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RUSH: Here’s Robert in Southampton, New York. Great to have you on the program, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. Thank you for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: Longtime listener since I was a little kid. And what I think you see playing out right now with Trump and the GOP, all that, is there’s two competing versions of what conservatism is gonna be going forward, and I don’t know that the anti-Trump guys even know what they’re selling anymore. And by that I mean, if not being a perfect conservative was enough to sink Trump, he would already be sunk. It’s not that we don’t know that he’s not a conservative; it’s that we don’t care that he’s not a conservative.

And the things that he’s conservative on are important enough and they’re of such an overriding nature, that they can’t — I mean, no one going to a Trump rally, I don’t think, cares about his position on tax cuts, you know, I don’t think they really believe in their heart of hearts that he’s pro-life, for example. But what he is conservative on are two issues that, going forward probably for the next 50 years that are gonna be really hot-button issues, are identity and immigration. And the rise of the alternative right and the more nationalistic right and the rise of Trump seem to have been hand-in-glove. I don’t know whether he’s leading them; I don’t know if we’re leading him —

RUSH: (laughing) I love this.

CALLER: — the relationship is definitely there, it’s growing. And I would just say this — and I think you touched on it last week.

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: Nationalism has a little bit more curb appeal right now than standard issue Republican conservatism, and that is because — and I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes, and I don’t want to be the skunk —

RUSH: Wait a minute. Don’t misunderstand. When I asked the question, I was again doing what I always do. I ask people to think here. You know, I love thinking myself. I think it’s been very productive for me. I love causing people to think. I asked, has nationalism and populism overtaken conservatism, in the eyes of people supporting Trump or in the general population? I asked people to think about it.

Now, I was misquoted as having proclaimed it in a lot of places to irritate rank-and-file, straight-down-the-middle conservatives who did get mad at me because they were misquoted. I did not claim it. I merely asked if it’s the case. And I was using a column that was written back in 1996 about Buchanan, how it foretold what’s going on with Trump, in which nationalism and populism were advocated back then by a guy supporting Buchanan. I simply asked the question.

Now, did you just say that you think the alt right might in fact have predated Trump and might be propping up Trump rather than Trump bringing the alt right along with him?

Did I just hear a click? (interruption) Did he just hang up out there? (interruption) We just lost the call? (interruption) Was he on a cellular…? (interruption) Yeah, okay. Well, darn it. I wanted to ask… Anyway, folks, he said something key there. He said the two issues that define the future are immigration and what is an American, or something like that. Identity. And I am gonna tell you, that is so right on the money. That is something that all of these people…

I grow tired of calling them the elites and ruling class. I don’t know what else… The establishment. I’m telling you, whatever you call ’em, they do not get that. That doesn’t register at all, particularly the ones on the left. In fact, bully for that. If anything is causing America not to be America, then that’s great with them. They think America’s the big problem in the world. But that basically is a comment on assimilation.

You know, we didn’t get to it today, but there’s another story. Do you know what Obama’s doing? The number of minors, unaccompanied minors storming the country’s southern border from Central America is still at a record high. And it’s not being reported this year like it was last year. And what Obama is doing is opening military bases, primarily Air Force Bases to house them. And the people in the military and the Air Force are quietly talking to the media about how outraged they are at this, that the military bases should not, never were designed to be orphanages.

But Obama is putting them there until the government figures out what else to do with ’em. But nobody is stopping them. You couple that with all of the other immigration, illegal or otherwise, that’s going on. If there’s no assimilation, if these people are not coming here to be Americans — and the Democrats don’t want them to become Americans; that’s the point. The Democrats are trying to undo this country fabric by fabric, doorjamb by doorjamb every day.

And part and parcel of their effort is to bring in people who are not interested in becoming Americans. It’s terrible what the Democrat Party is doing. It is unconscionable what they’re doing. And I don’t think it is a small number of people out there who know it and are aware of it and don’t want it to happen. There are a whole bunch of really great people who want to hold onto America as it was founded and recapture it and grow it for all the goodness that it is.


RUSH: Yeah, that was Fareed Zakaria GPS who said on CNN Sunday that Obama never said he wanted to transform America. He did say it. He said it back in 2008. He said it a number of times. And Fareed Zakaria GPS on CNN was complaining that I didn’t know what I was talking about. But not only has Obama said that he wanted to transform America, he is transforming America. It was also Fareed Zakaria GPS — who is not from America, by the way.

He may be a citizen, I don’t know. But he’s not from here. He said that America was founded on the principles of diversity — ethnic diversity and racial diversity, and whatever the hell else he said. It was a crock. Clowns are even out there trying to redefine the founding to make it look like the country was founded, in their corrupt view of things. It’s despicable. You want to talk what ticks me off?

The Democrat Party is what ticks me off, folks. I mean, I can’t… You want to talk frustration? The fact that I think I’m the only one who’s mad at the Democrats? Everyone else is mad at the Republicans. I get that. The Democrats are where you need to focus. they’re just the most destructive force in this country right now. It’s one thing for a bunch of not try to stop them, but they’re the people actually doing all this that’s destructive.

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