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RUSH: I’m getting tired of something. I’m getting a little tired of everybody in the establishment, everybody in the media talking about how anger is the driving force of this, as though it is a disqualifier. As though the anger that is propelling this election makes the results illegitimate. That’s what the establishment’s trying to tell us. That’s what the Drive-By Media’s trying to tell us. That’s what Axelrod’s trying to tell us and a bunch of Democrat analysts, all this anger out here, it’s irrational, it’s kooky.

Let me throw something at you here on this. I think the anger is totally understandable. I think it’s called for. There ought to be a little bit more of it, if you ask me. But how come when some downtrodden group in America, when the gay lobby is mad, we’re supposed to take time out and understand the rage and learn from it. When Saudi Islamists hijack three airplanes and crash them into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and another Washington target, why do we take out and say, “Gee, why do they hate us? What have we done to make them so mad?” And then we’re told we must not react irrationally here. We must try to understand their rage.

Why? Because it’s our fault, we’re told. Something that we did as a nation. The State Department had seminars after 9/11: What did we do to make them hate us? But you notice in this anger it’s directed where? It’s directed at the Washington establishment. Is Washington establishment ever saying, “We need to pause. We need to have a time-out. We need to find out why they’re so mad at us. What have we done wrong?” Wouldn’t that be the consistent thing? Except that’s not the case.

In the case of the anger on the Republican side propelling this primary season, everybody is saying it’s irrational, it’s kooky, it’s irresponsible, it’s insane. Nobody is saying, “Hey, why are they mad? What did we do to make them so mad? Maybe we need a seminar or two over here at some lobbyist’s office to figure out why they’re so mad at us.”

Why is it not the case…? Why is the anger propelling the primary vote automatically disqualified as unhinged, and yet the anger of terrorists blowing us to smithereens — the anger of illegal immigrants breaking our laws to get in the country, the anger of every minority group ticked off at basically being unhappy in life — we’re supposed to stop, we’re supposed to understand the rage, we’re supposed to learn from it. And what we’re supposed to learn from it is that it’s our fault. Okay, well, turn that right around on the Republican and the entire Washington establishment.

Why don’t you people take a little time-out; instead of mischaracterizing the anger, why don’t you follow your own guidelines and try to learn from it? Why don’t you try to ask yourself what have you done made everybody so mad? You know, don’t… Folks, don’t let ’em do this to you. They’re trying to make you think that you are a wacko. Some of you may be, but not because of your anger. Do not let them convince you that there’s something wrong with you because your emotions are at a feverish pitch in this campaign.

They ought to be. (interruption) What are you laughing at in there? Well, I mean, in a large room of people you’re gonna have a certain percentage of them who are gonna be kooks, and most kooks actually don’t know who they are. If they did, they wouldn’t be doing what they’re doing, right? But the ugly, for example, they know who they are. That’s… You can’t… It’s a way of rationalizing, but it’s important in policy, in dealing with these various things.

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