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RUSH: Here is Norm in Toledo. Norm has been waiting awhile in Toledo, Ohio. It’s great to have you on the program, Norm. Hi.

CALLER: Thank you very much, and mega mule-skinner dittos to you from Toledo.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: And, by the way, hats off to Mr. Snerdley. He’s a great gentleman.

RUSH: I appreciate you’re saying so, sir.

CALLER: Okay. What I wanted to say is — getting back into this Trump-Cruz debate of who’s conservative and who isn’t the intelligentsia — it doesn’t matter, if Trump gets elected or is the nominee or gets elected president or if Cruz gets elected president. The Congress is gonna do the same thing to either one of them. They’re gonna absolutely… They’re gonna actually have to go back to work and do something. So it’s not gonna benefit Ted Cruz or it’s not gonna benefit Trump.

RUSH: Well, you know, that’s very shrewd of you. I actually made a similar point yesterday to a panicked caller, as opposed to you, Norm, who are not panicked. You are calm, cool, collected, and reserved. I applaud you for that. But we had a panicked caller yesterday who tried to tell me that Trump is no different than Obama. Obama’s an authoritarian doing executive orders for his far-left wing, radical stuff. But Trump’s the same guy. I’m listening to Trump. He’s gonna do all this, he’s gonna make Apple do that, he’s gonna make Oreos do that. Nabisco. He’s gonna make Ford do that.

He can’t do that without Congress. And I said, ‘It’s time everybody understands something. The only reason Obama has gotten away with his authoritarianism — well, not the only, but a major reason — is he hasn’t had any opposition. The Republican Party… This was the second thing I was trying to tell you with the media people. The reason is the Republican Party’s been paralyzed ever since January 2009. Whether they have been paralyzed by the media or the charge of racism ’cause Obama’s African-American or whatever, there hasn’t been any stoppage.

There hasn’t been any push-back, there hasn’t been any opposition, and they have said they were not going to — other than when they lied to us in campaigns. But when they’ve actually gone back to work, they have done nothing to stop Obama — and in fact in many areas, they’ve tried to join him. I guarantee you, Trump, if he gets elected as a Republican, Republican president, you think Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer and Pelosi are gonna shut down, just sit back and say:

“Oh, we can’t criticize Trump! He’s the first orange-faced president we’ve ever had. We can’t oppose that!” They’re gonna stop Trump everywhere he goes. They’re gonna try to stop Trump in every single thing he does. And on the Cruz side, the Republicans are gonna try to stop him along with the Democrats. My point is that our system, when everybody plays, it denies authoritarians most of the chances they have for success. Obama’s gotten away with it ’cause there’s no opposition.

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