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RUSH: You know, the situation Obama out there blasting the Republicans for threatening to block his Supreme Court nominee? He says it goes against the Constitution. I can’t go through a day without just blowing up and at the same time laughing at it. You talk about hypocrisy, the hypocrisy of Obama, Chuck Schumer, all these guys on Supreme Court nominees? It’s blatant, in your face. They know it’s not gonna come back and bite them.
They know the hypocrisy charge, even if it sticks, is never gonna harm them. But with Obama saying opposing his nominee goes against the Constitution — which, of course, it doesn’t. But the real question is: Why should Obama be so concerned about what the Constitution says about appointing someone to the Supreme Court when he doesn’t want whoever he appoints to follow the Constitution anyway?

He is gonna find somebody who’s gonna rewrite the Constitution. That’s his criteria. He’s gonna find somebody who will make law from the bench, like John Roberts has been doing, not somebody who’s gonna interpret the Constitution. So what does he care what the Constitution says? As far as that is concerned, he doesn’t care what the Constitution says anyway when it comes to things that he wants. Ever heard of executive orders? Executive actions?


RUSH: Now, I remember. It was shortly after we learned of the death of Justice Scalia, it didn’t take but minutes for the politics of his replacement discussion to get going. And Mitch McConnell put out this statement, said that the president should not make an appointment and should not have the right, opportunity, whatever, in a lame duck year like this. And I had a lot of people on Saturday, “See what Mitch did, man, that was great, Mitch came out there, Mitch really hammered them.” On the golf course Sunday, a friend, “Did you see what Mitch did, Mitch really hammered them.” I said, “Wait a minute, Mitch didn’t hammer anybody. Mitch said ‘should.’ He didn’t say ‘would not’; he said ‘should not.’ There’s wiggle room there.”

“No, no, Rush, you’re –” both my friends on Saturday and Sunday on the golf course, “You’re misinterpreting this. I’m not reading it the way you are, Rush.” You see, folks, in my world I’m never right. In my personal world I am never right. It’s a badge of honor to show me to be wrong. My life is a perpetual never ending competition. My personal life. I’m telling these guys, “You are replacing your intelligence with hope. You hope that Mitch is gonna hammer ’em. You hope the Republicans are gonna hang in there. But what is the experience we’ve got over the last seven years?” Well, it didn’t take long.

We now have Chuck Grassley (paraphrased), “Whoa, I’m rethinking this. Maybe we will conduct hearings.” And then Mel Tillis… (Nope, I take it back. That’s the country singer.) Thom Tillis, North Carolina. (paraphrased) “Oh, I think we don’t want to look like obstructionists.” And there it is, folks! There it is! (paraphrased) “We don’t want to look like obstructionists.” That’s translated: “We have to cross the aisle on this. We have to show the people we can help make Washington work.

“It will harm us if we are the agents of gridlock, and the government is not working.” So when Tillis said, “We can’t appear to be obstructionist,” that means this firm, “There’s no way” lasted about a day. And now we’re to the possibility of hearings. And now it’s all, “If Obama nominates a moderate…” Even Obama said he’s not gonna nominate a moderate! Somebody in the Drive-Bys went and asked Obama, “The Republicans say they might be willing to work with you if you no time a moderate.”

“Moderate?” He laughed. “I don’t know what that means! I’m gonna nominate somebody qualified.” Translation: “I’m gonna find the nearest socialist I can and I’m gonna ram it down their throats. Get your popcorn ready. Moderate? Are you kidding me? I don’t do moderate!” But here are the Republicans. So I just… I tried to warn everybody not to confuse your hope with what you think you heard. I even got into an argument with Snerdley! He thinks that Mitch McConnell…

“He was dead serious! This is different, Rush. It’s the Supreme Court.”

“Different? What’s different about it?” I asked him the question: “What does Mitch McConnell want more than anything in the world?”

And Snerdley got it. “He wants to stay majority leader.” That’s true, and whatever has to happen to make that happen, bank on it. I can run through a scenario where they conduct hearings and an Obama nominee gets confirmed before the election. I can run through the scenario. You want me to run through the scenario before the program ends? I can go… (interruption) Yeah, part of you wants me to do it; the other part of you doesn’t want to hear it, right? (interruption) All right. ‘Cause you’re… (interruption) All right. So we’ve got that.


RUSH: Here’s Robert in Mount Laguna, California. It’s great to have you here, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Well, thank you, Rush. Admittedly I’m a Trumpster, but I made an observation that I think I’ve seen a variant of the Limbaugh Theorem play out on the Republican side. And very specifically, George W. Bush spoke in South Carolina, and he mentioned that he could sense all the anger in the Republican Party and in the people who are gonna be voting in the primaries. And then he said, which was really curious ’cause it makes no sense, Jeb would be the best person to fix it, when in fact he and the mainstream people are the cause of all the anger.

RUSH: Well, now wait a second. I’m angry, and most of my anger is not at W. Most of my anger is at the Republican establishment. I’ve got some, but the last seven years my anger’s at the Republican Party serving now and Obama. But your point is you think it’s kind of strange for W. to say, acknowledge there’s Republican anger out there and only Jeb can fix it, when in your belief, the reason for the anger is W. himself.

CALLER: No, Rush, mine is similar to yours. W. is just the spokesman, so I’m just saying, yes, we are angry at the Republican establishment for not fighting back on issues like immigration —

RUSH: It’s the only reason we’re here, folks. I hate to interrupt you. It’s the only reason all this is going on. I hate to tell you. This isn’t deep, and it isn’t complicated. The only reason we’re here, as we are, is because there hasn’t been any push-back to what the Democrat Party and Barack Obama have been doing the last seven years and arguably you could say the last 10. There was no push-back when they were out totally destroying George W. Bush and the administration on Iraq.

I mean, here you have the very people that voted for the Iraq war, they voted for it, every damn one of these Democrats except for Bernie, they voted for it. They get away with being portrayed as people that were always opposed to it, both morally and politically, and they demanded a second vote back in 2002 so they could go on record being in favor of it because public polling showed overwhelming support for the use of force in Iraq. And then these guys come along long ago after the fact when everything crumbles that they helped make crumble. They were actively seeking the defeat of this country along with the Drive-By Media, which is fine; that’s who they are. There was no push-back even then from the Republican administration.

I’m telling you, this pent-up frustration at the Republican Party not being on the field, much less in the game, goes back long before seven years ago and it is deep-seated and it is deep-rooted. There’s a lot of anger to go around, but the focus of it is the Republican Party basically ceased operations as a stopgap, as an opposition party.

Meanwhile, they ask for money all that time, and they campaigned promising that they would stop, or try to, and then nothing happened. This rage and anger goes back a long time. And if the Republican Party had done its job, we wouldn’t even be here now. I mean, we’d be here, but the whole flavor and structure of this campaign would be entirely different than it is.

We really don’t need to complicate things that are simple, and this one is pretty simple. And I think the illustration of it, here we have yet again, it’s playing out exactly as it has, in specific these past seven years. So here comes the death of a Supreme Court justice. It’s crucial the makeup of the Supreme Court. It’s crucial.

I mean, if there is ever a moment to contrast who we are with who they are, if there’s ever a moment to stop what the left is attempting to do, it is right here and right now, and so the Republicans came out and they said all the right things, and it took two days, two days max for a couple of Republicans to stand up, “Wait a minute. I think maybe we can’t be seen as obstructionists and so forth.” It looks like the whole pattern is about to repeat itself. And the outcome of that, I mean, you fill in the blanks, you add two and two yourself, ’cause I’m here to tell you what the outcome of that’s gonna be. And you don’t want to hear it, a lot of you.

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