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RUSH: No, no, no. That’s a different thing. I’m talking about the rally, I guess it was in North Carolina, where the old Trump guy punched the guy in the face. I’m just telling you, I understand why this is happening. You know, people that live in Washington, it’s a protected enclave, folks. There aren’t protests in Washington. I mean, you got people at Lafayette Park across from the White House, but the people in the media, they never encounter a protest. They never have to live through things like what happened in Ferguson, like what goes on in the campus of Mizzou.

A lot of people live in Washington did those kinds of protests back in the sixties and so forth, but they don’t dare subject themselves to them now. My only point is, they’re so insulated that they see these protests on TV and they see them as generic things. They in no way can relate to them. They have no way of empathizing and understanding the raw emotion that peaceful people in these communities have for what’s being done in the name of dissent, in the name of attacking Republicans, in the name of supposed racism. They’re fed up with it.

They are fed up with being pointed at as the reason things are not going right, when the reasons are in Washington and in the White House. They’re fed up with being called all these names. So they get together at their Trump rallies and if these people infiltrate, they’re not gonna be tolerated. It’s just that simple. Meanwhile, you watch these protests from afar you watch ’em on TV and you think it’s cute. It’s great news; it’s part of democracy. But you have no personal connection to it. You’re never gonna understand this, and you’re never gonna understand any movement like this, populist, nationalist, even conservative.

You’re not gonna understand it — and they don’t. But there’s something else that happened, and this is not good, and this is gonna be a problem, and that is… Her name is Michelle Fields, and she is a Breitbart reporterette, and she was covering the Trump press conference on Tuesday night after the primaries that was held up in Jupiter here at the Trump golf course in the members clubhouse. And when it was over and Trump was making his way offstage, she was trying to get close enough to Trump to ask him a question.

And the next thing she knew, she was grabbed very tightly on her arm, so much so that she was bruised. She was nearly thrown to the floor and told to essentially to be quiet, no questions, get out of the way, Trump is leaving, what have you. And she claims that it was Trump’s campaign manager who did it, a guy named Corey Lewandowski. There are witnesses. There’s audio. There’s video. She’s got the bruises on her arms. Trump was asked about it after the debate last night. He thinks it’s all made up. He didn’t see it. He was long gone, or at least his back was to the event when it happened.

It happened after he had walked by, and it may well be that the people involved have not told him what really happened, that they’re saying, “Nah, she’s making it up! She’s exaggerating. It didn’t happen, or it did happen but it wasn’t Corey Lewandowski that did it,” or what have you. But, I mean, there’s all kinds of witnesses and evidence here. People were running audiotape of it. There’s some video, I think. She’s got the bruises on her arms.

Politico has run, I think, the audio and transcript of it. So it happened. And Trump last night said that he thinks it’s being made up because that’s obviously what his people are telling him. Now Michelle Fields of Breitbart has filed a formal criminal complaint against Lewandowski alleging that he forcefully grabbed her and nearly threw her to the floor. So that’s not gonna go away.

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