays are enslaved. LGBT people are enslaved. That’s what they believe. The Constitution and the country was assembled so that they wouldn’t be slaves, and their objective here is to free everybody from the stupid shackles they live in when nobody’s in shackles.

Moving on. Jacob Weisberg at Slate.com was on C-SPAN’s Book TV Saturday night. They played a talk by him. He’s got a book called Ronald Reagan: The American Presidents Series: The 40th President, 1981-1989.

WEISBERG: If you really want to get a sense of how Reagan thought, these transcripts of his radio commentaries from the late seventies are the most interesting thing, and they’re really good, and they’re written out in longhand with very few scratch-outs, and they’re good. They’re cogent. They’re somewhat different. They’re pretty far out there sometimes, but they were original and interesting, and it has that quality, you know, a little bit the Rush Limbaugh quality. You may violently disagree with it, but it’s kind of compelling, you kind of want to keep listening or keep reading.

RUSH: There you have it. The Reagan commentaries. My station, where I worked at in the sixties, played those Reagan commentaries. I remember them. So I’ll take that. I mean, I’ve been lumped in there with “commentaries were Limbaugh-like, Limbaugh quality.” I would say that it’s the other way around. I am Reagan-like.

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