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RUSH: Here’s Tom in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Back at you, sir. Greetings, and welcome to the program. Hi.

CALLER: Well, thank you, sir. It is an honor and a privilege to speak with you today. I hope I make you look good. I believe that the Trump campaign is being run like a reality show, sir. And the reason I believe that is partly you, when you tell me there’s no consultants over there, they don’t have the same setup as maybe any campaign that’s run. Secondly, he makes caricatures out of all of the candidates, such as “Lying Ted,” “Little Marco,” “Low-Energy Jeb”, you name it. He’s got a name for everybody.

And what happens is now we’re just trying to vote him off the island. And the only unfortunate part about this, sir, is that these people have no idea what the consequences are gonna be because normally they get on the phone and they make a call to vote for American Idol, and you get more votes on American Idol than you do in a presidential election. And I think that’s where all these people are coming from is they think they’re on this reality show, and it’s gonna be their 15 minutes of fame without knowing the consequences.

RUSH: You’re talking about Trump’s supporters?


RUSH: So you’re not one, because you’re not falling for this ruse?

CALLER: No, sir, I’m not. I think what really made — well, I was watching his campaign. I actually watched him do a stump speech over at, you know, he gets off his plane in Cadillac, Michigan, and all he did was sit there and tell everyone how great his polls are and sit there and run down other candidates. He never talks policy. He goes on diatribe for over an hour, and — and these people are sitting here listening to it. I’m wondering, “Where are these people coming from?” This isn’t a campaign stump speech. This is just… It’s a reality show.

RUSH: Well, you know, I like your analogy. The only thing missing is, “Da plane! Da plane!” Herve Villechaize and, of course, Mr. Roarke welcoming everybody. Remember, all the people that showed up at Fantasy Island got the shaft before it was all over. I like the analogy. Especially since Trump lands, gets off the plane, starts talking about how great his polls are — starts talking about Lying Ted, Low-Energy Jeb, Little Marco — gets back on the plane, flies away, and his audience thinks they’ve been on TV. They’ve been on American Idol. They’ve been on… (interruption) Survivor (laughing), Celebrity Apprentice, because “Trump never talks policy.” (interruption)

Yeah, I know. I know Trump never talks policy.

Well, that’s actually not true, see? He does talk policy, just not the way they do in professional politics. But he talks about policy all the time. At least I know that his supporters hear policy. “Make America great again” is not “hope and change” to them. It is not open and vacuous and define it as you want. “Make America great again” is very specific. “I’m gonna build a wall with a beautiful door.” That’s pretty specific. (impression) “We’re gonna let ’em in! We’re gonna let ’em in! We’re gonna let ’em in, but they gotta go. They gotta go. We’re gonna let ’em in legally. LEGALLY! LEGALLY!” (clapping) “Yaaaay!”

He does stream of consciousness.

As I say, I’m working on my Trump impersonation. It really isn’t hard to do, but the hardest thing about a Trump impersonation is just actually saying whatever comes in your mind, whatever it is, and whenever you say it. You don’t have any governor. You’re talking about your polls and something reminds you of Low-Energy Jeb, and you go off on Low-Energy Jeb. “About Low-Energy Jeb…” It reminds how you were killing Little Marco in the polls, and you go into Little Marco, and how you’re beating everybody the polls.

And you just never stop. You do that for an hour and a half. There’s no dam on the stream of consciousness. There’s no Depends diaper for the incontinence of the emotions. It just goes and goes and goes. And that’s what very few people can do. It comes off as undisciplined and unprepared to the buttoned-down professionals. But it’s… That’s right. To other people, it comes off as confidence and, you know, a willingness to say whatever pops in. Anyway, Ken, I appreciate the call.

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