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RUSH: The pope has accused Donald Trump of not being a Christian. Maybe that’s too strong a world. He said anybody who would build a wall to keep people out of someplace is not a Christian, because Christians don’t build walls; they build bridges. And, of course, we’ve got the Vatican wall. There’s all kinds of evidence that you wanted to go the hypocrisy route, you could. Then the pope came out and said, “Hey, you know what?

“There are certain instances where the church would say contraception’s okay, like when you have the Zika virus out there. Yep. That’d be okay.” And then the pope also granted permission to devout Catholic American legislators to vote for and in favor of and support same-sex marriage and civil unions. So Jeb Bush… This is the last thing Jeb needed. I mean, people might think this would be a great help for Jeb Bush and Cruz, for here comes the Vicar of Christ saying the Republican front-runner is a fraud and a pretender and is not a Christian.

But in this day and age, that’s not gonna hurt Trump; it’s only gonna help him. Because where we are now, the pope is seen as a ranking member of this establishment out there that is exclusionary and actually responsible for all these messes. So… These people don’t get it. Making Trump a target like this, or isolating Trump and trying to hold him up as an example of what’s wrong or bad, that’s only going to solidify his support. It may even expand it. And Jeb Bush understands this.

Here in Columbia, South Carolina, is Jeb Bush, during a Q&A, with Dana Bash at CNN. Her question: “Do you think the pope was wrong to question Trump’s Christianity?”

JEB: I don’t question anybody’s Christianity, ’cause I honestly believe that that’s a relationship that you have with your Creator, and, uh, it only enables bad behavior when someone from the outside of our country talks about Donald Trump.

RUSH: So an unidentified reporter said, “Well, do you agree with the statement then? I mean, what Pope Francis said is, ‘A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian.'” See, the Drive-Bys, they love it when somebody who’s a Christian is attacked as being phony. Folks, this is nirvana for them! The pope… To the Drive-By Media, the pope’s today’s hero. If he’d have said it about Cruz, it would have been even better.

They would have orgasms out there on the campaign trail if he’d said it about Cruz. If he had said it about anybody. But the fact that the pope — who is the definition of Christianity, as far as they’re concerned — is out there singling out people for not being Christians, that means the media thinks they’re hypocrites and phonies. So they eat it up. So this reporter says to Jeb, “Do you agree with the statement, then? What Pope Francis said is, ‘A person who thinks only about building walls wherever they may be and not building bridges is not Christian.’ Do you agree with that? You do not support a wall?”

JEB: I support walls and fencing where it’s appropriate, sure. I also believe that we ought to have other parts of this, which leading with the Border Patrol, using drone technology, using, uh, GPS technology. Across the board we ought to have a strategy to protect our border. And that is clear. But that is not… Uh, that’s not an un-Christian thing to do, to make sure that people don’t come across our border illegally.

RUSH: “Well, there you have it. Jeb Bush is not only defending Donald Trump but attacking the pope!” Well, I know he didn’t attack the pope, but that’s how the media will report it. The media will say that Jeb Bush attacked the pope. Nobody was doing anything ’til the pope stands up and attacks Trump. Then people respond to that are gonna be accused of “attacking the pope.” That’s how it works. You have to understand these things, folks.

That’s why I am able to read between the lines and able to see the stitches on a fastball. So the pope… Everybody’s minding their own business, and the pope says, “Hey, Trump! You! Yeah, you! You’re not a Christian. Christians don’t build walls.” So Trump responds, and they ask Jeb what he thinks, and he responds, and the news is gonna be, “Trump and Jeb attacked the pope today!” Oh, and Limbaugh. Yeah, yeah, of course. Yes. But that’s standard, ordinary procedure. “Limbaugh, Trump, and Jeb Attack Pope in Separate Incidents.” (laughing)

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