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RUSH: Hey, folks, listen up. I have the excerpts here from a video that I want you to hear. You have to hear this. It has gone viral out there on social media. Saturday afternoon, a young female Bernie Sanders supporter named Chelsea posted a video on her Facebook page. She had spent the day calling voters in the SEC Primary states encouraging them to vote for Bernie. And this video runs about six minutes. We’re not going to play the whole thing here. It runs about six minutes.

She’s in tears. She’s fighting back tears. She’s wiping tears from her face. She’s devastated in this. She wanted to recount her experiences for everybody to know just how horrible it is out there and what she encountered personally, making phone calls for Crazy Bernie on Saturday. So here’s the first sound bite, about a minute long. And, remember: If you hear things that sound like she’s crying, she is. Here we go. Three … two … one. Hit it.

CHELSEA: Hi, Facebook. It’s Chelsea. So today I hosted a phone bank for Bernie Sanders, and, uh, we were calling the states — like, a lot of Deep South states — for Super Tuesday. And I’ve never gotten emotional over politics before, and I’m still learning, and I think it’s really important. But I think it’s really important that everyone knows that, um, the people that we called, many of them, unsurprisingly, were voting for Trump. Umm, and I just want you to know that the people that are voting for him are really sick people (chokes up) that refer to human beings as animals, and it actually made me sick. (sobs) It was really disheartening.

RUSH: This is sad stuff here, folks. This is devastatingly sad stuff. What a shocking learning experience for this woman to encounter, and it didn’t get better as the video went along…

CHELSEA: And I don’t think anyone that’s human that has (crying) feelings and sense can sit through hours of talking to people that believe that, um, just because you weren’t (blubbers) born in the United States or even if you were and you’re not white — which, I don’t know what qualifies you as “white” anymore — (sobs) it makes you not a human being. There were a lot of comments about (sniffles) just building walls and getting rid of the Mexicans and — and, um, hearing… hearing that for hours was so horrible. And it was really, really nice, uh, when you would get people that answered that were for Bernie, or even Hillary. (giggles) There were very few Republicans and conservatives that would answer the phone and be kind, that wouldn’t have something horrible (sobs) to say.

RUSH: So what do you think so far of this thing? She looks… I looked at the video. She appears to be early twenties, young twenties. What do you think? (interruption) You think real? You think it’s representative of young people today who, when they encounter people highly opinionated, that they crumble and are reduced to tears? Or is this all a giant scam — an actress, if you will — designed to actually send the message out (sobbing), “She’s just come for Bernie and Hillary, and these mean conservatives are making her cry with all this racism and bigotry!.” She’s shocked, she is brought to tears, and doesn’t quite know how to deal with it.

There’s one more clip from it, and we will get to it after this.


RUSH: Okay. Here’s the final bite with young Chelsea, the female Bernie Sanders supporter making phone calls for Bernie for the SEC Primary, shocked and brought to tears by what she heard on the other end of the phone in many instances. She was reduced to such a quivering mass that she admitted she doesn’t even know what it means to be “white,” anymore. And she was disgusted by what people were saying to her about Mexicans and whatever else. She was reduced to tears. Here’s the final sound bite…

CHELSEA: So (sniffles), if you’re not politically involved, that’s fine. But I think that you (voice breaks) should know what’s going on. People are actually saying disgusting things like this, and it’s real, and (gasp) I couldn’t type it out because it was so, so horrible. Um, and that’s that. It was really interesting. It’s still a really a magnificent thing to do to be involved, but, um, it was really hard, and it was not at all like calling the other states, um, and calling Nevada. Uh, and (sniffles), you know, these are people that think that they won the Civil War.

RUSH: A-ha! (laughing)

CHELSEA: Uh, it’s like talking to less than a brick wall.

RUSH: (laughing)

CHELSEA: Um, I don’t even know how to describe it. So this is just coming from someone who did some phone banking —

RUSH: Yes —

CHELSEA: — on Saturday.

RUSH: Right.

CHELSEA: Have a good night.

RUSH: (Crying) All right, so there we get to it. These people that she was upset by, “people that think they won the Civil War. … It was like talking to less than a brick wall,” and they happened to be Trump supporters, according to young Chelsea. So I just wanted you to hear that because that video has gone viral out there.


RUSH: Cookie was so worried that I would be accused of making fun of Chelsea, the young woman in the video we played earlier, brought to tears by what mean things people were saying to her. Let me tell you what I think. I think that thing’s a hoax. You know, I’ve never phone banked, but a phone bank is to get out your own vote.
What is she doing calling Trump people? She’s making phone calls for Bernie Sanders? Call people you know that are already donating, or you know they’re gonna vote, you want to get ’em out to vote. You’re not calling to change anybody’s mind here. You’re getting out the vote. What’s she doing calling Trump people? I’m suspicious of that whole thing, particularly how quickly it went viral? Nah.


RUSH: No. I’m telling you, I think that the Chelsea video is a hoax. It’s just… It was too cliched. It fits every stereotype too perfectly. Young girl, Millennial (impression), “I’m in politics, trying to make a difference, trying to help people, trying to be, y’know, like, uhh, really involved, and I’m making calls from Bernieeee. We love Bernieeee,” and then out of the blue she ends up talking to Trump voters? She’s working a Bernie Sanders phone bank and we all know that’s getting out the vote.

It’s not calling people to argue with people or change their minds. It’s get-out-the-vote and she ends up talking to Trump people (impression), “Who are so meeeean and — and it made me cry! They’re (sobs) Mexicans, and animals and white people — and I don’t even know what it means to be white anymore. (sobbing) She starts crying about that. And then she says (crying), “These people, they — they — they — they think they won the Civil War! It’s like talking to less than a brick wall.” Waaaaait just a minute.

When I heard, “It’s like talking to people still won the Civil War”? She’s not old enough to know what the Civil War is, and there’s no question she probably not been accurately taught about the Civil War anyway. So I think the whole thing was just too pat. It’s gone viral too fast. And I think it’s designed — a typical Democrat trick — to portray (in the words of this young flower of a Sanders supporter, not yet pollinated) how mean and vicious it is out there. And then there’s this, folks.

You see the report in TheHill.com over the weekend of Bernie supporter…? A Bernie Sanders supporter was investigated by the Secret Service for trying to post an obituary in the newspaper for Hillary? Hee-hee-hee-hee. That’s right. February 20th, TheHill.com: “Clinton Obituary Notice Prompts Secret Service Report — A man who appears to be a Bernie Sanders supporter has been reported to the Secret Service after trying to leave an obituary notice for Hillary Clinton in a Nevada newspaper.

“The man, who identified himself as Don Schubert, filed the obituary notice Friday with the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the newspaper reported. The notice listed Clinton’s date of death as Saturday — the day of the Nevada Democratic presidential caucuses. He was asked to leave the building and was later reported to the Secret Service by the Review-Journal,” and yet it turns out that the guy who did this hosts Bernie Sanders phone banks, just like our young flower, Chelsea, hosts Bernie Sanders phone banks.

“The official Sanders campaign website also lists ‘Don Schubert’s House’ in Long Beach, California, as a volunteer phone bank site, the Review-Journal reported.” So here’s this guy running a Bernie phone bank (laughing), and actually post an obituary for Hillary Clinton. You gotta love it. But I’m just saying, it looks like some dirty tricks are coming out of the Sanders camp, folks. And the dirty tricks are aimed at Hillary and also at Trump. Well, and the Republicans, the conservatives in general.

And if I’m wrong, if her video is genuine and if everything she says happened, happened, and she was minding her own business calling Bernie supporters and some of them started shouting at her about Mexicans and the Civil War and reduced her to tears? Then, well, we’re very, very sorry for that. It’s very, very sad. It’s really very sad that that happened. I’m sorry she had such a rude awakening to (sigh) the political system in America. I know it’s not what they learned in kindergarten. And it’s got to be… (interruption)

Oh, yeah. (sobbing) “These people were worse than animals. They were worse than animals, and I don’t know what it means to be white anymore.” What does that mean, “I don’t know what it means to be white”? That’s not something a Bernie supporter would say. And if somebody’s running around talking like that, it’s gonna be from an entirely different demographic group. Anyway, I just wanted to be on record as thinking, to me, it sounds like a hoax. I could be wrong, but it sounds just too pat.

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