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RUSH: By the way, what did I tell you? The Justice Department is now saying, oh, wait, we have 12 more phones we want to get. Right after Bill Gates — I wonder someday if the true story of that guy will ever be told, too. Anyway, Bill Gates is out there siding with the government. We can trust ’em. They only want one phone. They only want to get into one phone. It’s a cheap phone. It doesn’t matter a hill of beans. It’s a terrorist phone, come on.

So Gates goes out there, goes on record. Now the DOJ, “By the way, by the way, there’s 12 other phones that we’re waiting on.” And guess what? In New York City the police commissioner there, Bill Bratton, is still depressed because Elaine’s is closed. And the mayor, Bill de Blasio, they’ve got 175 phones they want Apple to break into. Everybody’s lining up. I don’t mean to be jumping ahead of myself here, folks, but I’m telling you, it’s another one of these loaded days.

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