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RUSH: Shane in West Palm Beach, Florida. Great to have with us, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, I wanted to tell you why I don’t think Trump’s gonna lose any support over this at all. And it’s two reasons. Number one, the establishment turned their back on the working people in this country a long time ago. And when you turn your back on somebody, don’t expect them to come to your defense when you’re attacked.

RUSH: Okay, now, I understand that. Wait. We gotta get specific here. Trump went after a revered Republican president. We assume revered, and in South Carolina, George W. Bush has an 80% approval rating still. He went after George W. Bush on the Iraq war, on weapons of mass destruction, accused him of lying about the WMD and knowing about it, accused him of blowing up the Middle East and creating ISIS because of the Iraq war. He went after Jeb Bush for being related to him. That’s different than going after the establishment for amnesty or whatever. Do you think going after a — is Bush not that revered by people?

CALLER: No. Bush is not that revered by people, and here’s why. He had control of the Senate, he had control of the House, he had control of the presidency, and he didn’t do a damn thing to secure that border. I don’t think that a lot of people who had their communities invaded by illegal aliens feel that Bush kept them safe. I mean, this notion that Bush kept us safe, he didn’t secure the border. So he didn’t keep us safe from, you know, people coming into our country from the Middle East and — you know, look. I don’t think it’s so much what Trump said; it’s who he said it to.

And we could say the same thing about John McCain. John McCain, war hero, right? He’s revered as a war hero. Right. But John McCain turned his back on the people of this country, and I think that John McCain and the Bushes would much rather be revered by the New York media than the majority of this country. And I think that Donald Trump is the opposite.

I think Donald Trump would rather be liked by a majority of the American people than the New York media or the Washington establishment. So it’s not so much what he said or what he attacked him for; it’s who he attacked, and he attacked Bush, who I don’t think is that revered. A big reason, I think, is the same reason people don’t like Jeb. Illegal immigration.

RUSH: Yeah, okay. It’s a deep issue. There’s no question that they don’t get it in the establishment on this immigration. They don’t get. And the donors, they’re in there booing on Saturday night. Don’t discount that in people cutting Trump some slack in this. They don’t get the disconnect. I’ve never seen it this way. They don’t understand. No matter how much they think they do, they still don’t. Shane, I appreciate the call.

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