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RUSH: Now, one bite here, unrelated to this, before we go to the break. There have been numerous occasions in the past on this program where I have told people that Barack Obama is going to be the first president in our lifetime not to leave Washington, that he’s gonna stay there. And the reason he’s gonna stay there is to protect his agenda. And whoever the next president is — I don’t care if it’s Hillary, if it’s Crazy Bernie, if it’s Trump, whoever it is.

If anybody tampers with his agenda, he’s gonna make tracks to the nearest camera and cable news network and he’s gonna be trashing and savaging whoever that president is that might be say trying to unravel Obamacare. And that’s unprecedented. It is not just George W. Bush that is hands off. Clinton even was hands off for a couple years before he got back into ripping into Bush, but it’s unprecedented.

Most presidents leave, and I’ve had people say, “He’s not staying there, Rush! He’s gonna buy a house in Palm Springs. I’ve seen him, I’ve seen the property.” Nope, he’s staying. And I now can share with you the proof. It was January 7, 2014, that I made the claim. And it’s in the news now. He’s said he’s going to stay. And the reason he’s gonna stay is because his kids need to finish high school and he’s not gonna uproot them from Sidwell Friends. That’d be a horrible, horrible thing to do. So he’s made it official today. He is staying in Washington after his presidency. Mark my words…

RUSH ARCHIVE: Obama is going to stay in Washington. Can you guess why that might be? He’s gonna stay in town to make sure that whatever he accomplishes is not unwound. I guarantee you, folks, even after he is out of office he’s going to be treated by the media as though he is still president. Every Republican — and this may be the case even with a Democrat president. Whatever the next president does, the media is gonna go to Obama every day. He’s gonna have a satellite administration in exile, in Washington. I guarantee you. Do not doubt. I know these people. I know how he thinks, I know who these people are. I know that’s exactly why he’s gonna stay there.

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