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RUSH: It’s confusing as heck today. Snerdley, by the way, did you know that there was a secret confab right here in Palm Beach last night? Of establishment people and donors. (interruption) Yes. It was huge. It’s a two-day thing. Paul Ryan was there. It was yesterday and today. It consists of many donors, like this guy Paul Singer and the Ricketts family that owns the Chicago Cubs. And it’s all about, “What can we do to stop Trump?” And what’s confusing is… (interruption) No, I was not invited. I didn’t know it was happening ’til I read about it in The Politico today. If I’ve got the…

They don’t name “a pricey French restaurant.” The dinner last night took place at “a pricey French restaurant.” So it’s I gotta one of two. It’s either Chez Jean-Pierre or Cafe Boulud. And if I’m leaving one out, I don’t mean to be offensive, if it’s another pricey French restaurant in town. They’re all “pricey,” are they not? (interruption) No, it was in Palm Beach. It was in Palm Beach. It’s going on even now. The dinner ended last night, but the two-day confab. Anyway, what’s confusing here…

Here, let me just give you the headlines before we get into in great detail. “Ryan Huddles with anti-Trump Donors — Big-money givers convene in Palm Beach, weighing what to do about Trump.” Well, here’s the first ‘graf: “House Speaker Paul Ryan met Thursday night at a pricey French restaurant here with some of the partyÂ’s biggest donors to assess a political landscape dominated by one vexing question: What to do about Donald Trump[?]” And then the next headline: “GOP Operatives, Conservative Leaders Meet to Thwart Trump.”

This is a different group. This is the group that is headed up by Erick Erickson, occasional guest host here. He has a new website called The Resurgent, and then there’s this headline: “RNC spokesman: The Party will Rally Around Trump if He’s the Nominee ‘100%.'” And then there’s this: “Contested Convention Looking More Likely, Says Speaker Ryan.” Now, wait ’til you hear the next one, though. “Ryan Says, ‘We’ll Make it Work’ with Trump.” What are we supposed to believe here? This story from TheHill.com: “Contested Convention Looking More Likely, Says Speaker Ryan.”

It’s by somebody named Scott Wong. “For the first time, however, Ryan acknowledged the increasing likelihood that the GOP nominee will be decided in Cleveland at whatÂ’s known as a contested or open convention.” Next story.

“With his youthful earnestness, genial personality and devotion to conservative policy, Paul Ryan enjoyed a special stature within GOP even before he became House speaker late last year.” Has interviewed by John Harwood at MSNBC. He said, “We’ll make it work if it happens. I’m going to speak my mind. I’m going to defend conservatism as I understand it. I’m going to defend our ideas as the Republican Party. But we’re going to have to work with whoever our nominee is.” Now, what are we plebes supposed to make out of all this? I mean, two contradictory stories. (summarized)

Ryan: “Yeah, no question a contested convention is looking more likely,” and, “We’ll make Trump work.” Maybe they go together. “Maybe we’ll do the contested convention and if Trump wins it, we’ll get behind Trump.” Maybe that’s what it means.

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