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Rush: Folks, we have a guest host coming in here Monday. Mark Steyn will be here. I have an annual charity commitment all day long on Monday. So Mark Steyn will be here Monday.

Also, I am appearing on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. It airs live at nine o’clock Eastern time. They’ve told me I’m in the second segment. Be about, what’d they say, 11 or 12 minutes, and they gave me a list of potential topics. And they’re all related to the GOP, the primary campaign, the debates and all of that. No, they just asked me this week — well, I couldn’t do it last week. They asked me last week, and so this week is a make-good for last week.

So I’ll remind you one more time before the program ends. We’ve got one hour left here on Open Line Friday. (interruption) No, no, It’s just me. I’m solo. Solo segment. I think it would be great to put me on the panel after my segment to analyze what I said. Who knows; I might hear myself and think, well, I could have said it better and disagree with myself. It’d be news! Maybe someday it’ll happen.

When I suggested it to Chris Wallace, he just kind of looked at me and smiled and said, “Yeah, you’re you, Rush.” (laughing) But it would be. But, no, no cage match stuff.

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