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RUSH: Did you hear what John Kerry said? This is hilarious. Grab sound bite number 18. Kerry was testifying yesterday, Capitol Hill. It was a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on the State Department’s budget for this year, 2017, the budget request, and during the Q&A Senator Mark Kirk, a Republican from Illinois, said, “Mr. Secretary,” speaking to the haughty John Kerry (who, by the way, once served in Vietnam), “Secretary Kerry, I want to show you a picture of Ibrahim al Qosi, who was recently released by [the Regime] to Sudan, and he appeared on some Al-Qaeda videos recruiting people for Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. You let him out of [Club Gitmo], and he goes over there and he starts recruiting. Now that he’s out, I would hope that we would end the policy of issuing terrorists to terrorist nations when they get out.”

KERRY: Well, Senator, he’s not supposed to be doing that and there are consequences for —

RUSH: Do you believe this? Stop the tape. We let a terrorist out. We release a terrorist. We send him back to, essentially, the terrorist front lines. We have pictures of him engaging in terrorist activity after we release him from captivity. At a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing, this is mentioned to John Kerry and his answer is, “Well, he’s not supposed to be doing that.” He’s not supposed to be…? What is he, a child? What, you tell him to sit in the corner instead of go back to the terrorist battlefield?

What? “He’s not supposed to be doing that”? What…? Not supposed to be doing that? That’s our policy? We let known terrorists out of prison, we send ’em back to the terrorist battlefield, they engage in terrorism, and we say, “Well, he’s not supposed to be doing that. There are consequences for that, and there will be. But apart from that,” said Kerry, “the fact is, we got people who’ve been held hostage without charges for 13 years, 14 years.” Really? So that justifies a guy who’s not supposed to be doing this let out of prison to go do it?

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