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RUSH: Jeff Sessions says that the federal government, the ICE people, are letting 97% of these kids, these unaccompanied minors crossing the border, he says that 97% of them are being allowed to stay.

“Only about 3 or 4 percent of the unaccompanied minors who have entered the country in the last two-and-a-half years have been returned to their home countries, Sen. Jeff Sessions charged on Tuesday. ‘It cannot be that every young person that appears from Central America is entitled to asylum or entry into the united states, contrary to our laws,’ Sessions said during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday. ‘It just cannot be. Does anybody in this government not understand that?’

“Immigration officials testified that the border crisis could be mitigated if more people were sent home. Thomas Homan, a senior official at Immigration and Customs Enforcement, told Sessions, ‘I think if you have a consequence of deterrence to illegal activity, the illegal activity will slow down.'” Yes, obviously. Meaning if you deport people, meaning if you enforce the law, it will slow down.

Meanwhile, the flow of illegal immigrant children into the US is expected to rise this year. Record breaking numbers. This is an untold story. We think it was the story of last year, where you had all these minors from Central America flooding the border, and they were. But it’s an even higher number this year, and it isn’t being reported because of the presidential campaign. And that’s in addition to all the other illegal immigrants that are coming in. And nothing’s changed about these unaccompanied minors.

I mean, everybody knows what’s going on here. These are kids that are being permitted to leave home by their parents. Their parents are willingly letting their kids get on trains, whatever it takes to get here, because that, they think, is going to be their ticket. They hear the Democrat Party talking about unifying families, and they don’t unify families by sending the kids home. They get the kids in here, they put them someplace, and then, “Pablo, where’s your mom?” Find out mom and dad are in Central America. “Well, we’ll get them here for you,” and this is the way this is all working out.

The Justice Department. This is from the Stack yesterday that I didn’t have a chance to get to. And this comes under the umbrella that everything this administration is doing, everything is geared toward one goal, and that’s getting more and more illegals into the country and then getting those illegals registered to vote. It’s why I spent some time yesterday.

We talk about Obama wants to transform the country. And I was thinking that’s a little vague. What does that actually mean to people who are not here on a daily basis that might hear a snippet of conversation where that is stated. I mean, it’s Obama’s own word, it’s his own language, transform. What does it mean? And that’s why I started my riff yesterday on the attack on American culture. That’s really what’s going on here. There’s an attack on the culture, on Americanism. There’s an attack on the culture of this country as established from the days of our founding and moving forward. And it is that about this country that’s considered to be illegitimate and unjust and immoral. And it was a culture that was established by a particular majority that’s considered unjust and ill-gotten and immoral, and it’s gotta be busted up.

And the way Obama is busting up the culture is by the unstoppable and unlimited illegal immigration of all kinds of people from different ethnicities and minority groups. It’s an all-out assault on American culture. This election could well be seen as a last stand to preserve and protect American culture. And I’m not talking about racial culture. I’m talking about literal culture, the culture in which every American had a chance to grow up and prosper and live in.

To be an American meant a specific thing. It’s what was unique about it. It’s why so many people all over the world wanted to come here. They wanted to become Americans. They didn’t just want to live in this geographic region. They wanted to become Americans. It meant specific things, and they were all good. They were all related to freedom and liberty and prosperity. Included among their religious liberty, economic prosperity, freedom and so forth, all of the things they had been denied and everybody else in the world had been denied. And it was a distinct American culture that made all these things possible, and gave people the opportunity to prosper. That’s what’s being assaulted.

That’s what transforming America means. It means erasing and doing away with this culture that established this country as what it was because that culture is considered to be racist and bigoted and homophobic and all the other criticisms. So they’re flooding the zone. And this story yesterday, the Justice Department supports — get this. If you want to understand what this is really all about, it’s about getting all of these illegals, whoever and however they get here, not just from the southern border, not just from Mexico, not Central America, but all the refugees from the Middle East, wherever they’re coming and however they’re getting here, the objective of the Democrat Party is to get them registered to vote.

“The Justice Department supports blocking voter registration forms that require proof of citizenship in three states.” There was a court hearing. This is the most amazing thing.

“[T]he Justice Department urged US District Court Judge Richard Leon to grant a preliminary injunction sought by the League of Women Voters aimed at preventing Kansas, Alabama and Georgia from using so-called ‘motor voter’ forms that require proof of citizenship. The Department of Justice, the Obama administration, joined the effort, asking for a preliminary injunction.” In other words, the DOJ and all the groups involved here want to require Kansas, Alabama, and Georgia to do away with their requirement that you have to prove you are a citizen before you can vote.

Now, why in the world would you oppose this? We are in the midst of a period of uncontrollable illegal immigration. This is even more ridiculous than the left opposing photo ID. You cannot vote in this country unless you are a citizen. We have out of control illegal immigration. A number of states want to establish mechanisms of proof that voters must be able to demonstrate they’re citizens, and this is considered a hardship. It’s considered discriminatory. It is said to be disenfranchising. To who?

Who in the world is it discriminating against?

Why in the world would you want to make the case, why would you want to make it easier for noncitizens to vote, which is what the DOJ is doing here? And you know who’s at the bottom of this suit? “The League of Women Voters…” which is another ultraleft-wing group. “The League [of Women Voters] brought the suit,” against Kansas, Alabama and Georgia, “alleging that the requirement to prove citizenship acts as a barrier to voter registration, particularly for poor, minority and elderly voters who may not have the required documentation.

“The Justice Department’s decision to support the ban is unusual because the department would otherwise be in the position of defending the EAC in the suit.” It’s, uh… It’s so obvious! This is about the US Elections Assistance Commission, the EAC. “The injunction was requested by the League of Women Voters, which is suing the US Elections Assistance Commission…” It’s a federal agency, that normally the DOJ would support, that normally the DOJ would back up.

The DOJ has joined in a lawsuit against one of its own agencies for the express purpose of stopping and eliminating the requirement that proof of citizenship be demonstrated before one can register to vote. “In 2013, the Supreme Court struck down an Arizona law that similarly required proof of citizenship in the voter registration process. However, the late Justice Antonin Scalia wrote in the court’s majority opinion that states could seek approval from the EAC for changes to voter registration forms.

“A year later, a federal appeals court ruled that the EAC was not required to make such changes… The Supreme Court declined to review that ruling last year.” Anyway, what this boils down to is any impediment to registering illegals and the undocumented is gonna be fought by this administration. Because the endgame is not just flood the zone and not just take on American culture. The way to do it is to have them registered to vote when they’re not allowed to, when they’re not entitled to, knowing full well how they’re gonna vote: That is, for Democrats.

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