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RUSH: Here’s Dylan in Chico, California, as we start on the phones today. Dylan, it’s great to have you here. What can I do for you, sir?

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thank you for taking my call.

RUSH: Yes, sir.

CALLER: I know why there’s such a diversity in votes when it comes to Trump. It’s because he said he “won’t let the people die in the streets.” He said that numerous times, and people see that he has a heart, as opposed to popular Democratic opinion that the Republicans are racist and we only care about the rich.

RUSH: Okay. From what angle are you coming at this, Dylan? Are you a Trump supporter?

CALLER: Yes, I am.

RUSH: Are you Republican or Democrat?

CALLER: I’m Republican.

RUSH: You’re Republican. Do you think people are dying in the streets, or do you think people believe people are dying in the streets ’cause Republicans don’t care?

CALLER: Well, I think a lot of people will die in the streets no matter what. But, I mean, his health care plan, he hasn’t really been too specific about it; but I think that he will set aside some money for people that can’t afford health insurance opposed, like, to Obamacare where a lot of people can’t even afford it.

RUSH: You’re talking about Trump here?


RUSH: Trump’s gonna set aside money for people who are dying in the streets that don’t have health care so they won’t die in the streets?

CALLER: Well, that’s… that’s what —

RUSH: You think the fact that he’s saying that is why he’s getting a wide variety of support, diverse support?

CALLER: Well, not just that. People also see that he has a heart. There are, like, a lot of Democrats that think Republicans are so heartless, you know, because Hillary and everybody else is acting that way. People, they actually see him saying that in interviews and stuff. They actually see that he has a heart and he’s very honest because he… You know, people come at him at all angles and he doesn’t deny, you know, that he needs to be somewhat, you know —

RUSH: So basically what you’re saying is that Trump is using Democrat language as a Republican to reach out to potential Democrat voters and essentially the Democrats think the Republicans are heartless, the Democrats think the Republicans are mean-spirited and all that and are letting people die in the streets. So Trump saying he’s not gonna let people die in the streets is a direct appeal to Democrats to show that he’s not your typical Republican?

CALLER: Absolutely. But I also think that they know that he’s being genuine about it ’cause he’s been honest the whole time he’s been running for president.

RUSH: Oh, I don’t —

CALLER: It’s not just saying that. They also genuinely believe that he will try to do that, and he’s getting a lot of votes. And a lot of people, they don’t want Hillary, you know, because they just think she’s a liar. And they don’t want Bernie Sanders because they don’t want to go socialist. A lot of people are going towards him because of that reason, because… because, you know, they do believe that he’s not just a hardcore Republican.

RUSH: You’re speaking primarily, though, of Democrat voters who don’t like Hillary, don’t like Bernie for whatever reason, and so Trump has found a way to appeal to them. But you think he’s being honest about it. He’s not just saying it. He actually is honest and they’re buying it?

CALLER: Absolutely. Yeah. And also the independents voters, too.

RUSH: The independents voters. Yeah. Well, look, I don’t… I was the first to suggest that Trump is doing this. I was the first to suggest it, after witnessing that debate in South Carolina. I was the first to say that Trump’s making a play for Democrat voters by going after Bush, going after Iraq, going after 9/11, by going after weapons of mass destruction, going after Republicans in ways only Democrats do. It was an open primary. So I can see your thinking about this.

By the way, on the Democrat side, I was talking about this earlier and I meant to throw something in. You know, Bernie Sanders is not… Folks, it’s looking really bad all of a sudden for Bernie, but the problem is the Democrat turnout. There is no Democrat turnout that’s commensurate with any kind of a gigantic movement that would be led by Bernie Sanders. I mean, the media’s portraying Bernie as leading this revolutionary army of people. There isn’t any revolution because look at the Democrat turnout. It’s microscopic.

The Democrat turnout so far in every caucus and primary is way below what it was in ’08 and way below what it was in 2012. And that’s not related here to what Dylan said. I meant to mention this earlier talking about the Republican turnout. Okay. So to comment on what you said, I will grant that you may have a point, that Trump is doing this and that he means it. My problem with it, Dylan, is I’m the mayor of Realville. That means I’m a literalist, and that also means I am really unique.

I’m in a small group of people. Most people are not literal. Most people speak in generalities and expect people to understand them. I take people at what they say. If they don’t say it, then they don’t think they have said it. And if they say something, I believe that they mean it. And when Trump talks about people “dying in the street,” I’m sorry, I separate myself. We don’t have people dying in the street. Not because of health care.

Now, you might be able to make the case that there are people passing away, homeless people passing away here and there, but we do not have a systematic problem of people dying on the street in the United States of America. So you’re… I agree with you on why Trump is saying so; it’s a crossover comment. But what he needs to add, in my view, is that if there are people dying in the street because of health care, it’s the fault of the Democrat Party. It’s Obamacare that’s obviously bombing out and failing.

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