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RUSH: They’d be crazy not to be alarmed at this. Let’s look at their turnout again. Let’s get back to that. There is no enthusiasm on the Democrat side. There’s no enthusiasm for Hillary, certainly.

You might be able to say there’s some enthusiasm for Bernie Sanders, but it’s not showing up in turnout. You might have a bunch of rabble-rousers showing up at Bernie Sanders appearances, but the turnout on the Democrat side is near record lows. That means there is no energy. There is no excitement. There is no immediacy. There’s no desire to continue whatever it is Obama has done. Nobody is happy. Nobody actually wants any more of this. The Democrats campaigning have to promise more of it.

But even if you listen to Hillary and Bernie, they’re ripping Obamacare. They’re ripping everything that’s happened here as though the Republicans are to blame for it. But they’re not touting it. They are not praising any of it. They’re not saying, “Elect me to continue it.” They’re still saying, “Elect me to fix it,” after they’ve been in charge of whatever it is, everything, for 7-1/2 years now! So I saw this story at the Huffing and Puffington Post. I missed it originally. March 3rd: “Fewer Democrats Are Voting This Year in (Surprise!) States with Strict New Voter Laws — But Republicans don’t appear to be hurt.”

It’s not good for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. “As voting rights advocates predicted loud and often, new voter ID laws seem to be hitting Democrats harder than Republicans. GOP voter turnout in this year’s presidential race is up 62% relative to 2008… But Democratic voter turnout is down by 29%…” Do you realize what that range adds to up? That adds up to 89% differential in voter turnout. “Evidence suggests that new voting restrictions are at least a contributing factor. Eight out of the 16 states that have held primaries or caucuses so far have implemented new voter ID or other restrictive voting laws since 2010.”

See? You know what really is happening here? I’m sure you could figure this out. If voter ID laws are to explain for low Democrat turnout, it has to mean that the fraud and cheating has been nipped in the bud. That’s all it can mean. All voter ID laws do is identify the voter and confirm the voter is who he says he is. That’s all it is. Now, to the Democrat Party, that’s a scandal. To the Democrat Party, that is something that they opposed. Photo IDs, official IDs of any kind, they fought them. They’ve gone to court over them. Why?

Because I think at the end of all of this, this country is not dominated by a majority number of Democrats. There’s only one reason to oppose voter ID laws. And again, all a voter ID law is is a means by which you prove that a voter is who he or she says he is. Voter ID laws are not used to discriminate against people, but that’s what the Democrats tell their voters. The Democrats say, “You can’t trust these people! You go down, get your picture taken, and they’re just setting you up to be put in jail,” or whatever kind of scare tactic they use. It’s absurd.

And yet they have gone to the end of the earth to try to stop these, and there can only be one reason why, and that is because they know they have been getting away with people voting multiple times, and they can’t get away with that with voter ID requirements or laws, and the end result is that we find out there really are fewer Democrat voters than we have been led to believe by virtue of election results for years. There is no intellectual reason to oppose voter ID laws, when you have to have an ID for virtually everything else. You can’t get on an airplane, for example.

You can’t make a purchase with a credit card. You can’t get a credit card. You can’t do 90% of the things you do, that you need to do to transact business without an official ID in this country, and yet when it comes to voting, the Democrat Party says, “No, no, no! Tsk-tsk-tsk! No way.” Why? There’s only one possible answer. Now, I know what the Reverend Jackson says and others. They go and they panic minorities, and what they tell them is, “Don’t like you dare go down there and get your photo taken! Don’t you dare go down and get a photo ID!

“All they’re doing is trying to find out who you are so they can deny you your welfare check. All they’re trying to do is find out where you are and who you are so they can deny you pension or whatever it is,” and they scared the bejeezus out of them with a crock of garbage that is all made up and lies. This is one of the simplest things to understand in the world. You need an ID to prove who you are when you vote. If a party makes a federal case opposing that, they have to be engaging in widespread fraud that official voter ID requirements would catch. So now here we are with Democrat voter turnout plummeting, coinciding with new voter ID law in a number of states.

Well, 1 + 1 = 2 here, folks.

It’s not hard to understand what’s happening.

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