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RUSH: Here’s Sean in Cooperstown. We got another call from Cooperstown. This is more calls in one day from Cooperstown than we’ve had in 24 years. Great to have you on the program. How you doing?

CALLER: I’m doing good. How are you?

RUSH: Very well. Thank you.

CALLER: Now, my question is backpedaling a little bit. It’s about the Facebook video that you were talking about yesterday with Chelsea.

RUSH: Oh, yeah.

CALLER: Yeah. And the question really is, you previously mentioned that Bernie Sanders has a certain connection to his supporters that Hillary does not have, that Trump has, that Ted Cruz doesn’t have — I’m probably paraphrasing a little bit. Are you familiar with —

RUSH: You’re pretty close. No, you’re pretty close. And the bond and the connection is emotional.

CALLER: Yeah. And that’s kind of what I’m going off of. So my question is, do you think — and I’m not saying that the video doesn’t seem like sort of hoax in terms of the stereotypes that you mentioned. But do you think that maybe that sort of passion that the Bernie Sanders supporters has might evoke that sort of emotional response —

RUSH: Oh, yes, I totally think that a Bernie Sanders supporter, and maybe even your average Millennial, could be brought to tears


RUSH: — talking or listening to how some people talk about — you know, given the way kids have been protected growing up, given the way they’ve been taught about conflict resolution and self-esteem and we all gotta get along. And so I can imagine that a lot of young — well, hell, I’ve had it said to me, that I scare 24-year-old women just by the way I talk on this program. So, yeah, I can totally believe that that would be a genuine reaction.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: But the reason I thought this might be a hoax is because I don’t know if this woman’s actually — her name is Chelsea, and folks, let me reset the stage for those that don’t know what we’re talking about here. Over the weekend a YouTube video went viral. It was a young woman in tears. She’s just crying her heart out because she’s making phone calls for Bernie Sanders for the SEC primary, and she ends up talking to a bunch of Trump people and they’re saying mean things about Mexicans and they’re just like animals. They’re white people and she couldn’t deal with it.

And the reason I thought it was like a hoax is because some of the criticisms are too cliched, but then the second thing is, what is she doing — I mean, she’s calling people for Bernie. That means it’s a get-out-the-vote. She should be calling people already for Bernie just encouraging them to make sure they go vote. She’s not calling people to persuade them to vote for Bernie. That’s not what these phone banks do. So that’s why I thought it might be a hoax. It’s too easy to set up and criticize.

Look at me. Here’s a young girl, she’s in her early twenties, and she’s really new to and cares about politics. And here’s mean old Limbaugh making fun of her and laughing at her. I can just see the news now if I had treated it that way. And I think it was a setup, maybe, to get me to fall for the trick of being mean, apparently, appearing to be mean to this young girl so they could write a story about it, or anybody else, not just me.

CALLER: I make mention of it just because I myself am a 22-year-old Millennial, and on observation I’ve noticed that a lot of people my age that are Democratic, their political ideals are basically on the spectrum of, oh, I believe this is right and this is wrong and then the rest of the Democratic ideals sort of follow suit based on what they find is right and wrong. In fact, pretty much the whole reason I started listening to you, Rush, is because almost all my political information comes from my Facebook page and all the people on my Facebook are Millennials posting about Bernie Sanders, and I feel like in order to make an educated decision politically I have to seek both sides of the opinion, you know what I mean? And I feel like a lot of people my age don’t do that. They just kind of give in to the Democratic ideals automatically.

RUSH: Well, they haven’t really had much choice. They’ve been propagandized with it most of their educational lives. And if their parents are that way, too, then they really haven’t been exposed to anything else. All they’ve heard is stories about what the opponents are. They’ve heard people are racists, sexists, bigots, and homophobes. But the question for you is, obviously you know some 22-year-old women. Are they gonna be reduced to tears by —

CALLER: I would say not even just women, but people generally. Do you mean like politically?

RUSH: Yeah, in this same circumstance as the woman on the video. She’s out making phone calls for Bernie, she calls some people that like Trump, and they start, you know, ripping into immigration and Mexicans, and she’s reduced to tears hearing it. Is that common?

CALLER: If it were true, if the video is in fact not a hoax, I would say definitely yes because, you know, here she is, she hears the stories of these people that are bigots and are racists and do all this, and then if it is true and she actually called these people, then this is almost proof, and that would bring her to tears, because it’s almost a proof that she needed to have that happen, if that makes sense.

RUSH: Yeah, okay. Now, one other thing before I let you go, and I’m gonna play some clips of this video so folks will know what we’re talking about if you missed it. I don’t want to leave you hanging there, but you said you’re 22 and you needed to balance what you thought you knew with opposing points of view, that’s why you’re here. That’s why you like listening to the program. Are you still floating back and forth issue to issue what you think, or —

CALLER: More or less. I think I’m too empathetic as a person. I see a lot of points to both sides sometimes and then I find it hard to make a decision. But, you know, I think I still need to read up more on sort of the political spectrum. I only recently started being involved in current events for the better part of a month, because I just graduated college —

RUSH: Oh, so you’re new to this, then?

CALLER: I’m brand-new. So even if you do ask me general questions about politics, I probably couldn’t answer them because I’m kind of uneducated. But I’m starting to be educated.

RUSH: No, I wasn’t gonna do that. I was thinking of myself at your age. When I was 22, I already knew the other side was full of it. My mind was made up. Of course, most of my life was exposed to these kind of political discussions at home and everywhere else. And I hear people say, “I want to get all sides of the issues,” but in my mind, I wouldn’t trust what a bunch of liberals on Facebook are saying. But you are not there yet. You’re still processing all this, and that’s good. You should come to these conclusions yourself. You shouldn’t accept this because I say so. I was just drawing a comparison privately while listening to you of what I was like at 22 versus what you’re like. You’re just now getting started in this, and you’re going about it the right way. It’s really great.

CALLER: I’d also like to make one more thing. As far as college propaganda, I was a theater major and I was a business major, so I sort of saw, that almost kind of made sense —

RUSH: Oh ho. Theater major, eh?


RUSH: (laughing) Everything there is about the other side you’ve seen.

CALLER: Yeah. I’m going to be working in sales in theater, like that’s what my job is gonna be. I start next month. So I’ve seen sort of both sides of the political spectrum in terms of being influenced on different sides of the political spectrum ’cause almost all my business professors were Republican —

RUSH: Well, here, let me do something here for you. I want to help you. I want to help out.


RUSH: I want to give you a year’s subscription to my website, the full boat.


RUSH: The full ride, Rush 24/7.

CALLER: I actually thought about purchasing it, but I was too broke to actually buy it.

RUSH: It’s a $1,500 value that we charge $49 for, but I’m gonna give it to you. In addition to that, I’m gonna throw in a year’s subscription to the Limbaugh Letter newsletter. And, are you ready, an iPad Pro to read all this stuff on.

CALLER: Wow. Rush, that’s crazy. Thank you!

RUSH: I need you to hang on. What color iPad Pro do you want?

CALLER: White’s good.

RUSH: White. Okay, gold or silver on the back?

CALLER: I’ll go with gold.

RUSH: Gold. Okay, cool. So I’ll do that and I’ll send you a cover for it and a nice… You know, I even have an Apple Pencil and a keyboard that I’ll throw in there with it so that —

CALLER: Wow. You are way too good to me, Rush. (garbled)

RUSH: Well, no. That may be but there’s an opportunity here for you to… I know your funds are limited so we’ll make it easy for you to access my website fully.

CALLER: Will do.

RUSH: It’s an encyclopedia. You’ll have no doubts about what we think here, what I think and what I think’s right and so forth. So you’ll be getting a great education. And, by the way, you know what? At my website, you’ll learn more about liberalism, truthfully, than you will going to any of their websites.

CALLER: Mmm-hmm.

RUSH: Don’t doubt me.

CALLER: Thank you.

RUSH: Don’t doubt me. So hang on here, Sean, and Mr. Snerdley will be back and will get all the info. We’ll need a FedEx address ’cause we’ll ship out that way, and you’ll have it tomorrow, if you give us an accurate address.

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