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RUSH: George in Raleigh, North Carolina, really glad you waited. You’re next, sir, on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Good afternoon, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: I’m fine and dandy.

CALLER: Great to be able to talk to you again.

RUSH: Great to have you here again. Thank you.

CALLER: Thank you, sir. The conversation over the past couple of days regarding the anger in the American electorate, I reflect back on my life and think about decisions I’ve made in anger and they’ve always ended poorly for me. And as a student of history, I think back to nations that also had an angry populace, it hasn’t ended well for them either.

RUSH: Is it safe to say that in your life — do you regret every decision you have made when it was made in anger or knee-jerk, immediate reaction to something that ticked you off? Do you regret every one of those decisions?

CALLER: All the ones that I can recall. All the ones that were meaningful. I definitely do. And I think that sometimes decisions sparked in anger, if you let yourself reflect and cool down, I think that maybe anger, you know, may have sparked the idea, but the solution, once you calm down, could be totally different.

RUSH: Okay. So how does that manifest itself in this campaign? You think there are too many angry people supporting Trump and you think they ought to back off?

CALLER: Well, yeah, I mean, I think so. I mean, again, as a student of history, you know, it’s an angry populace that gave Castro to Cuba. It was an angry populace that gave Marxism to the Russians. It was an angry populace that gave Napoleon to Europe. We’re getting ready to hand the greatest military that man has ever known over to a man that on his best day seems a little bit unhinged.

RUSH: You’re talking about Obama?

CALLER: Well, that’s another good example.

RUSH: Well —

CALLER: I have somebody else in mind, actually.

RUSH: Well, okay. Well, look, I’m mad. I’ve been mad for seven freaking years, legitimately so. I’m mad and I can’t tell you what kind of things are going on out there. Am I irrationally mad about it? I don’t think so, but I’m mad. I’m not spending my day in rage. That is not my main point. But, I mean, I am not docile about stuff going on out there. I think I’ve been pretty patient. I think a lot of other people have been pretty damn patient. They have been promised and promised and promised, and it’s never happened, and so some of the rage is understandable.

I understand what you’re saying, that in the fit of emotion, at the peak when you are livid, that’s when they say sleep on it, and that’s good advice. When you wake up, you always have a much less intense feeling than you did before you went to bed when you’re angry about anything. But, anyway, George, I appreciate it. It’s interesting topic, and we will have more of it, I’m sure, as the program unfolds.

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