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RUSH: St. Augustine, Florida. Brenda, thank you for waiting, and welcome to the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Yeah. Thanks, Rush. Just briefly you’ve been really important in my life and my late husband’s live. So thank you for what you do.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: But now I’m gonna have disagree with you. Not totally, but I agree that the purpose way back when in the conversation is to defeat the Democrats. Assuming someone believes that Donald Trump can’t do that or may only be a Democrat under the hood, Florida’s kind of in a dilemma with who to choose. Now, the establishment people want us to take Marco Rubio, and he is close to Trump. He’s like five away. I personally would like to see Ted Cruz win. You know, if I vote my conscience I’d vote for Ted Cruz, but should someone who’s anti-establishment be going against their orders and voting for their guy or is —

RUSH: Wait a minute. This is not hard unless I’m missing something.

CALLER: Mmm-hmm.

RUSH: If you want to stop Trump, then it won’t matter who you vote for. If you’re for Cruz, vote for Cruz. He’s actively campaigning this week in Florida, so —

CALLER: But he may not win Florida, which means Trump will.

RUSH: No, no, no, no, no. No. Any vote that Trump doesn’t get, whether it goes for Rubio or Cruz, is still a vote that Trump doesn’t get.

CALLER: True. But it —

RUSH: By the way, I wouldn’t believe that poll that shows Rubio five behind. That’s only one poll that shows that. It’s an ARG poll. It’s kind of a strange sample. It’s more a poll that might be designed to shape public opinion than reflect it. He could be that close. I don’t think there’s reason to believe he’s gained that kind of ground, but —

CALLER: Well, Cruz was quite far behind in that poll. So if I vote for Cruz and other people are the establishment and voting for Rubio or following their conscience or whatever and Rubio doesn’t quite get to Trump, Cruz has a long way to go to get to Trump down here. Does that mean that the automatic thing that they talked about where, you know… I mean, it sounds like if he gets Florida and Ohio, it’s a shoo-in for him.

RUSH: Pretty much ’cause they’re winner-take-all, so, yeah.


RUSH: It’s an uphill battle for any one person to stop Trump. The battle is to have a bunch of people get enough delegates to deny Trump the 1,237 going into the convention. I know you’ve got one more question. We’ll hang on and get to it after the break here.


RUSH: Brenda, St. Augustine, let’s go back to your issue. Here’s what you really ought to do. If you believe the poll that shows Rubio’s within five, the only way to stop Trump… Whoever wins Florida gets all the delegates. It’s winner-take-all. So that means if you think that poll’s right that Rubio’s only five behind, then you gotta vote Rubio.


RUSH: You gotta vote for whoever you think is gonna beat Trump ’cause that’s what it’s going to take to deny Trump those delegates. If that’s what your objective is, then you’ve got to vote for whoever you think has the best chance, including your vote among those tallied to defeat Trump.

CALLER: That’s kind of what I thought.

RUSH: And what bothers you about that is you’re voting with the establishment.


RUSH: Well, but just this one time.

CALLER: Right?

RUSH: And really that’s not why you’re doing it. Right?

CALLER: No, not at all.

RUSH: You can have a free conscience on this one.

CALLER: Okay. I’ve been… I was a liberal back in the day when I was growing up in New York.

RUSH: See, I can understand why you still feel guilty.

CALLER: And I never vote for a Democrat. So I finally figured, after God got a hold of me and then you, that I was actually not a liberal, so… (laughing) So I’ve always voted Republican, and obviously Rubio is a Republican. But the establishment is getting so Democrat that it’s pretty hard to tell the difference.

RUSH: It’s not that the establishment is getting Democrat. The establishment is anti-anybody that wants to take what they’ve got, which totally understandable. It’s their turf. They ought to be defending it. Look, there ought not be complaints that it’s not fair. They are the establishment. They are the power. They’re gonna do whatever they can. This is ballgame, folks. This is not beanbag here. This is not Civics 101 in your seventh grade history book. This is for keeps. And the people that own all the stuff, the people who have the ball, the people whose hands and departments control the money?

They’re not just gonna sit there and let anybody come take it no matter who they are. They’re gonna do what they can to defend it, including go far outside any acceptable boundary if they have to. That’s what we’re up against here. There is no fairness here. There is no, “Well, they can’t do that.” You gotta be prepared for ’em to do anything, including try to destroy by reputation or career the people trying to take what they’ve got. You’d be no different if a horde in the neighborhood wanted to take your house away from you. Well, anyway. (interruption) A horde. H-o-a-r-d-e. What did you think I said? (interruption) Oh, no. You talking prostitute? No, no, no. Some people would welcome that. But most wouldn’t.

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